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  1. @Titleist99... just curious where you are getting the driving average from. PGA Tour site has him at 323. As a side note, his short game was not the best in either putting or around the green, according to strokes gained data. Tee-to-green, however, he was #2 in the field, which was awesome. And in fairness, he was above-average in every facet of the game this week. Add it all up and you get a win. https://datagolf.com/live-strokes-gained
  2. That's my issue with the take. So you could do it and are choosing not to? Interesting approach.
  3. Wow. Drives the green again on 7, makes the putt this time. Just nasty!
  4. rawdog

    2020 US Open

    Strokes Gained for Bryson (Total of All 4 Rounds): Putting: +1.09 Around the Green: +1.24 Approaches: +1.90 Off the Tee: +1.33 Played well in every phase of the game. What's not being talked about is he was not only in SG off the tee but also approaches, trailing only Kuch. https://datagolf.com/live-strokes-gained
  5. rawdog

    2020 US Open

    Going to stop neglecting my gym sessions... Victory lap for BD. Would not have imagined when i became a fan in 2016. Do it your way, folks!
  6. rawdog

    2020 US Open

    You're in luck. "in continuation of the USGA’s extensive partnership with Rolex, the final hour of Sunday’s coverage on NBC will air uninterrupted (commercial-free) during the closing stretch of the championship." https://www.golfchannel.com/news/nbcuniversal-offers-all-encompassing-coverage-120th-us-open
  7. rawdog

    2020 US Open

    I'm a huge Bryson fan back to 2016 and it's frustrating because stuff like that is so cheesy and turns people off to his game.
  8. rawdog

    2020 US Open

    That was rough on my ears.
  9. To say gaining distance is not relevant to helping amateur golfers improve is not accurate at all. It's completely relevant, particularly for those who have small angular deviation in their drives. It's actually been shown that 20 yards of extra distance is more valuable to higher scorers. https://blog.trackmangolf.com/training-for-distance-or-direction/ Being closer to the hole is, on average, more advantageous.
  10. I love mine. I have the OG F7s going on their 3rd season. I play mine at 8i length with 5* gaps from 59* on down. So my 6i plays closer to a 5. The biggest advantage has been with my wedges. I can go after them hard without the pulls I used to get. Only downside is I have felt like I reach at times with the longer irons (and cycle through days of toe misses), so I demo'd the SpeedZones with a graphite 7i shaft and was finding a much better result up through the 5i. I will probably pick those up in the offseason and adopt something closer to Cobra's suggested gappings no
  11. "...once you start getting 195 to 200 to 205, even though you’re missing it that far off-line, you’re so far up close to the green, it’s too big of an advantage to take away." Love it.
  12. That is some deep level research. Well done.
  13. Gotta say, would not have expected Rahm to register that reference.
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