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  1. I will pay good money for the P7MB or P7MC 3 or 4-7 heads
  2. I recently purchased a fitted set of 7mc and 7mb irons from taylormade but then messed up my order and only sent me the 8-pw. the other irons won't be in until mid December at the earliest and id rather not wait that long. If anyone has or can sell the 7mc or 7mb in either 3-7 or 4-7 as head or complete iron I will pay well. thank you
  3. Yes sorry, September 2nd. I did not even think about doing that. Ill give them a call tomorrow and see what they say about that. Thanks for the tip
  4. I have sent him 3 texts since august 2, when he said they would be in at the latest, haven't heard back anything at all. He actually has his read receipts on on his iPhone, and I can see that he has read the texts but hasn't responded once. I called taylormade and they said there was nothing under my name, his name, the fitters address, or my home address, so im sorta stuck on as what to do next.
  5. Hey guys, I got fitted with a top 25 taylormade fitter on August 18 for a set of the new taylormade irons. I decided on the sim udi 2 iron, MC 4-6 iron, and then MB 7-PW. The problem is that he said that all the clubs would be in on September 1 or 2, but only the udi and MB have come in already. He is not responding to my texts or telling me any date as to when my MC's will arrive. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?
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