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  1. Bumping this old topic. Has anyone else had issues with there sensor staying connected? Just got one of these and it will not stay connected to my android phone.
  2. It is. I typically don't use a yardage book, but when I saw this one I had to have it. I'll figure out when to use it later.
  3. Agree with this 100%, and I am not a huge fan for the preserve logo either. The one I do like is the Old Mac ghost tree logo stuff they have.
  4. Slightly off topic but does Pine Needles and Mid Pines do a cross over replay rate? My wife and I are going to Charlotte to check out potentially moving to the area. Was going to sneak out and play Tobacco Road and Pine Needles over a couple days. Was thinking of maybe trying to sneak in Mid Pines on the same day as Pine Needles if they offer a replay rate.
  5. Lightly used flivhtscope mevo. Don't use it enough to warrant keeping it around. I don't have the original box or cable. Just comes with carry bag and the unit itself. Looking for 400$.
  6. I bought some shafts and my last set of irons from Fairway Jockey. They did a fine job and have no complaints. Would recommend.
  7. Anyone have an update rankings of the Phoenix area courses? It looks like Los Caballeros Golf Club may be a recent add. Wondering how it compares to Anthem and Seville. Headed there in December.
  8. That is not even close to the only reason. Look at how much Hatton commentary on his own shots get put on TV when he is playing. It entertaining and often times just as good as it is bad. They aren't recording just in the hopes something bad happens.
  9. Not sure I agree with comparisons to other sports. There are players in all the other sports that are labeled when they act in a similar way. Once you start going after other people as part of your frustration that is when people really start to dislike you. Bryson just crossed that bridge.
  10. Has there been any clarification on what constitutes a market? There are a few courses within driving distance in Wisconsin. There are a couple of hours between each course. If I could make a road trip out of hitting those I may keep it.
  11. Was hitting balls at the range today and noticed a gap in the adapter on my driver. I recently had the tip changed by Club Champion from a G400 to G410. Have a few questions. Can I play with it like this for a couple days? Have tee times both days this weekend. Everything still seems tight. No twisting. Is this something I can just heat up a bit and slide back down? I'm assuming Club Champion will take care of it if I bring it in but would prefer not to be without it if I don't need to be.
  12. I just got off the phone with there reservations. Thinking of going in December after spending a couple days with my grandparents that live a few hours away. She reservation lady mentioned they close some courses in the off season. Has anyone run across this when playing in the off season? Would like to hit all the courses there.
  13. He is still talked about much more than the typical 50th ranked player in the world is. How much longer do you think that will last? Without some more success in the near future does anyone see a day when he is just another regular tour pro, and gets the publicity someone of his OWGR usually gets. Or will his early career success always mean he is mentioned in the media?
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