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  1. Yep. I think the whole undertaking should have been called the "World Slope Rating System" instead of "World Handicap System". The handicapping is still totally different, the thing that was standardized is everyone doing Slope Ratings.
  2. And it is exactly that calculation that is taken care of my USGA's recent adoption of "CR-Par" into the Course Handicap formula. Mr. Bean's confusion about this is EXACTLY the same as the confusion experienced by 90% of the golfers I've played golf with over the past couple decades. The UK folks seem to want their golfers to experience this same confusion and aggravation for reasons known only to themselves. Quite remarkable, really. But I guess not much surprises me from golf rule-making bodies.
  3. Easy peasy for you. Or for me. Or for the other 1% of golfers who are willing and able to apply some forumula they look up in a handicapping manual. But I'm telling you based on 20 years experience, good luck convincing the other 99% of golfers that they need to adjust their handicap exactly, precisely like you or I can tell them to do after studying the handicapping manual. They won't do it, they think you're trying to put one over on them and it causes ongoing disputes.
  4. There are a couple guys I know well and have played a good bit of golf who live in UK and find the entire concept of competing against someone who is playing different tees to be awful, horrible, terrible and unacceptable. I mean these are reasonable guys who for whatever reason are totally dogmatic on that subject. My guess the Powers That Be in UK golf include quite a few people like my two friends for whom everyone teeing off from the same tees is as fundamental to the game as playing it down, putting it out and counting every stroke.
  5. Under the previous USGA system (and from what I've read here apparently under the current UK system) handicapping using Course Handicap only worked when all players competing against each other play the same tees. Under the old definition of course handicap (no CR-Par) if I am a 17 course handicap from the 6,200 yard tees and I played against someone who is a 17 course handicap from 5,700 yard tees we had to go look up the difference in course rating between those two sets of tees (typically a couple strokes) and one or the other of us had to adjust our "17" to account for that differ
  6. Sounds like CONGU folks, with regard to playing from different tees within the same competition, have moved "forward" only to the point where we were in USGA land up until the WHS changes. It's still up to the players to figure out the difference in course ratings between the tees being played and apply that to their handicaps. Hopefully they won't have to do that for 20+ years like we did over here before USGA finally incorporated CR-Par directly into the course handicap calculation. But it's back to the two cultures thing. From my admittedly finite experience playing
  7. You simply bought the marketing spiel from USGA and R&A. It was nonsense from the word Go and plenty of us said so at the time. I can't see how anyone who has played in USA and UK would have ever bought the idea that the handicap system changes would make one or the other *completely* change their golfing culture. Was never going to happen.
  8. As recently as six months ago, we were being told (in discussions on this forum) that UK golfers were NOT going to be entering non-attested, non-competitive scores. Has that changed lately?
  9. The groups I play with used to do their own ad hoc adjustments for the different tees that various people play. They never did get it right. And then there was the fact that from any of the (usual) tee choices, the course rating was less than par. So the net result was when we form random teams, the winning team was almost always net better than par. Now we play off the course handicap from the GHIN app (which has CR-Par built in) and everyone is gobsmacked that often a three-ball or four-ball combined to win money with net worse than par. Sometimes we'll play three or four days i
  10. The new system works the same everywhere. Except for the stuff that is different everywhere. Which is 'most everything.
  11. At the moment I have several each of the Pro V1x and Left Dash Pro V1x in my golf bag. I usually stick to one or the other for a few weeks at a stretch but lately they've gotten mixed together in the big ball pocket. Last weekend I had three irons shots go much farther than I expected, ending up over the green. Two 7-irons that flew at least 150 yards (usually a 7-iron maxes out at 145 and only that when I catch it flush) and I hit a 9-iron (usually just over 120 yards) that flew 130, landed in the back fringe and one-hopped into the rough. When that third shot happened
  12. In other words, it's an ultimately meaningless sop to the CONGU way of doing things. Like so many of the changes to the USGA system, it is window dressing to cover up the fact that the two systems are no more comparable than they've ever been. A system based (almost) entirely on attested competition scores is never going to yield the same handicaps as one open for posting any number someone chooses to type into their app. But hey, USGA got the Rest Of The World to adopt slope and course ratings so they certainly don't mind sticking in PCC and a few other dribbles of l
  13. If you only have $1/ball to spend, I think for 99% of golfers it was impossible to do better than the 3pc K-Sig that's been on the shelves the last couple years. At $2 or $3 per ball there are better performing options out there but compared to a $20/dozen name-brand "soft distance" 2pc ball, the 3pc K-Sig was a no-brainer.
