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  1. Purchased off the Bay and I now regret it. New grip. It does not have the stroke lab weight, so the total weight (351 g) is shown on the scale. It's about 34.5 inches long. Headcover included (that for some reason has a stray red thread). $225 shipped. Interesting trades welcome in the form of squarish mallet putters with minimal/no sight lines.
  2. I think I figured out that the weight was removed before I purchased it. I weight the putter sans grip, and it was 442 grams. If the height weight is supposed to be 365 (per another forum), and the stroke lab shaft is supposed to be 75, that total (440) is remarkably close to 442. Does this sound logical? Also, would this mean that I would need a grip weight of around 105 to get the full stroke lab feel experience?
  3. I just purchased a used Stroke Lab 2-ball Ten from eBay. I went to change the grip to something thinner but around the same weight because I like the swing weight. I wanted to try and save the stock grip to reuse in the future so I used the air compressor. Due to my poor skill, I got the butt of the grip moving but could not separate the end of the grip from the tape. Therefore, I resorted to cutting the grip. When I did so, I could see no weight plug in the end of the shaft. The now-cut off grip weighs 70 grams. Is it actually possible that my air compressor shot the weight
  4. Does anyone know how much these weigh? They are made by Gripmaster but Gripmaster has a few sizes. APC has not gotten back to me yet. https://www.americanputtercompany.com/collections/apc-grips/products/american-putter-company-black-signature-series-leather-apc-grip-with-pink-stitching
  5. Still available. Send any offers as I would like to sell.
  6. Dropped pice on putter. Help me get rid of it to avoid the temptation to put it back into the bag.
  7. DM with any questions, for more pics, or to make offer. Cost includes shipping. Discounts for multiples, especially the shafts. 1) Odyssey Stroke Lab 10. 35 inches. 1 up. Stroke Lab oversize grip. I lost the head cover so none included. I would rate this as like new if purchased from CPO. $160 2) Planemate. Used with shortest band. Other bands not used. Well cared for. Will ship with original box and instructions. $135 3) Alta 55 Stiff driver shaft (from G425). G425/410 adapter. SOLD 4) Alta 65 Stiff 3 wood shaft (from G410). G425/410 ad
  8. Do you mean a company based in Scotland, or a company that can help with Scotland golf tee times? If you don't need a company based in Scotland, I have been very happy with Far & Sure. I'm using them for accommodation and tee times, but they seem very flexible and would likely be able to help with just tee times.
  9. Anyone have one available? I waiting on my email to refresh every minute to see if Callaway sends one with my cart loaded.
  10. Can anyone weigh any spare grips you have?
  11. Thanks. I got the same email and it has me intrigued.
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