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  1. This bag was used for my high school golf team and is still in good shape. I may have not helped us win the state championship 4 straight years but the bag doesn't know that. If you would like more pictures or have any questions, feel free to reach out. $120 shipped to continental USA.
  2. People play P790s, HMB, Sub70 foam irons because they want to pretend they play blades while using strong lofts. They are hackers clubs. Saying you wanted that Mizuno feel while posting pictures of Hot Metal, JPX Forged or MMC irons is ironic. You're not getting Mizuno feel with those shovels.
  3. Bigger question is why hasnt China produced a remotely good PGA tour player? I'm not talking someone on the fringe, I'm talking a real talent.
  4. Can anyone give me some ideas of what would look good with this bag? Trying to keep the two head covers under $200 total.
  5. This is an open golf forum. This isn't owned by Ping or TaylorMade or Nike. Having different opinions on golf equipment and expressing said opinions is not trolling.
  6. Shitposting suddenly equals not liking certain clubs? That makes no sense.
  7. So the target player is somebody that wants to pretend they play blades but need something similar to launcher hybrid irons.
  8. Can't believe he isn't playing blades anymore. His game has really fallen.
  9. If you have a quick transition I'd stay with the 6.5s
  10. Would be nice if one of the world's leading shoe manufacturers could produce an actual golf shoe.
  11. I've had two sets of 695 mb's. I really liked the feel of those.
  12. I wonder if lip smacking is added to the broadcast
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