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  1. Well, in my defense, life is always much harder on me than everybody else. You're married, aren't you Billy? :) Of course. I can't be sure, but I think we just had our 80th or something the other day...
  2. Hatton's antics are pretty funny. At least he is not a boring robot out there, lol I'll admit I like Hatton's emotions. Every foursome has a guy like that. hes the guy that thinks his ball is against him the whole round. They are totally different off the course generally which is why its so funny watching them act like the game is "conspiring against them". Hilarious to watch. Well, in my defense, life is always much harder on me than everybody else.
  3. Kiss Of Death (1995) nicholas cage “I have an acronym for myself. Know what it is? B.A.D. B.A.D… Balls, Attitude, Direction. You should give yourself an acronym… ‘cause it helps you visualize your goals.” I want to know exactly what kind of hold he has on her there with his left hand...... /omitting very low hanging fruit political comment......
  4. Catching up on this thread and I cannot decide which I enjoy more, your many insightful posts, or your wonderful font.......
  5. And that 30 seconds was the best $1 a second you ever spent! well, there was this one night.......
  6. I do not understand the "majors are over-rated" guys. It is all about pressure regardless of other circumstances. Major wins are notable, and will live on, others are not, simple as that.
  7. BOOOOOOO!!!! Just kidding. Great back 9, hope he keeps it going :)
  8. It's not the 51 already stated upthread, but I did have 44 putts one day last year. I was a absolute head case by halfway through the round. I am a 2 who averages 30 putts, so yeah......
  9. Is this better? Lets be honest here. This is how we truly know him. For hocking loogies in cups, and whining and throwing clubs when things don't go his way.
  10. So basically, what you are saying here is that unless you are still actively looking for ball possibly ahead, once you hit the provisional it is now the ball in play. So it would behoove a player to declare as such when hitting the provisional so there could be no confusion when they do in fact find the original up ahead. Makes sense. thx
  11. Here is the situation: I yank a tee ball left of Earth, with a draw to boot. I do declare a provisional, even though the first ball is off the course, and I know it. I stripe my provisional up the left side of the fairway. Do a cursory look for original just in case, but of course do not find it. Go to my provisional on the left side of fairway and hit it up on green. As I am picking up my divot I find a ball just a few inches off the fairway sitting down in the rough. It is my provisional!!! I had found my original ball in the fairway and hit it. This brings up two questions. 1.
  12. Lots of guys have calves like linebackers. Even I, have pretty muscular calves still. Its the beer gut and moobs that set me apart. On a more serious note........Nice start BD!!!! I do not want to watch your swing, but I do want you to keep on keeping on!! Also, looks like Spieth wants to let Tiger finish ahead of him doesn't it Jeff? :D
  13. This is the correct answer. All other answers are clearly wrong.
  14. Here is a fantastic pressure format I and a couple of buddies like to play in our weekly money game: Its pretty simple, builds up and can get dangerous. Due to the carryover multipliers you really need to be playing your opponent(s) scratch as after a few presses, and a few carryovers a net birdie or eagle can hurt too much to be deserved. it is a hole by hole skins game that starts on hole #1 at a number you are comfortable with. $5 or $2 per hole is where we usually start. Doesn't sound like much, but..............then carry-overs, double for birdies, quad for eagles, and that multip
  15. So, yesterday at the driving range before a round I walked over and loaded my bag on our cart, loaded all my other crap in it, then took a drink of what I thought was my buddies pop. This guy walks over from the range and asks me what the fark I am doing. Huh?? I then realize our cart was right behind this one. I apologized profusely, and offered to buy him a new pop. It was apparent that I clearly thought the whole thing was funnier than he did.
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