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  1. Most SGI irons nowadays have high-COR faces don't they? And the lofts/length/lies are in the same ballpark. So the main differences in the categories you're describing seem to be the overall clubhead size/shape (which is probably more of a visual preference than playing difference) and the "players" irons also have somewhat thinner soles. Seems like in playing terms, the different categories of high-MOI high-tech iron irons are either medium-width soles (players distance irons) or wide soles (super game improvement irons). Along with a more compact versus more bulky visual effect.
  2. My friend who is a teaching pro teaches beginners this idea from the very first lesson. Swing as hard as you can as long as you finish balanced on your front leg and can "hold the pose" for three seconds after the ball is gone. If you can finish facing the target and hold a perfectly balanced follow-through position then you were not swinging too hard or too fast. IMO, trying to steer the club into the ball is absolutely as bad a habit as over-swinging.
  3. If it really does arrive next Tuesday you'll have done a little better than average for USPS shipments lately.
  4. Ping was moving weight out toward the toe for more forgiveness back in the 1960's. And it wasn't a completely novel idea then, the principle was well understood.
  5. The problem is a hacker can't possibly do any of those things with any regularity. Even if he thinks the #1 most important thing in golf is to not hit it in the rough, there's no concrete action he can take that will result in that outcome. I could tee off on every hole with a 7-iron and I'd still miss some fairways. So yeah, if you're a bad enough golfer you're not really capable of following any plan or strategy or course management. That doesn't make those "strategies" any less short-sighted and incorrect than they are for better players.
  6. Well Johnny Miller used to have his caddie give him half yard distances with irons in his hand! I suspect no two Tour players think exactly alike.
  7. I remember a little YouTube clip or something with one of the guys who was supposed to be among the best wedge players on Tour. He came right out and said that he hits the same shot from 72 yards as he does from 79 yards (or whatever his exact numbers were). He hits his stock 75 yard wedge shot and if he comes up 2 yards short or 4 yards long he figures that's a makeable putt. Those are not the thoughts of a guy expecting to nail his distances (much less distance+direction) to within a 3' radius.
  8. It was even less than 10 years ago that the normative advice switched to something more nuanced than basically: 1) Don't hit it in the rough 2) Don't short side yourself 3) Don't three-putt 4) Don't leave yourself less than a full wedge shot into the green It wasn't until Broadie's work got noticed (not saying he was or is the only one who understands) that mainstream beliefs finally started to move toward reality rather than overly simplistic binary success/failure metrics. Still a long way to go but at the highest levels it's pretty common to use a rati
  9. I think as far as golf balls go the current KIRKLAND Performance Plus isn't terribly garish. Or maybe I've just gotten used to it since so many guys I play with use them nowadays. For the wedges, the branding is a bit much but it's not bad compared to a Callaway MD-whatever with the green jewel things. Or Cameron putters. And don't get me started on some of the high-$$$ Bettinardi putters that look like NASCAR cars.
  10. I think we always need to keep in mind that for lots of Club Champion customers, the (inflated) price is itself part of the appeal. As long as the buyer is convinced that he's getting extra-special, custom, precise, careful, exotic work done in return for the extra money then paying a lot just adds to the bragging rights. Having a $4,000 set of custom clubs instead of a $2,000 set of OEM ones implies that you've gone to every possible length to acquired the ultimate clubs.
  11. I posted in another thread a link to an eBay listing of 8 dozen Srixon Z-Stars for around $90. That's actually closer to your Nike mix than to Pro V1 PRACTICE balls. Having played golf for three decades, I am constantly amazed by how cheaply we can source top-quality golf balls nowadays. Twenty years ago if someone had shown me a ball like those Z-Stars I'd have thought they were joking that they were even legal. And I'd have never believed they would become available at less than I was paying for 2pc Top-Flite rocks at that time!
  12. Sure and every putter nowadays looks like a Scotty Cameron. Or was it like a Ping? I've heard it both ways...
  13. That Z-Cord is an intriguing grip. It's almost like the cord isn't there just for traction but to make the grip just about as firm as it's possible to make a golf club grip. I've also noted that the Z-Cord will finish out on a given shaft with a diameter slightly smaller (can't remember, maybe 10-15 thousandths?) than most standard size grips. So if you put a wrap or two of extra tape under there to reach standard diameter, it's firmer still. I think there are a certain niche of players who want not a hint of softness or "give" in their grips. Z-Cord is meant for them
  14. If you're seriously wanting to spend less than a dollar a ball, you don't need to be buying retail name-brand balls off the shelf at a store one dozen at a time. There are Tour balls brand new on eBay for less than the retail price of those 2pc Surlyn balls that cost pennies to produce and whose performance is decades out of date. Or if you want a Surlyn cover ball you can find deals on them as well. But you've got to shop around and be willing to buy several dozen at a time.
  15. I would not use a ball that's been fished out of a pond for any round where I'm keeping score or seriously practicing. There's a chance it would perform just like a new ball but it's also very possible for it to have been affected by being underwater especially for any extended period of time. Not worth it. Too many affordable options out there to be fishing around.
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