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  1. Yes, every time I've been tempted into playing a non-face-balanced putter I see an instant improvement... ...simply by switching back to any face-balanced mallet. It's crazy. I become convinced that I can putt "just fine" with a Ping Anser or similar style heel-toe weighted putter with some toe hang. But my putter gets worse and worse and the only cure is to go back to a face-balanced putter. It hardly even matter which particular model. Dang.
  2. Be fine with me if they just investment cast all golf clubs out of the toughest available stainless steel alloy. Then mill the grooves. Cheaper and more durable.
  3. For no particular reason other than never having tried one, I played a sleeve of the latest version Chrome Soft X during a recent round. That wasn't enough shots to form a meaningful impression of its performance beyond "seems to work fine". That said, it sounded like one of the clickiest balls with the putter that I've heard in a long time. Much louder than a Pro V1x or a Tour B X or a regular Chrome Soft (although it's been a good while since I played one of those). And a lot more clicky than the 2021 Pro V1 I normally play. I kind of liked that about it. I like a bit of sonic fe
  4. Yes, I think over the last 5+ years my subscription has been active for maybe 50% of that time and lapsed for the other 50%. I've been out and in at least a dozen times. The data has always been there during the lapses, including the feature for creating PDF reports of the results. I can't recall for sure but I think downloading your data as a CSV file is possible during lapsed periods too. Although I've never done a download other than while a subscription was active.
  5. Impossible to tell for sure from that DTL angle but isn't the putter pointing a little right at address? The toe seems slightly open. I go through periods where on short putts I fan the putter open on the takeaway then leave it open through impact. Always due to tension or lack of proper focus, not a mechanical issue.
  6. If you're willing to do a subscription app, I think Golfmetrics is a good option. I've subscribed to it for a year at a time twice and then done one-month subscriptions several times. One nice thing about it is you can see all the stats even when the subscription is lapsed. The subscription is only required for entering new rounds. So once I had a nice baseline of a hundred or so rounds entered, I can go back once or twice a year with a one-month sub and enter another dozen rounds. Just to check in and see if anything about my game has changed (Spoiler: It hasn't).
  7. I put those on my Titleist DCI’s and loved them. By the time I upgraded to DCI 990 the ribbed Tour Wrap must have been discontinued. Or at least I could not find any. Best. Grips. Ever.
  8. Yes, exactly. The article I read back then said USGA had cracked down on the reminder grips and Golf Pride had to scramble to find something that would satisfy people looking for a bigger rib than USGA was going to allow. I think they succeeded.
  9. The Align grips are for me and most people far easier to feel than any (legal) ribbed grips. In fact, that was Golf Pride's design brief when coming up with the Align. They wanted something that was more pronounced than a reminder rib of the maximum size allowed by USGA/R&A. They went back and forth several times with USGA until they found a design that was easier to feel but still allowable. I suppose I'm not surprised there's someone, somewhere who finds them less noticeable than reminder ribs. Or maybe some people put larger than allowable reminder ribs?
  10. For putting it needs to have the first putt distances at least in the correct approximate range, give or take a couple feet. If I had a putt that in reality 6 feet it needs to be recorded as somewhere in the 5-10 foot range. Or what was actually a 24 footer needs to at least be reliably recorded as somewhere between 20 and 30 feet. Without editing a 6-footer might be recorded as 3 feet or 30 feet and either of those is seriously, seriously wrong in Strokes Gained terms. For short game maybe not quite a stringent. But I still that a pitch shot ended up 10 fe
  11. Yes, unless you carefully edit the exact hole location and first-putt locations for each hole after each round the Putting stats you get will be completely bogus and the short game stats will have substantial errors, as well. Even the approach shots will be a little bit off. It's why I've never stuck to any shot tracking system for long. If it doesn't give me usable short game and putting stats it's not worth having. And the work involved to remember or write down all those details on 18 greens is too much trouble to do for more than a few rounds at a time. I guess peop
  12. They may or may not do extra QC for balls given to Tour players but I believe the comments were referring to use of different variants of the balls which are listed on the USGA conforming list but not available for retail sale. I believe there are currently nine ball types on the USGA list under "Chrome Soft X" and five types under "Chrome Soft X LS", plus numerous "Chrome Soft" variants. Only one each of the Chrome Soft X and Chrome Soft X LS are available at retail. The rest are either obsolete models, prototypes or balls made only for Tour players.
  13. The Performance Plus is a 3pc model. They don't currently have a 4pc in the KIRKLAND range, alas.
  14. A new club I just bought is going to come with a TV Align on it. I'll let you know how I like once the club arrives and I try it out.
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