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  1. We will take our coverage of a total of 8 shots interspersed with ads from 5 PM to 5:15 PM and we will like it. Thank you NBC and Golf Channel, been a great tournament to watch
  2. I'm not sure if I just didn't read the fine print well enough when I got it last season, but is there some reason why PGA Tour Live is only showing the first two rounds now? More generally, golf coverage is so silly right now -- annoying to follow the leaderboard and see Rory/Rickie and others putting up insane numbers and there's only a couple hours of coverage per day on the Golf Channel I don't ever remember it being this bad
  3. Do you have a Costco membership? At this point whenever I want new clothes especially for golf I just go to Costco and see what they have in stock. Everything is always 1/4 of the price that a similar quality article would be somewhere else and have always been the absolute highest quality. I'd check and see if they have a version of what you're looking for in stock
  4. You're so right, watch this driver swing.. When was the last time Rickie swung like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIdbzRxMkiY?t=43 It's the swing that made him successful, maybe he got sick of trying to change it
  5. I have the Ventus Black 10X in my Srixon 2i and it does feel like a cheat code to hit fairways. The Black 10X does probably have the effect of being a bit stout for the fairway so that was a tradeoff, but I think the Blue would be fine. If I could choose again I would go with the Blue 10X
  6. In the last picture it almost looks like a pre-worn leading edge, almost v-sole level. Is that a weird shadow or is there some grind there?
  7. When I used to caddy there, walkalongs like your case were reasonably common and I don't think I ever heard of anybody paying for it. I'd definitely double check but I don't remember it ever being an issue
  8. Plus honestly "Nothing feels like a Mizuno" just rolls off the tongue better than "Nothing slaps like a Srixon" (this was said in jest.. my Srixon 2i is my favorite club in the bag)
  9. None of the above, prioritize the golf swing fundamentals, grip aim stance posture and takeaway Then tell the kid to hit the ball as hard as physically possible without losing their balance
  10. I went into my fitting a couple months ago wanting to leave with the ZX7s but ended up going with the JPX 921 Tour. ZX7s felt pretty hard to me, even perfect shots just felt like I hit it off the toe. Could have been something to do with the sole not working for me. JPX 921 Tours were the cream of the crop for me
  11. Wow the course looks absolutely stunning.
  12. I've got the 10x in my 2i and it doesn't feel particularly stiff by any means. I think more than anything it's a preference of weighting. 10x is the same profile as any other X ventus but it weighs a little closer to the rest of the iron set so feels good
  13. Man L.A.B putters are so unique, interesting, and cool and although I'm putting excellent at the moment I would love to pick one up especially with this fang style now out there. Is there ever a world similar to PXG after they got their manufacturing down where these drop significantly in price? I would order one in a heartbeat at $200-250 but I can't justify spending basically the same as I spent on my entire iron set on a putter
  14. I'd say just wait for your T100s. They are basically exactly what you're looking for with more traditional lofts but the forgiveness you're wanting. Top tier choice for forgiving players irons. ZX7s are also great for what you're looking for. For whatever reason they weren't super popular but the JPX 921 Tour is what I play and fits the bill perfectly as well. 34* 7 iron so pretty traditional blade lofts but if you hit it off the toe it will still go basically the right distance rather than a muscle-back blade style 60y screamer cut toe shank thing
  15. They do for sure, but the one after Drain is uniquely right against those dirt walls. Certainly exists throughout Oregon but after Drain you're basically just right against them
  16. From Medford to Bandon he wouldn't be heading through Drain and the drive doesn't really have those embankments like the one through Drain. That being said I don't think those mudslides are too common
  17. Yeah definitely important to note it is "unlikely" but when freak storms show up in Oregon I've seen it dump 18 inches overnight
  18. Medford itself has a very small chance of having some amount of snow, but likely not as we only get like 3 inches per year, generally late December or January. Since you'd be driving from inland to the coast, your chance of running into snow will go from "highly unlikely" to "absolutely no chance". Overall very little snow in the area
  19. Yeah she really shallowed that one out thats a good point. Sure wish I was that bag
  20. I know it doesn't quite fit with the thread but the other week I played 9 holes with 5 birdies and only shot -1. As far as 18 hole rounds that were the weirdest in this regard, I had a round with 5 or 6 birdies and still shot an 80 or 81. My game is weird
  21. If you really want to know exactly where you hit it on the face everytime just get a Cobra RadSpeed with the milled face. I have to wipe my ballmark off the face after each shot it couldn't be clearer
  22. Not sure about the logistics of the flight, but I live in Medford and just wanted to let you know the drive from Medford to Bandon is absolutely beautiful. Peak Oregon some of the best land in the whole country.
  23. Two separate schools of thoughts for putting, both of which you mentioned. Either one just as legitimate and valid as the other. What I have found most recently is that the most important factor is that you just have to absolutely choose one of the two. My whole golfing career I've been somewhere in between the two, and cause and effect putting has always been the weakest part of my game, primarily because of speed not because I couldn't start the ball on my line Last couple weeks I spent a lot of time watching videos of my putting stroke and realized that the aforementioned was causing me a lot of inconsistency and after deciding to fully commit to the longer stroke at the same clubhead speed instead of trying to accelerate faster, I've never putt better in my life. Just a few days ago I had the first round of my life with not a single three putt, almost exclusively because I finally settled on a way to determine how hard to putt the stupid ball
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