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  1. Please excuse my huge winter belly in some of the pictures.. the belly is not for sale!
  2. Hello everyone we are finally getting into the golf season in New York and it is time to clean the garage out. I can offer services of regripping and pulling shafts and putting in new ones. For instance you want the modus iron shafts, you can send me your irons and I can switch them out and send them to you. We can work on pricing if this is something you are interested in! Rules: 1. All prices include shipping.. please add $5 west of the Mississippi.. 2. Prices are pretty firm.. From looking at prices here and on the bay.. You are free to send offers though. 3. If you would like more pi
  3. Haha to funny all same info new email still got 20% off.. time to try 6 dozen chrome soft spot 2016's Can't beat the price and free shipping.. their mint is a nice ball did prov1x last time.. hoping I like these more.. ended up selling my provs to hard.. should of went with regulars.. but heard rave reviews of the softs.
  4. Nope no chain.. thing is driving me nuts Not over thinking it because the saw won't come up from closed position
  5. http://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-cut-off-chop-saw/p/CSM6/ Hoping someone has this model.. I can't find the release for the life of me.. on my miter saw it is on the back side.. but for this machine I feel like an idiot.
  6. I just got a set of new irons with 130x in them.. holy cow are these shafts wonderful.. so smooth and with great feedback.. just need to get a 125x in another set for windy days. 130s really do have a beautiful high ball flight that penetrates wind.. crosswind is not their friend though!
  7. Hit 25 balls on range today then out to play 18 just got them today. They are wonderful irons teamed with modus3 130x the ball flight is beautiful. High put pierced the wind with a nice decent! Pured shots feel amazing and make you want to perfect your swing to keep that feel. Miss hits are not punishing at all 5 yards if you miss the dime and hit quarter. These will be replacing my 850 forged for sure.. the 5 and 6 iron are a challenge.. but with more time they will be just as good. Hit them great on the range and was just missing them on the course. They go where you aim every time.
  8. I just received mine today and put them on the lie/loft machine.. usually clubs from OEMS have a .5* tolerance to pass standards. I asked for +1 upright... from their specs online they are right on the dot with lofts as well. They look amazing! Had modus 130x shafted, and can't wait to hit them today after work.
  9. I am concerned that under the arborite, there is just particle board. With that small base on the bending machine, the bolts will likely just pull thru eventually. I would take the machine to a welder and weld a 10" x 10 " x 1/2' steel plate to the base so that you can spread the bolts and the pressure out. As mentioned, you need more room for gripping. You will need about 32" of room on the head end of the gripping station. That is my worry too about the force breaking down the table over time.. the vice rotates as well..so I can rotate it to get a better angle on the gripping stati
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