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  1. I just read the September newsletter for Cedarwood. The waitlist is up to 77. A full membership is now 25k if paid in full or 30k if done in 2 payments. It was 10k when I enquired tail end of last year or beginning of this year. It was 15k when I finally put in my app 3 or 4 months ago.
  2. I am so onboard with this take. A few buddies and I have made the drive from MSP the last 2 years to play Sand Valley. The 1st year we tacked on Lawsonia. This year we did not. Didn't feel it was worth the extra 3 hours in the car to play it over some other courses more along our route. And I liked the course. I will play it again in the next year either as part of my Erin Hills trip later this fall or my Kohler trip in early 2022. I am thinking it will grow on me mostly because of what @mci711 said. The place is talked about so highly and ranked right along with these amazing golf courses, and it just isn't at that level. I think going back with my current feelings, looking at the course for what it is, and not what I think it should be based on the talk and rankings will hopefully make me appreciate what it is a little more.
  3. I typically use a push cart, but there are a couple hilly courses I think would be easier to carry. Today I carried for the 1st time and it went pretty well. Issue I had was the bag being to flat when on my back and clubs starting to slide out. I think part of the problem are my clubs are +1.25" and makes the weight distribution really uneven. Anyone have any tips for getting it adjusted?
  4. So averaging 2 opening a month about. Is there anyway to see where you are on the list? I got on the list about a month ago and believe I was around that 50 mark.
  5. Sheep Ranch and Mammoth Dunes are the 2 that sprung to mind for me. The Sandbox is up there too. I need to get to TR again. Only played it once and while I did like it don't think I would describe the course as overly Fun.
  6. Pine Lake when I checked a couple months ago was just starting a wait list, so it is probably pretty short still. I just got on Cedarwoods wait list. My wife and I aren't moving down until November, and not being from NC figure I can keep myself occupied exploring NC golf scene. Plenty to explore.
  7. Decided to switch to a driving iron instead of a hybrid. Had my shaft pulled from this for that, so this is for the head only. Pics tell the story. Looking for 85$ shipped obo.
  8. I have had a precision pro NX7 for about 5 years now, and am planning on getting a name brand later this year. Without a reflector it has a hard time picking up pins and even with them can be finicky. Playing with a buddies Bushnell and having it picking up the pin every time no problem, and fast was enough for me.
  9. Anybody here have a National Troon Card? I currently have a Club Corp Play Away membership. They keep making that membership worse. Curious what peoples thoughts on this card is.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. We are headed down to firm up housing beginning of June. Was thinking of trying to hit Pine Lake and Rolling Hills country club. We are looking in that South to South East side. Those seem to be in the price range and area we are looking.
  11. Got the opportunity to play Windsong last summer. I love that place. Probably my favorite course that I've played in the state.
  12. How long does a round take at Springfield? Is the course easy to walk? Cedarwood waitlist is bumped to 18-21 months. Trying to figure out what to do in the meantime when we move down this fall.
  13. I just emailed filling them in on my situation and asking for membership information. If I was still interested I asked to come check out the club when we were in town. At that point some offered to get us on the course. If they didn't and I was really interested I asked if we could play. If they believe you are serious in joining it is pretty easy to get on. I've had mixed experience on paying. Some have comped my round. Others I have had to pay the guest fee.
  14. My wife and I are looking to move to the Charlotte area and just got back from visiting a few weeks ago. We played Cedarwood and Ballantyne. If everything goes according to plan I see us joining Cedarwood. It's just a solid, no frills golf club. I hate golfing in a housing development, and seems like that is what the majority of Charlotte private clubs are that aren't High end. Cedarwood was a solid course, easily walkable, on the cheaper side, and the few members we met were very nice. I did have a round lined up at Carolina Golf Club that fell through. I still want to get out there before I make my final decision, but don't think it will be the one. With where I am at life and career wise a don't want to drop 20k+ on an initiation somewhere, and end up moving again 2 years later.
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