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  1. Hah yeah bud it's not so far off, I've been known to have the touch of king kong around the greens so maybe quite applicable. I think that there is maybe a bit of reflection in the group ahead of me when they realize the ball that just rolled up to their feet is pin high on a 345y par 4 I'd love to play in Scotland, I think the entire vibe of golf out there must be completely different than anywhere in the world and I presume like you say that in some ways it would reflect back into the people playing it there
  2. Agree with this -- I think a lot could have to do with geographical locations. I've played most of my golf in Oregon throughout my life where people are just generally quite friendly. I've accidentally snuck a good few balls up on groups throughout the years after some bad distance judging and the worst I've ever heard is "nice shot man you piped that!" after I apologize Perhaps it is because im 6'4" 240lb and people just don't want beef? Hard to say
  3. There are two idiots fighting in the space between my ears all day
  4. Is this the best putting performance ever in professional golf? It has to be close in pure numbers right?
  5. Cobra makes great woods and they have for many, many years I don't think they're going anywhere
  6. I'm a quintessential volatile player. In the last couple weeks two rounds pop out 1.) 5 birdies, shot +6 overall 2.) 4 birdies and an eagle, shot even If you were to fully qualify my name it would probably be roo "hazards off the tee and three putts" ski. Making awesome progress though, that even par round was yesterday and it was my first time shooting even and my first round without a double
  7. ZX 2i probably one of my favorite clubs in the bag. I hit the ZU85 a long while back and also enjoyed that but never bought it as I wasn't playing seriously at the time. My experience hitting the U85 is what made me blindly order the ZX off the internet more recently when I was upgrading my whole bag. Both are great, I don't think they're much different at all in the greater scheme of things. If I were you I think it would be a pretty superfluous upgrade, almost certainly not worth the money. The only thing I dislike about the U85 is the side of the club l
  8. Honestly I think "Chrome Soft" is the coolest named golf ball so I play that one. Plus $23 for a mint used dozen is as cheap as anything else so why not play the best. You'd never catch me paying $50 a dozen though, anybody that pays that much is either rich or a crackhead
  9. rooski

    Raw wedge

    Smh man I just ordered custom T20s a month ago and now there's already a new model
  10. Just shot even par on 18 holes for the first time in my life, Including my first 9 holes under par at -2 on the back Four three putts on the day.. what could have been
  11. My Srixon ZX Utility feels excellent. You can definitely feel that it is hollow but when you nut it there's no doubt its a forged blade style club
  12. Lots of things influence me. Clubs I remember as a kid (Cobra F Speed drivers, original sonartec wedges, etc) is a big one. Bought the RadSpeed sight unseen only because I couldn't be happy unless a Cobra driver is in the bag. Since then I've tried every modern driver and nothing compares other than the Mizuno -- maybe it's purely a mental thing but I'm fine with it Really good marketing gets me, Oakley PRIZM Golf glasses is one that I just fell for although I gotta admit as somebody who struggles with vision in multiple ways these things are sick. Most important for me
  13. Let me know if you've got this sitting around
  14. In general I think I can agree to this on my on course subjective tests. I didn't feel as if my shots were as "cool" as with a urethane tour ball, but the e12 was great around the greens. They went higher and didn't rip quite as hard from right around the green, but they just reacted exactly as you would expect a round ball to react. Around the greens was my favorite part about it
  15. (Caveat: Not a scotty cameron player or expert, just saw a lot of them caddying) They wouldn't ask me for my opinion on Pawn Stars but going by gut feeling I look at that first picture and think "woah that is not right". I can't tell you why but I'd bet a few hundred bucks its fake without looking at more than those pictures for a few seconds
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