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  1. Couldn't stop myself, just ordered the white whale putter from when I was first getting into golf. Got what I consider to be a pretty great deal in this condition, I've been watching eBay for a while


    This putter has been legendary in my mind for about 15 years now, even if I don't putt with it all the time I'm glad I'll finally have one again


    Image 1 - RH TITLEIST Scotty Cameron Newport Studio Style 35" Putter, Original Headcover

    Image 2 - RH TITLEIST Scotty Cameron Newport Studio Style 35" Putter, Original Headcover


    Image 3 - RH TITLEIST Scotty Cameron Newport Studio Style 35" Putter, Original Headcover


  2. On 11/24/2021 at 8:00 PM, iNeedMoreGolf said:

    If your not sinking putts all the time its fake.


    Ugh, turns out the 5 putters I have in my room are fake then. Hate to hear this


    Might as well head to Dick's and get a real one today I guess

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  3. 1 minute ago, CKalma said:


    It's been refinished. That's why it looks funny. It probably weighs less than what it should with all the sanding it took to get all the dents out...


    Thanks for the thoughts everybody. I seem to doubt it was a professional refinish. I can't imagine the custom shop would sand it down so far to mess up all the milling and even so far as to get rid of the Titleist logo on the face.


    Definitely a pass for me

  4. The one time I had a set of Taylormade irons years ago the faces all caved in almost immediately and I constantly see pictures of their drivers breaking much more so than other OEMs so I generally avoid.


    Every once in a while I'll find a TP5 on the ground and enjoy playing it though, but likely will never see myself playing TM clubs ever again

  5. 25 minutes ago, aenemated said:

    There're almost certainly numerous things wrong with your swing that need to be addressed before you'd even be capable of chasing distance. 


    Theres no swing bad enough in the world that couldnt hit the center of the club face a few times in 1.5 years. For those to go 160y is ludicrous and implies to me that he needs to be swinging much more violent and fast regardless of any other swing faults.


    When my girlfriend who has never played much golf hits a driver off the center it goes 170-180. For an athletic 32yo male to max out at 160y is more of a mental issue than a swing fault imo (although there are certainly contributing swing faults as well) 

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  6. Had 100 yards into #9, a par 4 when I was about 13 or 14.


    I remember being pretty frustrated at that 9 and was playing badly.


    My dad had just finished an apple he picked off a tree the hole before, and was sitting in the cart next to me hitting my 2nd on #9. Right as I finished my backswing he threw the apple at my ball and I hit the ball and the apple at exactly the same time and it exploded all over me, covering my clothes and face and everything.


    I didn't see my ball in the air as I was cleaning apple off myself, and when I got up to the green I couldn't find it.


    There was a little ballmark about a foot in front of the hole, turns out it went in! Most annoying eagle of my life

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  7. 1 hour ago, Eeecc said:

    Op please post some pics so it helps everyone to see more examples of fakes


    On 11/17/2021 at 1:56 PM, Nixhex524 said:

    Can you post a picture of these so it can be used for future reference?  


    Jumping on this train as well, @playit could you please post some pics for when others may find this thread?

  8. 1 hour ago, Wormkiller said:

    Played with a bloke in my social comp who shot 135 on the weekend. But that's conservative. I was counting his shots on a few holes and he took at least 4 shots off.


    I'm all of one for keeping an honest score but if somebody is shooting 135, feel free to take a few shots here and there.. Honestly work that bad boy down to 115


    This summer when my buddy who works at Bandon got us a weekend of employee tee times, I was keeping score and let's just say he shot a generous 109.5 and I'd do it again in a heartbeat 😆


  9. 11 minutes ago, kenstl said:

    had 26 and 28 putts in my two rounds this weekend, 3 birdies each round; loving the armlock putter so far.  Hopefully this is not just a honeymoon period.  It took me a number of practice sessions and a couple of rounds tyring out different processes and set up to the ball, but have landed on something that feels very compfortable and more improtantly, very repeatable.  It will be staying in the bag for the freseeable future.  


    Glad to hear it's working out well for you! I agree with your experience as well.


    I've been using it for a few weeks now and it's only getting better as I get more comfortable with it. I even went as far as to remove my other putter from my GolfWRX signature (serious, i know...)


    I'm with ya though, I plan on using an armlock until I stop playing golf or they ban it whichever comes first

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  10. 19 minutes ago, whumber said:

    Priority #1 is already going to be put you right around your total limit, at best, if you went for a BLP with the Gold subscription for 1 year; not really anything cheaper that would meet that requirement. You might need to adjust either your budget or expectations. 


    What about the Mevo+ at $1,999? It seems to compete within a reasonable margin of error within the GCQuad in testing videos I saw.


    The club data costs another $1,000 but other than that is there anything similar in that range? Perhaps that new Tiger Woods Monitor @ $4,000

  11. I've just begun looking into the world of simulators and the options are overwhelming. 


    Anybody want to help me with some ideas?


    Let's say a budget of around $4,000 (preferably less, $3,000 would be pretty comfortable but I don't want to make huge sacrifices), is that enough for a legitimate, game improving sim that would have accurate data?


    I'd say priorities in rough order would be


    1.) Completely accurate data (preferably with club data)

    2.) Excellent mat to avoid injury and feel realistic

    3.) Good sim software, I don't really know what the differences are 

    4.) Nice high resolution screen or projector setup (this one is the most confusing for me with all the different options)

    5.) good side protection because I am well known for hitting some sha*ks



  12. 9 minutes ago, third-times-a-charm said:


    Another stipulation. While the Ventus Blue is a 'typical blue profile' its also not. It does not feel or flight like a typical blue profile. Lots of 'blue profile' users get that profile of shaft for that specific reasoning and thats why its somewhat of a shock when they try the Ventus Blue and get more of a whiteboard performance out of it.


    Cool I like the way that sounds. I'm definitely hoping for more of a low/low type of performance with my swing. The Black is the best feeling black profile shaft I've tried but I just can't get the face to close with rebar shafts so wanted a bit more kick in the blue

  13. 16 hours ago, Valtiel said:

    The Ventus Blue is a typical Blue profile despite what their silly charts say, just with a more aggressively stiffened tip section. The Red and Black as mentioned are completely different profiles. If you love the feel of the 6x in your driver then just go with the the 7x/8x in your other fairways and call it a day. If you want something "softer" then you can just mess with/omit tipping on the fairways. 


    When you say "typical Blue profile", what other shafts fall under that? Presumably and hopefully the Blueboard x5ct?


    I am swapping from a Black 7X to a Blue 7X for my driver for feel purposes and I somewhat recently realized my old Nike driver in the extra bag I have was shafted with a Blueboard x5ct. That was my favorite feeling shaft I ever had bar none but didn't know much about equipment until recently.


    No way for me to test shafts before buying them in my area really so I'm hoping my plan to swap to Ventus Blue to emulate that old shaft was wise 😂

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