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  1. I reckon it's a perfect club for anyone who has ever said one or more of the following: a) "I wish my driver were smaller and less forgiving" b) "I wish my 3-wood were bigger and harder to hit off the deck" c) "I wish I had more clubs in my bag that cost $400" I do understand that some people need to use equipment that makes golf as challenging as possible because they find it too easy otherwise. And once you've spent $550 on a driver and another $500 or so on a Scotty there's it gets tricky to keep your cost-per-club up there if you just buy plain
  2. I played with a guy in a club match play once, didn't know him, and he said on the first tee, "Just fair warning. I don't concede putts and I don't want you to concede any". I went ahead and said, "That's good" a half-dozen times when he had tap-ins of a few inches. He kept going ahead and putting them out, I kept saying, "That's good". Kind of weird but he did his thing, I did mine and everybody was happy I guess.
  3. There's a mineral sunscreen formulation that I've found in house brands from Target, CVS and Walgreens. It has 3% Titanium Dioxide and 4% ZInc Oxide as the active ingredients, no chemicals, no fragrance. The one from Target's "Up & Up" brand has the best rubproof, sweatproof and waterproof consistency I've ever found. I can put it on in the morning, play golf, even wipe sweat off with a towel during the round and it is still there at the end of the day until I scrub it off with soap and water. I find that the ones with both Titanium and Zinc oxides are most effecti
  4. You would be completely within the Rules of Golf. And you'd be acting like a jerk. The reason not to pull crap like that would be because you have some degree of self-respect, nothing to do with the Rules of Golf. Don't be a jerk.
  5. Just the driver, a 10.5 adjusted to 12. If they made 12-degree nonadjustable drivers I'd be fine with playing one but usually I need the adjustment because 10 or 10.5 is never enough loft for my low-and-slow swing.
  6. My wedge game is not good and my bunker game is worse but I'll share a couple thoughts from years of playing Vokey wedges anyway. Every time I tried an S-grind from the sand I had a similar experience to you. The club just won't track straight through under the ball like a proper sand wedge. It will either do the "scoot across the sand" or it will wander to one side or the other instead of staying straight. I think either an S-grind or better yet an F-grind will work well as a full-swing 54-degree wedge. The added advantage to the F-grind is a 54F is (for me) the best
  7. There's a guy on eBay selling prior generation e6 Soft Lady (same as men's e6 Soft except pink numbers) for less than a dollar a ball when you buy 6 doz at a time. I think it was 6 doz for $69 or thereabouts. That's about the price range you need to find if it's going to be worth playing a non-urethane ball nowadays IMO.
  8. 99% of people who use a device like Arccos let it place the shots wherever it does and then pore over the stats as though they are detailed and meaingful. The only corrections most people make are when the number of shots recorded on a hole is wrong. If you don't edit and correct after the round it'll mostly be garbage in/garbage out but hey, it's only a game right?
  9. I have a SIM MAX which wouldn't be on anyone's list of fade biased drivers. From my first round with it I've had it adjusted to the +1.5 setting (12 degrees), just like every driver I've owned. I need the extra loft to suit my swing and speed. No real bias in either direction I can see. Pretty much a straight hitter. But as an experiment I tried it in the neutral setting (10.5 degrees) and except for one swing that was OTT (it was a pull), the others shots ranged from a little cut to a big ol' slice. I don't think I was just having a bad swing day, I think the SIM MAX in that setti
  10. I'm very insensitive to feel/sound issues in golf. I can notice difference when I change but I get used to new balls or clubs very quickly. Like after a round or so. I mean in the sense of it no longer sounding strange to me. One thing that does take quite a few rounds, though, is that dialed-in feeling you get after playing the same ball round after round for a long time. When you can tell from the sound of the impact whether the shot's going to come up a little short or how much it's likely to spin. I love sticking with a ball long enough to get that feedback before it even lands
  11. If I'm comparing somewhat similar balls (say a Pro V1x versus an AVX) in short game, what I look at is what club I need to switch to in order to guarantee that a 20-yard pitch shot will release (like a bump and run) instead of grabbing. With most Tour balls, I can use a PW (or whatever a 45-46 degree club is labeled in a given set) and the ball will release just about every time on that shot. Anything more lofted and the ball will at least sometimes dig in and grab on that first bounce. With most Surlyn balls even a SW (usually 54 degrees) will release more often than
  12. I'm another person for whom alcohol and heat exposure is a definite no-no. The only time in recent memory I had a serious aftereffect of getting overheated, it wasn't too bad until I took about three sips of a beer with dinner. That was enough to kick it up from "I don't feel great" to "I think I'm going to pass out". I love me a pint after a round of golf most times but not during life-threatening summer heat and humidity, no thanks.
  13. I've about convinced myself that the current Chrome Soft X is "close enough" to the 2019 Pro V1x that I've really enjoyed playing for two years. Down to one dozen of the 2019's (plus quite a few in the shag bag that are slightly dinged up but playable) so at some point I'll put them back in play and see if they are still the best ball for me. But I'm fairly satisfied with Chrome Soft X right now. Doesn't have that very, very high flight like Pro V1x but still gets good hang time. The Pro V1 and some other balls always seem like they can't wait to get back on the ground when I hit t
  14. When he says a certain driver has a face angle of "5 degrees open" what reference line is that relative to? Is he saying that a 10.5 degree driver set to the 10.5 setting will present 10.5 degrees of static loft when the face angle is 5 degrees open? Because I find that hard to believe. In that case, when the golfer squares the face at at address it would be presenting a loft of somewhere around 7-8 degrees, right? Or are we talking about the face angle when the driver is just plopped down on a flat plate without a golfer aiming it anywhere in particular?
  15. FWIW, the NIkon is a much better rangefinder because it is image stabilized. The waterproof rating and five year (!) warranty are just bonuses. I honestly can't imagine why anyone would buy the Bushnell instead unless they ride in a cart and just absolutely must have a magnet built in to their rangefinder.
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