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  1. The new stuff is very good, but if the OG 757 is a good fit there is no guarantee a new model will beat it. I have hit all the new stuff and have a particular club with 2 identical backups other than the shafts - OG 757, Ventus Blue and Ventus Red where the OG 757 is the clear winner.
  2. They don't need the notch for bending. See And the Putter Went Ping book for what the notch really does for performance.
  3. They are very good, but they also really like the iPing recommendations. I’d tell you to catch a flight out there so you could try the head you want in various toe hang configurations. You might find one that breaks your prior history. If you’ve got the resources to buy one of these - spend for flight and get the full experience & ensure loft, lie, etc is exactly right for you.
  4. I did it at Ping HQ around the 1st of the year. An account can call their rep to get you an appointment. I believe they are still doing virtual & in-person fittings thru the program. Fairly limited head selection - but the fitting is world class. I spent about 90 minutes with two really talented guys that run the program talking about everything I like & don't like in putters. We discussed several putters from multiple manufacturers I brought with me to talk about finish, milling depth, head weight. toe hang, "feel", and so on. I wanted to discuss these things up front - then let them do their jobs evaluating my stroke. I then hit some putts on the putting platform you can see on YouTube - high speed camera analysis + the iPing app data and there you have it. Zeroed in on what I wanted to order and they were then nice enough to take me outside to the Proving Grounds to putt on the green outside --- as everyone on this forum knows putting inside in a store much different than outside. Thru trial and error and several decades of playing - I had wandered into a gamer that suited me pretty well as validated during the PLD experience. The fitting though tweaked a few things and I'm anxiously waiting to get it out once the courses open. I ended up in a Tyne 4, double bend shaft directly into top rail, slight toe hang, patina finish, very light face milling, and personalized initials on the toe. Yes, it's expensive, but if I ended up making more putts it's well worth it. Just for the experience and working with the PLD guys it was worth it to be honest.
  5. "Another lovely touch is also its downfall, they have added a very luxurious black velvet to the divider and strap(I’ve highlighted on the pics)" The original L8+ and Hoofer models came with the velvet top and velvet on the strap. I have original versions of both. To be completely accurate, the very first versions had just the plastic top, then they added the velvet shortly after to protect from shaft wear. Can't go back to single strap unfortunately, otherwise would be ordering this bag.
  6. > @Cleveland_Golf said: > > @"James the Hogan Fan" said: > > As recently as last season, the original HiBore (driver and 3w) was still performing well enough to feature in my bag. Coming from those clubs, what will I notice the most in the new offerings? > > The OG Hibore from like 2005?! Love it. Here’s my thought. Sometimes people are so grooved with their clubs that they find the sweet spot really consistently. And sometimes when you switch to a new driver, you can’t find the face center as well, and this can result in slightly worse performance. That said, I’m really confident that you could pick up the new Launcher HB Turbo driver and immediately pick up serious ball speed. There’s been a lot of technology introduced over the years. But...on the off-chance that you don’t...I think it would be attributed to a poor fit, and that given some time or better fitting, you’d realize more distance and better consistency. Build a 2020 version of the Unicorn (HiBore 2Wood) and watch people go wild. I could then also stop buying backups in the event my gamer cracks some day. Bullet-proof fairway finder. It’s not always about more ball speed.
  7. Thank you Howard. What you are telling me is that "you" are the kind of guy I'm looking to do this work. :) I've read you're in retirement, but if that changes please let me know. I did check out the PFC site. I'm familiar with the the listed accounts in my area and they are much more "simple cut to finished length and grip" type of shops --- they couldn't articulate half of what you responded with. There is one I recognize out of Kansas City that I may contact. I am happy to hear they still make the old version with more descending weight and can be flighted higher in long irons / lower in short irons. I'm tired of experimenting and adjusting my swing to new shafts in newer model heads. The fact I can't find a new shaft offered I like keeps me from moving to new model heads. I know exactly what these shafts are going to do on every swing. I'm pretty sure Ping referred to them as Tour Flighted at the time, and I believe I still have the build tag somewhere. If they can be measured by a qualified builder to know exactly what I have and replicate it (they are still in the heads...my gamers), that is ideal. Thanks again.
