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  1. I bought my Medalist whenever it was they first came out (maybe 2003 or 2004?) and used it for over a decade. When I got a fancy image-stabilized Nikon a couple years ago I gave it to the pro at my club and told him to donate it to one of the juniors or however he wanted to give it a good home. It had accumulated some dust and scratches so it wasn't as good from 200+ yards as when it was new but it still gave good yardages. So yeah, I got my money's worth out of it. I also liked that it used plan old 9V batteries instead of fancy lithiums!
  2. Well I'm not going to hit a shot without having some idea of the distance. Yeah it doesn't need to be to the nearest yard or half-yard but it does need to be closer than I can eyeball it. So the value of my rangefinder is the time and distraction it saves by not needing to search around for a marked sprinkler or go walk forward to the top of the hill to see whether the flag is on the front or back of the green. I have met a couple guys who were simply uncanny with their ability to eyeball distances. This guy Jeff I used to play with years ago swore that rangefinders w
  3. Why would you expect "consistency"? The only reason other companies put "X" in the name of one of their ball models is because the "Pro V1x" is so popular. The letter X per se has no meaning regarding spin or any other characteristic.
  4. I learned to play golf with Dunlop DDH distance rocks. I think they were a box of 18 for $15 or something like that.
  5. I have an SM7 58.04L bent to 59 (adds one degree of bounce). I don't find it particularly hits fat or gets stuck in the turf any more than a higher-bounce Vokey. It does however take more of a divot. Even with a full swing wedge my divots are usually pretty minimal, so shallow they mostly take grass without getting down into the dirt. But after a good shot from the fairway with the 58.04L and I'm going to be pouring much more sand than normal into the divot. And of course it's a wonderful club from hardpan bunkers after a rain or from the really firm, bare lies I sometimes encount
  6. I truly can't understand why the difference between a slightly clickier sound versus a more muffled sound at impact matters at all to people. But it is apparently one thing that sells more golf clubs and golf balls than any other characteristic. A mystery, is what it is.
  7. AVX is the same price as Pro V1 and Pro V1x.
  8. On a firm fairway, the lower trajectory and somewhat reduced spin make the AVX land really flat for me. It can certainly be up to 10-15 yards longer under those ideal conditions. But it isn't carrying any farther off the driver than Pro V1x, just extra roll-out. And with the irons, if there's any more carry it's a couple yards (due to reduced spin) but once in a while it will land really hot and bounce forward. I was initially impressed with the potential for some extra yardage from AVX. But some extra runout on a rock-hard fairway or unexpected release on a firm green
  9. If by "feels good" you mean "reacts the way you want it to in the short game" or "lets you judge how the ball will react on wedge shots" then sure, that's important. I mean heck yeah, it feels great to drop a pitch shot right on your landing spot, it checks up once then trickles forward to stone dead at the hole. Control like that makes us feel great because it gives results. But every single day on this forum you read people saying some version of, "I putted with [fill in the blank ball] for a few minutes and I just LOVE the way it feels coming off the putter". That sort of thing
  10. A decent putter can easily adjust to the "feel" of an unfamiliar golf ball after 20 minutes on the practice green and a round of golf. Playing a ball whose long-game spin, trajectory or distance and/or its short-game control are less than optimum just because it "feels" good off the putter would be nuts.
  11. There are people who live a few houses up the street from me who take their grandkids to the park at the end of the block most days. It's about 150 yards from their front door to the park and they schlep the grandkids back and forth in a four-seater golf cart. As often as not, they spend their time in the park riding around in the circles in the golf cart letting the kids take turns driving. Meanwhile there are dozens of kids running around, adults walking, families playing frisbie or tossing a football back and forth and all the other activities you see people doing in a beautiful
  12. And so the 1,178th installment of the eternal "jacked lofts" thread begins anew...
  13. The Pro V1x does fly a little higher off driver and long-mid irons. That had always been my impression but I recently bought a sleeve of Pro V1 and used them for a couple rounds. Not saying the peak height difference was enormous but it was enough to notice. Especially with the driver. Fortunately, I both benefit from the (slight) extra elevation and prefer the (slightly) firmer feel and sound so there's no tradeoff for me. I can not tell one iota of difference in spin between them, with any club. As recently as the 2013 versions I thought Pro V1x spun a little more of
  14. I've speculated that the reason distances work out for me the way they do is I was taught as a beginner to play wedge shots with the ball back, just a little ahead of my back foot. But short irons are middle of my stance. I think when I hit an "set wedge" it doesn't look right playing it back so far so I'm probably somewhere in between. Of course I have no idea if playing a wedge back in the stance adds 3-4 yards to the distance or not. Don't really understand swing mechanics well enough to say. It's just how my golf instructor showed me to play wedge shots way back when.
  15. I've always found the opposite. The 44 or 45 or 46 degree club that's the shortest in my iron sets only go maybe 6-8 yards longer than a 50-degree Vokey. When I've owned a "set" wedge of that same 50-degree loft it always plays half a club shorter than the Vokey, whether we're talking "players" irons (DCI 990, AP2) or "game improvement" (Ping G20 or G or Cleveland Launcher HB). Guess I always figured that's just the way it was. The cavity back clubs just seem to run out of oomph for me above about 45 degrees or so. I will way my 50-degree Ping G "UW" was one of my favorite clubs t
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