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  1. Two adjustable hats, brand new with tags. Royal blue, and navy blue (the navy is a dark heathered navy). One American Needle and the other '47. Gifts from the golfing buddy but these are just not my style. $SOLD Paypal and shipping fees included.
  2. Just ordered from Geau Golf. Brand new. Never seen the course. $30 shipped.
  3. THANKS FOR THE RESPONSES. I used what I had and it worked the first time. The grip looked like it was going to explode, but I backed off, and got it to work!
  4. I want to use some air pressure to remove grips that are in good shape. I have a tire inflator (for bikes, cars, rafts, etc.) similar to this: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Champion-Sports-Economy-Electric-Inflating-Pump/1002999624 Can I use that, with some type of an attachment, to get to an air blow gun? Something like this? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-5-Piece-Quick-Connect-Blow-Gun-Kit/50129860 Will I need a connection hose between the end of the tire inflator and the air blow gun? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Worn once. I bought it, but my wife says I look like a dope in this style hat. Imperial. L/XL. $25 includes PayPal fees and shipping.
  6. I thought so, but this makes little sense. First, I was told my a reputable seller that the head weight was around 350. Second, the static weights are correct based on my postal scale. Third, I know the grips, the length, and the shaft is a typical True Temper steel shaft (compared to an Apollo Chrome Stepless Steel in the gamer).
  7. This is great information. Thanks guys/gals! I have ordered a new replacement grip to match the gamer and I'm pumped.
  8. I have, what I perceive to be, a unique situation. I have two putters: a gamer and an office putter. I love the gamer, and feel like the office putter is too heavy during the stroke. Both are 34 inches long. Both are anser style blades although the necks are slightly longer than a regular answer. The office neck is slightly longer than the gamer neck too, but not quite face balanced. To investigate whether I could change the heavy feel of the office putter, I measured the swing weight using the leaderboard estimator. The static weights were: 520 - Gamer 540 -
  9. Purchased used from a great WRX'er. She's a beauty, but I have realized, sadly, not for me. (Stinks when you want a "special" putter but you make more puts with the "junkie" old gamer you love to hate.) Trying to get close to my money back. No trades. 34/72/3. $430
  10. No trades. Pricing includes shipping and PayPal fees. PM with any questions or offer. First to PM with full offer gets it. 1) Bettinardi Inovai 5.0. 34". Almost perfect condition. Includes matching head cover. $180 2) Planemate. Used the chipping band only. Will ship in original box. $150
  11. I keep getting kicked out and having to re-log in. If this is a problem with the forum software, it should be fixed. If it's my problem, I'll deal with it!
  12. You can generally order a long neck from nearly any custom putter maker, Byron, Goodwood, Lajosi, etc.
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