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  1. Just gonna leave this here. We have a very cool fast casual place near where my office used to be in Ohio. First had tikka masala 6ish years ago. Now I make my own. Indian food for the masses! https://choolaah.com/
  2. I can't get down with some of his homophobic lyrics but he had some bangers for sure. Looks like coke and 3 heart attacks did him in.
  3. Obviously Bryson playing not his best, but very cool to see him executing at least a few of his ideas around Augusta. Maybe it'll all come together one day amid the pines.
  4. Could be any of the regurgitated offshoots people think are clever yet are really played out.
  5. Remember last fall when the live stream audio was broken and we heard no commentary? Ahh, the good ole days.
  6. Certainly an interesting thread. Smaller pool of humans to pull from who would possess such a skillset so less likely to happen (nowadays, anyway). Somewhat similar to sprinters where a longer stride would appear to be an advantage. Perhaps just a function of fewer of them in existence so fewer of them reaching the pinnacle of sport?
  7. Liking some Billy Ho this week. He's the lynchpin in my Fan Duel lineups. Deeper picks include Matt Wallace and Victor Perez.
  8. Just popped in to say merry Masters Eve. Can't wait for tomorrow. November was fun and it needed to be done, but nothing beats the real deal!
  9. The past 2 pages of this thread was more entertaining than the final match. I like Billy (can relate to having an alcoholic partner at one point). That said, glad I took the (awesome new) GF out for sushi. Also, Bama needs to make more free throws. What a bizarre Sunday.
  10. Brian Harman looks like Murr from Impractical Jokers.
  11. I don't think they're allowed to talk about JT without mentioning the slur.
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