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  1. Get one of those long metal flat grip tools, a bottle of Brampton’s, and go to work. I’ve had some that come off like magic, and the occasional one that I need to work a little bit, but I think those are still no more than 10 minute jobs
  2. Been waiting a few days but yes, you’re both correct - I made a mistake assuming you were asking something different, akin to those asking about putting lead tape on their club when they go to a larger grip. I have the 130 white TX and go through my usual method of putting it on the MOI auditor and adjusting head weight as needed to get close to my ideal total weight and MOI. That said, there’s enough variation in shaft weights and profiles of the various brands/models I’ve tried, that there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the White for me to get to spec.
  3. That’s a misuse of swingweighting if you’re trying to do something different based on the numbers on the scale
  4. DJ flushing that 6 iron to four feet on 18 at Oakmont to win his first major in the 16 US Open - especially after the ball moving on the green controversy. Ice water in the veins.
  5. How is the durability vs steel? If one is prone to the occasional heavy chunk (or frequent while working on swing changes beating balls at the range ?), is there any fear of one snapping off at the tip? Or should they hold up as well as steel?
  6. I agree that this should happen as a result of other stuff before it...mainly because there really isn’t enough time from transition for you to consciously keep the arm pinned, then pull it off before impact. In a slow motion drill/practice sequence, sure...but overall this seems like a case of trying to control what should be a reactionary movement
  7. You won’t get much input here as this is a long drive section and it’s largely quiet. My recommendation is to post it in the WRX Club Techs forum...but I’ll save you the time if you don’t want to re-post. Read this...really go through it and detail and you’ll understand what to do:https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/909991/diy-driver-tune-up-diy-fitting/p1
  8. it doesn’t sound all that absurd to me. Probably not the norm, but certainly not out of the question - especially if he’s got his own thought process behind it. Will it work out for him, or is it a sound decision? I have no idea...but at least he has a reason for trying it.
  9. Yeah the divots can get you into trouble because they can be skewed by where on the face you made contact (gear effect). A common mistake is to attribute it all to lie angle. Soap box time... The ball marker test is something that should be done regardless with each set of clubs because it’s a dynamic measure and you’ll know how much exactly to adjust them. Plus it helps to know that you don’t need to have them measured, then try to match on paper (never works). You’ll be able to take note and say “my 7i needs to be bent 1 flat, 8, 1 up, 9 keep as is” etc...this is much more productive than t
  10. Plus - I believe Ping revised their chart a couple years ago, but more importantly, the 5 upright is just for their own product. I don’t know what Ping’s standard is, but this is an area lots of golfers get into trouble. They think their specs travel. They don’t. Howard pointed that out above - there is no standard. From the actual measurements, to how they are measured. So your Ping + 5 could be a TM + 2 for all we know...not to mention fitting isn’t a one and done thing. You shouldn’t rely on a fitting from years ago regardless.
  11. Don’t use divots to judge club face. Look up @Howard_Jones ball marker lie test to see how the clubs are at impact
  12. What PXGs did you try? There are 5 models of irons out currently
  13. I’m with you...what did I stumble across here???
  14. Looks like you’ve started this thread to confirm your own beliefs, so I don’t think there’s any point in debating to try to convince you otherwise. I do agree with you though on a lie board, but that went out of fashion for the most part about 10 years ago.
  15. The point was to use video for confirmation, which is smart to do because the feel can be overdone if you aren’t verifying it. Yeah you can get the right hip super deep, but if that’s all you’re focusing on, you can end up turning hips level and sway left while doing it and end up with a reverse pivot. Important distinction here. The AMG guys even show in the subsequent video.
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