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  1. current handicap: 3 Cobra King Pro Forged 4-pw - KBS c-taper 130s with golfpride MCC+ I was fit by Scott Felix - Felix Clubworks at Spring Creek Ranch in TN I played Taylormade everything for around the last decade including 4 years of collegiate golf. I switched to the Cobras because at the time there were no forged blade irons offered by TaylorMade. The new P750 tour irons look a lot closer to what I am hoping for. However, I would love to go on this trip so I can tell the people at TaylorMade to release some version of the irons they've made for DJ and Rory ;) TM has been in my bag for a lo
  2. FYI - i really do not know the market prices so if you're interested in something please by all means inbox me and tell me your offer.
  3. Is that not allowed here? My apologies if it isn't- I sell a lot of guitar stuff on guitar forums and most people do it that way. Honestly it's 3% and I don't care that much...so I will do whatever someone wants and write off the 3% if it's a big deal. If the mods want me to change that just let me know!!
  4. For sale: Putters come w/ whatever is pictured. Jason Day Itsy Bitsy black/red 34" putter in dead mint condition - SOLD Scotty Cameron Laguna 2 gunblue'd and custom fill/weights - $150 shipped conus. Please note I did this in a hurry and the paint fill in the three dots is not perfect. This would be a great candidate to do yourself or to murder! Added a lamkin putter grip Scotty Cameron Studio Select Fastback No. 1 - 34", 4 loft 71 lie - $190 shipped conus. golfpride Tour SNSR grip. Bettinardi Patriot day putter cover still in plastic - $45 shipped conus Everything sold as is. On
  5. G30 is sold. Taking offers on RSI TPs. If interested.. just shoot me an offer!
  6. lol! Yeah... nothing else would grow. Thank god I do not have to hit irons out of it. That stuff is nasty! Only trade interest: Byron Morgan putters..preferably DH89s. Maybe a few other putters but really looking for cash. I've always wanted a dh89 though! :)
  7. For sale- $380 shipped obo - RSI TP irons w/ KBS C taper 130 x shafts 4-pw. Standard length all bent 1 flat. The 7 iron has a MCC 4+ due to testing the grip out but the rest of Lamkin grips. Irons are in very good shape. A little bit of black paint fill has come off the back of 1 or 2 irons. Being that these are forged there are definitely small dings and marks but absolutely nothing unsightly. The irons are great but I went back to more of a true blade set and I have older blades for a backup! SOLD!*** - Ping G30 with stock stiff shaft. To make a long story short I broke an expensive shaf
  8. Something else to point out (if it has not already been pointed out) is that almost every "weekend warrior" or average joe smoe golfer I asked about Nike firmly believes that Tiger and Rory never actually played a club that Nike created and you/I could buy. Those same people believe you can buy DJs same clubs...Rickies...Days...whatever. You have a HUGE problem when there are a lot of people believing that your top two brand ambassadors are secretly using clubs made by other people. I am sure many will call this non-sense...but I challenge you to just converse w/ some non-golfWRX'rs and t
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