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  1. First time playing Grandview in Sun City West on Saturday. Overall impressed with the course. Seemed fairly long for a Sun City course, which was a nice surprise. Greens were firm, rolled true. Sand was excellent. POP was just under 3.5. Also was shocked to see that most folks were playing the correct tees
  2. GCU on Friday. Course is in great shape. The best that I've probably seen it since the remodel. Greens are absolutely perfect. Took a chance a booked a late round expecting to beat the rain. Arrived at the course and found out it was CPO. Teed off around 220 and finished in exactly 4 hours. Rain beat me up from 12 to 16. Definitely need to add that course back to my rotation. 500 Club today. Definitely surprised at the conditions. Overseed has stayed around very well. It's nice being able to chip around the green from nice grass instead of hard pan or dormant bermuda. Sand was hit
  3. Coyote Lakes on Friday. They seem to have gone away with the covid rules. Group ahead of us was removing the flag on almost every green. No more foam in the cups. Rakes are back in the bunkers so the sand quality has improved a bit but still hit or miss. Greens were furry but rolled quite true. Hole 12 putted against the grain and it sounded like I was ripping velcro apart. Fairways and tees were quite shaggy. Very hard to distinguish a fairway or rough. With the way the fairways weren't mowed basically everything that had grass was in the "fairway".
  4. Sterling Grove yesterday. Echo's the same as previous reviews of it. I love the greens but I'm sure not everyone is a fan of them. Flat, straight putts are boring! Playing big breaks, double breakers are real fun for me. Sand was excellent, hopefully that will last even though they don't have rakes out there. They didn't seem to have any tricked up pin placements yesterday. I'm not a fan of that thick tall grass though. Hit a nice drive and one hop and it's gone. No way you'll find it. Hole 5 would have been nice to know that that tall thick grass cut across the fairway. I guess that's what th
  5. Personally I do most of my golfing in the summer months because the prices are usually much more in line with what I want to pay. I believe end of May, early June is when the courses start their summer maintenance with punching and sanding the greens. I never mind playing in those conditions but I know some people don't like to. August is definitely the hottest month in the Phoenix area. However, as I've gotten older. I'll only play if the temp is lower than 105. I used to be able to be out in 110, 115 all day golfing before but not anymore. I've also noticed AM starting times in the summer m
  6. Thanks for the write up about Sterling Grove @AzSuperHack76. I'm playing there this weekend and I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  7. If it makes any difference. I use a Ping G, 5 & 7 wood both turned to the big minus. Been playing them for a few years and really like them. 7 wood is great, especially on long par 3's or out of the rough.
  8. Played Vistancia again this past Saturday. Long round at 4:30... Waited on every shot. Not sure where the hold up was but the group ahead of us were playing shorter tees but could have helped playing the shortest tees. Course still in good shape. Dry at a 1:20 tee off. Greens are firming up. Definitely going to add it to my rotation of courses. Anyone know when Sterling Grove will open? Last I saw it was Jan 2021. Also, with it being a new course, will everything be playing firm and be hard to hold shots on the green? I've never played a brand new course so I'm not sure what to ex
  9. I played Vistancia yesterday. Took a chance on a late twilight round and finished right at sundown. The course was in surprisingly great shape. I've stayed away for a few years because I never heard good things. Something obviously has changed. The fairways were nice and lush, even the rough. Greens were in great shape, had nice speed and rolled true. Most par 3 tee boxes were a little beat up though. No one seems to be filling their divots on the tee. I'll definitely make it back there again.
  10. It looks like a Redwood and a Scottsdale insert. Definitely a made for.
  11. You know, honestly I didn't pay attention. The pin was in the back of 18 yesterday and I did land my ball within 5 feet of the back edge and it held. I didn't realize they were working on the area of the 18 green. I'll try to pay attention to it next time I'm out there.
  12. Pebblebrook in SCW yesterday. Course is in great shape. Must be new sand in the bunkers because they were in great shape. Fairways and greens were in excellent shape. Greens a little slow but should be speeding up soon.
  13. Coyote Lakes on Sunday. Have a buddy who is a member or card member or whatever it is called there. So he always wants to play there, which is fine. Course is definitely hit or miss from overseed. Seems the front took it better than the back. The first 3 holes are pretty good and then from 4 on after it's spotty at best. Greens were pretty good though. I believe the rakes were back in the bunkers (they're still trashed) and sand/divot mix was back on the carts. Overall it's just Coyote Lakes. Nothing is going to wow you.
  14. AZ Traditions on Saturday. CPO and was actually in good shape. It's been a few years since I played there so I was pleasantly surprised.
  15. Played Palm Valley yesterday. The West and North courses. West was getting prepped for overseed but it was in good shape in that regard. North course just opened from overseed and was cart path only. Was in really good shape. I'd definitely go back.
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