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  1. I've heard good thing as well. Will add to the list
  2. Thanks for all the input. I will edit + add the links for people up top as a reference. I know not everyone is a fan of spending $ on towels. While others like the designs/patterns almost like a headcover. Thought it would be good to have a reference.
  3. I know there are a few companies out there making some new/unique towels. Didn't see anything discussing or summarizing what people are using and who is out there? What are you using? Any favorites or new companies? Plain, Simple, Cheap, and get the job done Costco Plain White Towels https://www.costco.com/ Cayce Caddy Towel https://www.caycegolf.com/products/golf-caddy-towel Oxford Super Gym Towels https://directtextilestore.com/Oxford-Super-Gym-Towels Amazon "Greens Towel" https://www.amazon.com "Greens Towel" Designs, Patterns, etc. Club
  4. Got the Titliest Linksmaster Member bag. Was between this and the Stitch bag. Went this direction because I felt there were better pockets overall, while still keeping the slim/sleek nature of the bag. Really happy with it.
  5. Has anyone done a tour van fitting at this store? Curious on the experience you had if so
  6. The Greyson Small is slightly tighter than a Peter Millar small. Peter Millar small is perfect for me in terms of fit. I still like the Greyson, but it is tighter. I'm 5'10" and 170
  7. We played in 4:30 or 4:45 which most courses I would say is quite slow. But we weren't really waiting. Think with everyone carrying their bags and the distance/hills between holes it was the normal pace
  8. Two players every 16 minutes is tough. Not many golfers can get out at that rate in a day. Wonder how many public courses open with such limited capacity (limited revenue)
  9. Played this weekend there. Greens were in great shape.
  10. Feels unlikely that NJ opens before May 15 based on what Murphy has been saying. Unfortunately this is more politically driven than science based.
  11. PA opens all courses starting Friday 5/1. There are quite a few NY courses open already as well. NJ is the lone black sheep
  12. Went practice round last year. Went for sunrise and got in as they let the first crowds in. Watched a few guys on the chipping area. Then went to the Merchandise store right away. Lines were not bad and moved very quick (when we left late afternoon the lines were absurd). Had almost everything in stock and you could ship it all home right when you left the store. Then spent the whole day on the course walking the front 9 then back 9. Spent time at Amen corner watching guys. Spent time on 16 watching everyone skip it across which was fun. Personally, on a practice round it’s more about experien
  13. I have done two fittings at Novo Golf. Both were great. They have everything you can imagine for clubs and technology. You hit from a bay out into the range. Only downside was I felt they pushed the higher end clubs. But if you nix that off the bat with budget I’m sure they wouldn’t even have you hit them. I would definitely recommend them. Have a buddy who did a hybrid fitting at Golf ETC. he was really happy with it. It’s all indoor and hitting into a screen so a little different than Novo. Depending where you live one the drive up to Novo can be a long one.
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