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  1. My settings are 8 degree draw with heavy weight in back and for me, ball goes either dead straight (starting down left side) or fade. Definitely anti-left, which was my goal. I did mess around with the standard settings and weight forward and that really brought a big fade into play. I would expect most in the Radspeed won't be complaining about it being a hook machine... As others have suggested, try heavy weight in the back in a draw setting, and I hope you can get back on the fairway!
  2. I did my regular check of the LAGP website today and instead of the "breaking more than just golf" warning, it is up! Sorry if this was posted somewhere else..
  3. I messed around with lofts and weights at the range today - weight forward made a huge difference for me. First, launch definitely dropped. Second, my consistency DEFINITELY dropped. For me, weight back, loft at 8 deg draw is 100% my best fit for starting line, shot shape, and repeatability!
  4. I'm not in the club building world and definitely don't want to steer you into the wrong direction, but pics attached of shaft only from end of grip to end of adapter - 43.5" to play at 45" - hopefully some experts can jump in if you need more detail about how far the shaft goes into the adapter, etc... Hope this helps!
  5. That is awesome! Was there a unique headcover, too?
  6. Only one new wood this year, and I don't see this setup changing for a while... Driver: Cobra Radspeed 9deg with LAGP Trono 65X 3 Wood: Titleist TS3 15deg with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 80 6.5 5 Wood: Cobra LTD Black 4-5 with Project X HZRDUS Black 75 6.5
  7. The launch is definitely low, and significantly lower than my 2017 M2. That said, I carried a pond I've only done once in August, so I'm not losing out on carry. I've been hitting a pull that just goes dead straight, no draw, and at most a slight fade. I hit much more of a high fade with my old driver so I think just some alignment to sort out. I am going to try 10 degrees in standard setting next time out but if I end up staying in this setup, I'm quite happy! I requested swingweight D4 at 45" and they increased the heavy weight - I had to do this over the phone with Cobra custome
  8. I'm currently playing mine in 8 degree draw setting with 16g in back (2 in front). It is definitely still a penetrating ball flight. I'm going to try lofting up but don't see myself moving the heavy weight forward unless I'm in a scramble and want to go nuts.
  9. First on-course run with the Radspeed/Trono combo yesterday and this is going to be a fun year! First three drives were identical launch window, down left side, and long. The ball marks on the face were right on top of each other. Actual quote from my golf buddy "this isn't fair". I kinda spoiled things on the last hole when I tried to absolutely destroy one (my swing really breaks down when I do that - I should learn my limits...) I may try upping loft and flipping the weights around ust to see the full spectrum of this club, but the consistency as set now is exactly w
  10. I remember following another of your threads and you had the Trono in a SIM - curious if you tried that in the Radspeed or jumped straight to the Hulk? I've got the Trono in a Radspeed and seems a lethal combo (to be verified on course Monday) - wondering if you had any feedback. That is a crazy cool setup regardless!!
  11. Where did you get those, if you don't mind sharing?
  12. Wow!! Amazing numbers, and great to hear you found such a winner. Congrats, and hope it translates to a great season!
  13. Ordered through Cobra - it was same upcharge as the other premium shafts so I couldn't resist trying it. It looks like at least for the time being, it is not available anymore - curious to know why. Early indications are this is one sweet combo for me!
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