  14. If my home course's greens were always soft enough to make noticeable ball marks I'd probably still be playing AVX. It's really a good compromise ball between absolute max spin versus a bit more distance. But for large portions of the year, my well-struck shots with 7-iron or even 8-iron tend to release 5-10 feet with a Pro V1x. During those times, there's every possibility of a ball bouncing forward 20+ feet and into trouble over the green with AVX. Doesn't happen frequently but after a year or so I became certain it happened often enough to more than erase the advantages of that couple extra
  15. I've not encountered it at my club but at public courses I've definitely met golfers who a) don't have anyone to play with and b) don't like to play by themselves. At the semi-private course where I played my first 10 years after taking up the game there seemed to be a fair number of them. They'd show up alone and hang around until they found another single or twosome to join up with. I was usually playing as a single myself and I'd always join up if someone wanted. Never bothered me much although there was one guy who was kind of infamous for joining up and then wanting to be your
  16. I don't know what kind of idealized, dreamy image of a country club you guys are operating under. Just as an aside, I'd say about 20% of the members of my club have a locker in the locker room. There's some old guys who play cards in there a couple times a week and I have a locker to store a few spare golf balls and to stash my phone and wallet while I'm playing but our locker room even before COVID was never a place where you're going to be interacting much with other members (and with COVID now it sits completely unusued). But on the main point, there are all sorts of
  17. I am fine playing by myself or playing with other people. And generally speaking I don't mind having an additional person I don't know playing along with a group of me and my friends. That said, as a member of a private club it is most certainly my right to choose who to play with or not play with during a given round. If someone asks to join my group, there is nothing in the world wrong with saying no. That decision is up to my group. If you're paying for a tee time at a public course, you only bought your own slot. you don't own the opening and it's the course's prero
  18. Not saying it applies in this case but I've seen all sorts of incorrect head weight (and other specs) claims by people selling putters. Including in one memorable instance a custom putter maker from whom I bought a putter with a fairly unique specification and he delivered one that was bog-standard like I could have bought off the rack from any number of retail manufacturers. But I digress. I personally would not trust any head weight specs to be within plus or minus a few grams of correct for the actual putter I have in hand. Unlike length/loft/lie with head weight it's easy to ma
  19. Everything about swingweight tends to be wonky when applied to a putter. Especially putters that aren't 36" long like they used to be in a previous century when swingweight was invented! You seem to be more sensitive to actual weight than to a head-heavy balance point. At least with those particular putters. Somebody else might perceive the feel in a different way. It's just a personal feel thing. There's no way to predict from numerical calculations what you're going to perceive if you swap grips. You'll just need to try it and see. A lighter grip will make the actual
  20. I think you've correctly identified the two issues. 1) What is the longest and strongest lofted club you can hit well off the fairway? 2) Do you need a slightly shorter than driver club, optimized for distance off the tee? For a lot of us, myself included, this gets pretty simple. I answer #1 first and the answer is something around 18 or 19 degrees of loft no more than 42" or at most 42-1/2" long. That's pretty much a 5-wood nowadays. And my answer to #2 is no. There are two guys I frequently play with who are much better golfers (around 5hcp) than I
  21. I wouldn't be bothered by him asking to join a threesome I was in. But neither would I feel bad about saying no if the group would rather not have him play along. I see plenty of groups when I'm playing solo who seem to have their own thing going. It's usually pretty obvious but sounds like this guy doesn't pick up on that sort of thing too well. In your situation, I'd have probably said no but would have invited him to go ahead and play through rather than wait behind us. Assuming there was an opening ahead, of course.
  22. Out of 102 rounds I've posted so far this year there have been 6 adjustments (all -1) and none of them since mid-July. In fact, 4 of those 6 adjustments happened in a 12-day period immediately after our greens were punched which makes sense. For a little while there was sand on the greens and they were not being cut low each day so they were slow and all the subtle breaks disappeared. Other than during the punched-greens period there was one apparently random round in May and another in July. I'd imagine just by happenstance there's a handful of days per year when scores just happ
  23. I was back to my home course playing my usual Pro V1x today after four rounds on vacation with the OG K-Sig. Again I was struck by how very similar the sound, feel, distance and even trajectory are between them. For a hack like me, might as well say they play identical. I did have a couple of wedge shots today that seemed to spin a lot, probably more than the K-Sig did in my previous rounds. But heck, I might just have struck them more crisply than usual. Otherwise, nothing much in it between them.
  24. The ones I've tried were always so uncomfortable in the store I didn't even consider buying. Whatever cushioning they have must be in different spots than where my feet need it. To be fair, my feet just don't work at all with like 99% of the shoes on the market. Street shoes or golf shoes. So my issues aren't at all particular to Bioms, alas.
  25. I've played a couple rounds with my newly-acquired used ones and even moreso than I recalled from when I originally tried a sleeve, they are very Pro V1x-like. And at least the few balls I've had it play show no visible or performance signs of being used. The Pro V1x has always seemed to fly higher off my driver than any other ball and I'm not sure the OG K-Sig does that, it's probably more what I'd call "normal" than "extra-high" driver flight. But otherwise, it's close enough to being a clone as you're going to find. All my distances with each club are the same, the b
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