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  1. My wife has one; I've witnessed hers and one more. Got it on her 3rd season golfing. Was pretty fun, she got it with her parents, and myself in the foursome - her parents have been golfing for >20 years and neither of them has one, needless to say it was entertaining for everyone.
  2. > @bluejeeprubi said: > Are the new baby blades hard to find are the available at most Miura dealers? You know, I bet if you phoned a Miura dealer you'd get a solid answer.
  3. > @jecarnl said: > I believe ORKA is on to something. Well yeah but this isn't revolutionary. They're not pioneers. Pxg and miura both have (had? Started with?) this exact business model.
  4. I have looked, but I haven't been able to find definitive answer - can someone help me out on how to differentiate the Lehman 300s from the regular ones?
  5. Make sure the playing length is the same as your old one. The new titleist drivers are pretty long, and if you aren't used to it, perhaps you're compensating for the length and it's causing you to have downward AOA, thus spinny balloon shots. Just my 2c.
  6. I'm a big fan of these. Played the Nike tour black before this, and the BX is very similar, but better.. The other ball I play is 2018 TP5X, and I prefer the BX for sure.
  7. > @bobcat88 said: > I think if he played from the tips and I played from the ladies tee and he lost his driver and 3 wood. I'd maybeeeee be able to finish within 5 strokes of him. He hits his 3i 245yd. That kind of distance, he can still hit GIR from the tips on pretty much any course.
  8. Very safe bet that 2nd swing items are authentic. I've got two Miura wedges from there, they came in basically new condition for significant discount (looked like they had hit 3-5 balls indoors). There's a good chance that fake miuras are sold on ebay/aliexpress/dhgate that have no visually discernible difference from legit ones. If it seems like it might be coming from a questionable seller, or the price is too good to be true, could almost guarantee it's fake.
  9. I highly doubt this is a lie angle issue, that would be like 10deg out. Not to say there is no lie angle adjustment needed, but I would wager those marks are largely due to face angle at impact (too open or closed and I can't figure out which for some reason... probably the lefty clubs throwing me off).
  10. We use tour soft balls that get replaced every season or two. No Pro V1s for us though.
  11. Definitely driver/shaft in my opinion. 2015 was the early phase of manufacturer made-for shafts getting phased out, and now most premium drivers come with "real deal" shafts. That's a large improvement, but so is the driver head. Anyone who doesn't think so, just look up some ball speed/spin numbers from a 915d2 vs a TS2. Or the ballspeed/spin combined with the forgiveness on an SLDR vs an M5 or M6 (or even an M3/M4 for arguments sake). Drivers have come a long way.
  12. Nice to know that BB&F fit these well. I've been thinking about reshafting, and if I do I will definitely be getting some of those ferrules. I held off on them previously since I thought they might be a little too skinny since the BB hosels are on the wide side.
  13. +1 for 120X. I fit into a X100 or PX6.5 quite well, and the 105X was a little too high/light, pretty big departure from the other two. 120X is a nice middle ground, 120TX is closer to the 6.5 (haven't hit this one, but apparently they're also great).
  14. > @Oveezy said: > Yesterday was a sad day!!! I made the stupid mistake off allowing my Bettinardi bb1 ride shotgun in the golf cart and without a seatbelt the tragedy was real! I hit a bump and the dumb putter decide to go for a thrill ride!!!! The sad part is that the putter hit the cart path and suffered a tragic accident. The putter broke where the shaft and putter meet. It’s not the shaft, but the actual putter neck. I called Bettinardi and told them the truth and they said that they do not cover any breakage of any club. They only cover the finish. Now I’m no expert machinist, but I would think that a fine precision milled putter should not break that easily. It is the 2016 version and I don’t know if they used a different type of metal, and if that metal is more fragile. I purchased the putter in June 2018 from an authorized dealer I have a receipt and they said they can’t do anything about it. I asked if they can repair it not really asking for a new putter and they said no the only thing to do is to buy a new putter. I asked for a discount and they said they can do 10%. I was hoping for more of a 50% discount on a new putter or even applying the cost of my last putter to a new putter. Something to keep me coming back! The only mod I did was change the grip to a ping swingman grip. I was planning on buying a SS2 or a queen B5 this year. Now that this has happened I am not sure that I want to invest 4-500$ on a product that they do not stand by. I can see if the putter was older than 1 yr. I buy a putter every year and sometimes 2 putters. I can’t figure out how to putt (LOL), so it has to be the putter not me. Has anyone had better success with Bettinardi customer service and their warranty. I’ve heard amazing things from other manufacturers, nothing good from bettinardi. Haha what on earth makes you think they want you as a customer? I can guarantee you if I had some guy that bought a product, went out and broke it by dropping it, and then expected a 50% discount on a replacement, I sure wouldn't want the headache of dealing with him again.
  15. He's just trying to push his product. Don't sponsors have to pay on this site?
  16. Got my wife an Adams combo set. I'm pretty sure the 5-pw set was under 500CAD, then just got some hand-me-down wedges, woods, putter from her mom (in case of OP, perhaps substitute mother in law with used golf equipment store). Works great for her.
  17. 13 pages in, and still the same circular debate. Bravo.
  18. Is there any reason why you wouldn't just go CT-X in all your wedges? Going down a flex makes no sense if you're already a high spin player. I'm also a high spin player and I've got x100s in my 51/55/59 wedges and have much better results than I did with stiff shafts in them.
  19. Some of you people have way too much time on your hands.
  20. That's cool. There's a bunch of people at my club that have Miuras, but I'm the only one I've seen that has BBs so far.
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