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  1. Ping i200 with Modus Tour 105 x flex shafts green dot 4-pw - $425 obro now $375! Sold Rogue 130 MSI Silver 70 TX flex 44¼ driver shaft with Ping G410 adapter- $165 now $150 or trade for Oban Purple 05 driver shaft 65-75 grams. Thanks for looking
  2. •Trade Interests- Shaft Puller, Hybrids 4,3 Ping g410+, SIM Hybrid, Piretti • Please add $10 shipping for •TPT 16 LKP LT LW 43½" Taylormade Adapter $230 $210 •Rogue 130 MSI 70g TX 44¼" Ping G410 Adapter -$210 $200 •Rogue 110 MSI 70g S 44⅜" Taylormade adapter $50 Sold •Oban Kyisoshi Purple 80 05 42¼" $130 $115 •Oban Kyioshi Gold 05 75g 43³/¹⁶" $110 $100 •Atmos S 44" $30 •Titleist 60°V ~35" Tiger Nick $110 $100 •Callaway MD4 Tactical Heads 50°, 54°, 58° $75 $65•Dormie Head Cover $40 brand new never used •Taylormade SIM Head Cover $15 $10 never used
  3. I purchased Kyle Morris master plan as well and really enjoy the content. One of the biggest reasons I did purchase is because he is a student of Mike Benders and I really love his teaching style. His master plan is well laid out and for you to improve using feedback to improve.
  4. Tensei P.O. TX flex- $200 $175Nemesys 05 flex- $240 OBROMizuno MP-18 FLI-HI 2 Iron C-Taper 110 S- $100 OBROPing Anser SIGMA 2 adjustable length with tool- $100 Open to trades- hulk PVD x or TX flex, other putters, swing weight scale
  5. I got a hold of a raw Nemesys and was wondering what is recommended tipping. Do I cut the tip down or the butt. I generally like playing my driver shafts short around 44.5". This shaft being counterweighted I thought I'd try in longer say 45.5". Any thoughts?
  6. If you do get an online lessons please share with us so we can see his style. I'm a huge fan of his Instagram videos. I believe he has a que for online video lessons and his turn around is about a month out from when you send your video.
  7. I have a note 9 previous phone was an iphone 6s plus. I cannot wait to get back to iphone; it is hands down way better for shooting your golf swing to me. It is more about the little things for me. When scrolling through your videos the iPhone just seems more seamless and able to pinpoint frame by frame where as my android is always glitching. Also video editing on the iOS is way easier than android. I have to save the video then go to an edit and then resave it. Too many steps for my liking. The thing that made me switch as well was the idea of 960fps and quite honestly it is pretty useless f
  8. Is this shaft a pro version? Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I would tip it for sure it is an oban kyioshi white 04 flex. I will steer clear of this one thanks for the advice.
  10. I was looking to potentially buy this shaft on the cheap. Is this too much damage for the shaft or is it minor?
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