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  1. I wish they would do limited drop / tour only head covers like Bettinardi/Scotty
  2. GOAT shorts, if they were a 33 If you’re reading this and a 34W and want better shorts, buy these fast
  3. Wow, didn’t realize they skip odd sizes below 30 or above 34. Do you find your Bonobos run smaller than other brands? I find that Bonobos are about 1 size smaller than other brands for me, but I also have very large legs and rear compared to waist and that’s where my issue is. I would think you’d be good in the 30 Slim fit. They taper very well down from the knee. Worst-case Ontario you return them, Public Rec does a try on with free return shipping and has solid customer service.
  4. THEY WHAT? I think my old members would blow up the maintenance barn if anyone ever suggested such an unwealthy idea lmao (they took away ball washers and yardage stakes because they were for "poor people") Also, filling fairway divots was the absolute best afternoon job when I worked course maintenance. Take the shoes off, roll the sleeves a bit, throw the headphones in and just dump some mix
  5. Public Rec Workday Pants are pretty comparable to the 5-Pocket Bonobos and they have a light grey. Bought a pair for work and pretty much only wear them for golf, super stretchy, slim fit is comparable to Bonobos slim which tend to be a slimmer slim. Obviously Lulu's ABC Pant as well but I'm not sure if they make a lighter color.
  6. Thanks for all the input guys! Hit a bunch into the net a bit ago but was too dark to get a good video. Worked on getting more inside on the takeaway and I think it changed a lot in my body position and my ability to rotate. I’ll try to get a better video tomorrow!
  7. Really just struggling with consistency, my most common miss is probably a dead pull. I'll hit the occasional block as well. I'll try to grab a face-on when I get home from work today. Thanks!
  8. Sup guys, anyone have any swing recommendations? What do you think of my head path, I seem to sit a bit in my swing? Just looking for anything I can work on now that the season is starting up! 5i btw https://youtube.com/shorts/Imqvb_vfELQ?feature=share Thanks
  9. Sup guys, Have posted my swing in here a couple times before and gotten great feedback/advice/drill recommendations. Been working on my swing a lot recently, most recently fighting being laid off at the top which was causing the occasional snap trap hook. Right now I'm hitting a nice little fade, and my miss would probably be slightly larger fade, but nothing too slicey. Any tips/suggestions for things I can tighten up would be greatly appreciated! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAVw70ISto0Club in video is a 4i, layup area is directly over the top left side of the cart path.
  10. Thanks guys, I picked up some 3M DP420 which will hopefully do the trick!
  11. Sup guys, I posted this in the New England forum too but I wanted to make sure it got enough exposure in case someone wants it . I booked a 3:09 tee time at crosswinds for 18 with a cart on golfnow. I can't make it anymore so i'm looking to see if anyone wants it. First to respond I'll forward you the confirmation email. Thanks!
  12. Sup guys, I booked a 3:09 tee time at crosswinds for 18 with a cart on golfnow. I can't make it anymore so i'm looking to see if anyone wants it. First to respond I'll forward you the confirmation email. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the quick response! I’ve always heard beads increase bond strength? Interesting to hear the opposite. I wrote alcohol but it’s Acetone I’ve been using to clean them after prepping. I think I’m just going to start fresh with a new batch of epoxy, maybe something non golf specific but with a high shear strength.
  14. Hey guys, I’ve been building my own clubs for a couple years now, and I’m suddenly plagued with my club heads coming loose. I’ve tried 2 different epoxies (24hr cure and 12hr cure) and I can’t figure out what the problem is. I think I’m doing everything right. I usually prep the tips by running some sandpaper over them, then wiping them down to remove any material. Then I clean out the hosel using the golf works wire brush drill attachment and clean the inside with a Q-Tip and alcohol. When prepping my epoxy, I do eyeball the mixture. The 24hr is the golf works 24hr cure 1:1 by volume mixture
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