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  1. Curious on the reviews. Think it is something that can help me eliminate my slide.
  2. 8 Iron FO Currently a 1.0 index IMG_3667.MOV
  3. Averaging 30 putts a round this year. 1 handicap. Lowest I’ve ever been. Best I’ve ever putted. Never take a practice stroke with putter. Visualize the putt, get over it and putt. Much different approach then I have when hitting a normal shot. But probably why I’ve been better. There is no thought besides putt it on line.
  4. Brand New George Gankas GBox - $SOLD Shipped (Never used, open box to take pictures) Ogio Cirrus MB Stand Bag - $100 (Mint condition, used twice. Super lite great carry bag) Titleist 718 T-MB 3 Iron Project X 6.5 Shaft - $80 (Normal bag chatter. Barely used this season. This thing goes deep)
  5. Use the gate drill. Two tees on either side at address. Two tees in front 3 inches, two tees in back 3 inches.
  6. Download, TheGrint app. Keeps statistics on your game. Scoring averages by holes par and then broken down into distances. I’m a Pro member and it’s $4 a month and it plugs all my scores right into my handicap as well.
  7. Have hit about 500 balls and cannot strike the ball consistently. What are you guys seeing here?
  8. @verderral won't be here until Friday
  9. http://youtu.be/lOUC1qHnAXo http://youtu.be/cWH-GTZ0WEo Waiting to take online lessons from monte when he announces his new platform since athlete nation went down. Also just purchased DST compressor 8i to try and work on my flip
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