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  1. Anybody here have a National Troon Card? I currently have a Club Corp Play Away membership. They keep making that membership worse. Curious what peoples thoughts on this card is.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. We are headed down to firm up housing beginning of June. Was thinking of trying to hit Pine Lake and Rolling Hills country club. We are looking in that South to South East side. Those seem to be in the price range and area we are looking.
  3. Got the opportunity to play Windsong last summer. I love that place. Probably my favorite course that I've played in the state.
  4. How long does a round take at Springfield? Is the course easy to walk? Cedarwood waitlist is bumped to 18-21 months. Trying to figure out what to do in the meantime when we move down this fall.
  5. I just emailed filling them in on my situation and asking for membership information. If I was still interested I asked to come check out the club when we were in town. At that point some offered to get us on the course. If they didn't and I was really interested I asked if we could play. If they believe you are serious in joining it is pretty easy to get on. I've had mixed experience on paying. Some have comped my round. Others I have had to pay the guest fee.
  6. My wife and I are looking to move to the Charlotte area and just got back from visiting a few weeks ago. We played Cedarwood and Ballantyne. If everything goes according to plan I see us joining Cedarwood. It's just a solid, no frills golf club. I hate golfing in a housing development, and seems like that is what the majority of Charlotte private clubs are that aren't High end. Cedarwood was a solid course, easily walkable, on the cheaper side, and the few members we met were very nice. I did have a round lined up at Carolina Golf Club that fell through. I still want to get out th
  7. This stereotype as someone who is a member at a private club is quite annoying. I even felt some of that from my friends when I first joined somewhere that was private. I am a member at a private club because my main hobby is golf, and a private club was the best place to scratch that itch. Turns out there are a lot of people that are the same.
  8. Through the app it says 70$. About the same as Southern Pines is charging at that time. I would prefer playing Mid Pines or Pine Needles, but I am already blowing a good chunk on this trip. Those are both 100$+ more. Was looking for a filler round and these being Ross courses intrigued me. Hearing Southern Pines is going through some renovation makes me lean toward Highland.
  9. The course I am a member at joined open rounds this year and they are on there as well. That let's me get on over there.
  10. I think we are talking different courses. I am looking at Highland Country Club in Fayetteville. Not Hyland Hills. Seems like there are 10 different Highland/ Hyland courses in NC. Hard to keep them straight. Ha
  11. How is Highland Country Club? I see it is a Donald Ross. I am looking to round out a trip and am kinda deciding between a cheap round here or at Southern Pines. Any advice?
  12. I am with you. And the talk about how amazing it is that he is tied for the lead despite losing strokes to the field off the tee. That is impressive and I think points to his round today being on the fluky side. That is not sustainable.
  13. My trip was <1500$ all in. Played 6 rounds at the big courses plus a round at the Preserve. MSP to PDX was only 200$ and a rental car was only 100$ for the 5 days. I already have a return trip booked for next January.
  14. In December and January you can do it for 150$ if staying onsite. I did that this past December. I don't think that deal can be beat. Just gambling a little on the weather, but it was great for me.
  15. Bumping this old topic. Has anyone else had issues with there sensor staying connected? Just got one of these and it will not stay connected to my android phone.
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