  8. I play the original royal precision (pre-true temper acquisition ) Tour Flighted Rifles. Mine are TFR 6.0 softstepped once build about 20 years ago by Ping WRX. I don't like any kbs shafts and project x killed my elbow. I love the total and ascending weight in addition to the flighted characteristics of TFR. Weight range thru the set uncut was listed as 115-135 grams. I'm tired of trying out various new shafts only to find I don't like they way they play compared to my old Tour Flighted Rifles. Are their any true craftsmen like you that can build a set with today's available shaft offerings? I have a few sets of newer (than 2002) Ping irons that I'd like to see if one could be reshafted to play TFR like my old Pings (assuming swingweight stays same or can add lead tape). I'm told True Temper threw away the RP tooling so today's "rifle" may not be the same as old RP "rifle", but I've also read TT tolerances are much tighter so maybe it's a wash. I can't find anyone with the expertise to do this...and I don't have the skill. I can send the set I want matched so builder would have in hand to match against the reshaft build if that's of any value. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
  9. Any pictures of these with a bounce grind?
  10. You sure those are WRX irons? Would be very unusual for that model from wrx to not have reversed color CTP weights. My guess someone lifted wrx shaft bands or simply reshafted taking wrx shafts putting into non_wrx heads. Not trying to be a pain, and the price is basically giving them away.
  11. Hmm? 18 year old technology vs new technology, it's really a no brainier when you think about it. Everybody says just get an old driver and cut it down if you want a smaller head. I have a Titleist 976 R that's pretty much brand new only been hit like 20 times and it doesn't even come close to my TM AeroBurner Mini 12*. Old heads are truly dinosaurs when it comes to today's tech. He is correct....12 degree tec 3 wood will likely out perform a new mini-driver. The story goes the designer of tisi and the tec passed away and ping has never surpassed the performance of those classic fairway woods.
  12. OEM have learned that building "obsolescence" into bags is a revenue winner. Just take a look at an early 90s ping l8+ or original hoofer - damn near bulletproof. Can't make as much money when a bag lasts 20 years vs the new ones wearing out every couple years.
  13. [quote name='CBRADGO' timestamp='1440646917' post='12216250'] I have access to a full club repair shop with loft/lie machine so I can adjust as needed, I'm not too concerned about fit. I'm more concerned about shafts like you mentioned and the forgiveness of the heads. For the money I would potentially spend, I can get him a brand new set of Flynn irons that are spec'd out to him. Probably going that route but he loves Ping so we were also looking at the ISI AND i20's. Jack's clubhead speed isn't "elite" but he's making gains rapidly so I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve as much as I can... [/quote] That is kind of where I got to. After finding a nice used set, reshafting, etc...I just took the plunge on g25s. First fitting had him in 60 gram graphite, but ping put him in a lighter shaft yet after hitting side by side. My son wouldn't be able to handle the jz weight or stiffness chopped down. I don't think there is a way to get out in front. I ordered 1/2 inch loner than "perfect" hoping to get 6 months out of them. Likely extend them once as he grows. Expensive hobby for me, but at least I am done growing! I might suggest you go to a retailer with a ping fitting cart. They should have the tfc lite shaft which I believe is -2 inches in the cart. See how your son handles that as a point of reference.
  14. I would guess the shafts will be way too heavy, and lie a few degrees too upright. My 9 year old is taller, 30 lbs heavier, and has elite swing speed ....and he was fit into TFC 80 lite shafts by ping. His are -2.5 and orange dot g25s. A couple of their good fitters were insistent the g series would make the game easier for a kid than the I series. I wasn't sold on fat sole, but the tech in these gets the ball up. He also came from the moxies.
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