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  1. The original poster's description of his problems with Hi-Toe could almost describe my experience with PM Grind a couple years back. I passed on the Hi-Toe because the sole did not look friendly to me. But I did try and end up loving the 60-degree CBX Full Face. The most "forgiving" wedge ever, by a large margin, in terms of missing the sweet spot and/or getting a little steep or flippy with my swing. And from of deep rough where I want to open the face up without worrying about the club submarining the ball and making glancing contact? No problem.
  2. Maybe it means they only have any "Tac" when they are "Dri"? Sounds about right to me...
  3. I came across these guys a few years back when searching up course 'vlogs for courses I'd played before. From the start I found Crossfield just horribly annoying, Shiels seemed likeable enough and Finch completely unwatchable. Crossfield has since become a parody of himself while Shiels just seems to make the exact same videos every week except with slightly different clubs. Like you, I simply can't understand the subscriber numbers. But I'm not really of the YouTube generation, my screen-based entertainment still tends to be football matches or scripted movies and TV shows rather
  4. I like the old saying, "Anything worth doing is worth getting paid to do".
  5. Unfortunately (for them) we're in the territory of the old joke with the punchline, "We've established what you are, we're just haggling over price".
  6. The weather in my area is reasonable for golf year round, although some years February can be pretty raw. I just wear more clothing layers and maybe toss a handwarmer in each pocket on the coolest days. If the wind chill is below 40-ish I just wait for a warmer day to come around. Other than that, it's golf as usual during the winter. A cool day in January is easier to deal with than the heat in August, for me.
  7. I can hit a 3-iron just fine. It goes really low, rolls out a long way and if I put a bad swing on it I'll hit a low slice. I can also hit a 3-hybrid just fine. It goes really low, rolls out a long way and if I put a bad swing on it I'll hit a low hook. I generally leave those both out and hit a fairway wood (5-wood) of similar loft. It goes just a touch higher than the iron or hybrid, rolls out a long way and if I put a bad swing on it I'll top it or pop it up. One way or another, it works well if I make a good swing and not so well if I don't. As a friend
  8. I got to the point with AVX, due to the combination of lower trajectory and considerably lower spin than the Pro V1x I normally use, where it was almost like hitting a 7-iron with AVX and hitting a 6-iron with Pro V1x produced the same shot. A ball that makes iron shots fly lower, spin less and travel about 6-8 yards farther is roughly comparable to taking one club less loft. Where it seemed to pay off was with longer irons. I could hit a 5-iron shot with AVX that went as far (carry+roll) as a 4-iron shot with Pro V1x. But it seemed like hitting a good shot with a 5-iron was still
  9. Golf equipment sales and rounds played are both going through a boom right now. I can't see why Titleist would delay their regular Pro V1 franchise update when balls are selling great. Logistics-wise there will probably be sporadic delays or shortages during the rollout just because everything is messed up right now but even if there's a delay of a few weeks before they show up on the shelves, I think it will still be an 2021 update.
  10. Whatever balls it was they said were "longest" or "most consistent" or whatever. You know, all the blah-blah-blah, the stuff besides the numbers. I didn't pay attention to blah-blah-blah, just skimmed through the actual results.
  11. I said about 5-6 years ago that he'd never catch Jack but I could imagine him winning a late-career Masters if he could get his back in good enough shape to play golf semi regularly. He got that Masters. I still say he'll never win another major other than the Masters. If he does win another US Open or Open Championship it will probably go into the history books as the single most long-shot accomplishment in golf, ever. Winning another Masters in the next several years would not be quite as miraculous but still an extreme long-shot IMO.
  12. The stuff I've seen on recent Cleveland clubs and on other some clubs a while back (might have been Mizuno? maybe Titleist? not sure) is just translucent plasticky stuff that doesn't adhere all that firmly to the shaft. When I cut the grips off, it was already as easy to pick off cold as regular tape is after getting it really hot with a hair drier. And it also comes off without breaking into pieces too bad.
  13. Jack won the Masters in 1986 at age 46 but never had a Top 5 finish in another major after that. After 1986, Jack never had another Top 10 in any major other than the Masters. I'd say Tiger's coming back to win one more Masters was among the most amazing comeback stories in sports. But it had a fairly similar historical precedent in Jack Nicklaus. Tiger winning another US Open at this point would be off the charts less likely than that last Masters win was.
  14. My last experience with the Bridgestone balls was several generations ago with the B330 and B330 S. The B330 was very similar to Pro V1x but firmer sound/feel and not quite as high trajectory. The B330 S (earlier instantiation of what's now BX S) was one of the few balls that seemed to spin more than Pro V1x off short irons and wedges. Very spinny ball. I never used the S version enough to notice a difference in driver distance. The regular B330 back then was about the same driver distance as the Pro V1x. No idea if all that still applies 3-4 generations later!
  15. There are millions of golfers who take one look at the Rules of Golf and their eyes glaze over. For my part, no recreational pastime could possibly be worth having to keep track of all that Pharisaical nonsense. If the official "Rules" are too convoluted to bother with, that leaves it up to each golfer and the others he plays with to come up with their own subset of the Rules. No big surprise that when you leave that up to popular opinion, the most popular options are going to be pretty darned forgiving!
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