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  1. As one of the "guilty," good catch. It will be interesting to see how widespread the adoption of 21.2 as a tournament format will be.
  2. If you make 9, 9 goes on the scorecard. Net double bogey is used to adjust your score for handicap purposes only.
  3. Good to see your voice Touly. I hope you and your family are well! KC
  4. Really? By my standards, it needs to be mentioned in at least 50 threads to be considered...
  5. No kidding Warrior, huge mess. I saw a note last night the Governor of Minnesota had confirmed golf courses could open. I can't remember where I saw it, but it was a legitimate source. There is so much info flying around it's easy to be confused, and I usually am, so you can't go by me. Here in Wisconsin we haven't been given the order to close courses, but I'm watching Minnesota closely as I'm sure we would follow suit. In my neck of the woods, it will be a couple of weeks before the weather will allow us to open, and the rules may change daily until then. We've lost about 60k in banquets alr
  6. Hawkeye, My friend, Just a clarification, the governors of Minnesota and Wisconsin have NOT shut down golf courses, yet. We will however have to come up with an alternate plan for selling pop, water, beer, as our bars and restaurants will not be able to open. Like the OP, we are all trying to be responsible in determining the best course of action for our customers as well as our business. I can't imagine any responsible course owner/manager, would defy the rules being set in these difficult times. KC
  7. The one ball rule is used primarily for elite competitions. Most club players will never encounter the local rule. G-4 One Ball RulePurpose. To prevent a player from using balls with different playing characteristics depending on the nature of the hole or shot to be played during a round, the Committee can choose to require that a player use only a single type of ball that is on the List of Conforming Golf Balls. Each individual listing on the List of Conforming Golf Balls is considered a different ball. Golf balls of different colours with identical markings are considered different balls.
  8. I have the same issue with Safari. Instead of going to the last read post, it goes right to the bottom...
  9. Certainly F-12 would be appropriate in some situations? I have it on my hard card so my members can't give me sh**. ???
  10. I still run a course, so I administer handicaps.
  11. I had to pass a test for the World Handicap System, so I’ve been focusing on that. This rules test is so hard, I’m not too fired up to bang my head against the wall! ???
  12. You've only gotten 1 right? You're 1 up on me! ??????
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