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  1. Yes and you should have done it 4.75 years ago
  2. Wow that putter is one of my overall favorite putters I've ever seen GLWS wish I was in any way in the market for a putter
  3. There is no way this is real I am dying laughing in my computer chair right now EDIT: I'm still laughing this is the funniest sh*t i've ever seen
  4. If you ordered them from the Black Friday portion of the site, the additional balls would be part of your cart for $0.00. I think if you went manually to the product page and bought 5 dozen it didn't get added which is an oversight on their part and they should send you the balls. As far as a receipt goes, they definitely send an invoice (I'm looking at mine) so you probably just put the wrong email in that one is not on them
  5. Pretty rudimentary look at it, but gray is much closer than the heather. Granted lighting in the photos is likely pretty different but its still quite clear. Also I'm not sure how Sun Mountain calls Cement the same color in those two bags as I don't even think it's close unless theres some shadow optical illusion going on
  6. I hope you know I'm putting this down in my notes as your prediction...
  7. Most all of this season I've played an 18* Srixon ZXU with a Ventus Black 10X and it has been a wonderful club off the tee. I think over 25-30 rounds I hit 70% of the fairways I pulled it out on, and was going 260-285 off a tee when the weather was warmer, 235-250 or so from the fairway The club I joined requires 230-250 approach shots into the greens on a number of holes if playing aggressively so I am currently messing around with a 5w in that spot, but if you're looking for a low launching runner driving iron off the tee you can't go wrong with the Black. If this is going to be a fairway club as well though, I would generally suggest you try to go just a touch higher launching and spinning than the black though, thing was brutal off the fairway I could barely hit it even with my speed.
  8. These have got to be the worst rounds IMO.. Feels nice to be able to scramble around hitting the ball well but when the birdies don't drop you want to cry. Couple weeks back I played 16 holes with a total of 0 birdies. However 10 birdie putts finished directly on the lip or about an inch away. Keeps you coming back lol
  9. My prediction: Wesley Bryan wins a major
  10. Couldn't stop myself, just ordered the white whale putter from when I was first getting into golf. Got what I consider to be a pretty great deal in this condition, I've been watching eBay for a while This putter has been legendary in my mind for about 15 years now, even if I don't putt with it all the time I'm glad I'll finally have one again
  11. Vice has buy 5 dozen get 1 dozen free going on atm for balls
  12. Ugh, turns out the 5 putters I have in my room are fake then. Hate to hear this Might as well head to Dick's and get a real one today I guess
  13. Thanks for the thoughts everybody. I seem to doubt it was a professional refinish. I can't imagine the custom shop would sand it down so far to mess up all the milling and even so far as to get rid of the Titleist logo on the face. Definitely a pass for me
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