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  1. Thanks all. Definitely wasn't going to buy it since I already have one. Hoping others see this and don't buy it thinking they got some rare putter.
  2. Saw this scrolling through eBay. I feel it's a fake but can any experts confirm? Red flags for me are the face grooves. The color looks to be black instead of the normal 'slate'. The Ping logo on the back cavity is too small compared to other Vault Anser 2's. Ping on the sole and hosel are too thick. Headcover isn't a normal Ping cover. And the cellophane wrap looks cheap. The seller claims it could be a Japan only model but I didn't think Japan had different face grooves. This could be a real deal but just wanted to see what everyone else though. TIA. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284386179923
  3. We Ko Pa Cholla today. First time out there. I sure picked a good day to play the course. Poured rain for most of the round. Greens came back nicely from their recent aeration. Course was obviously soft because of the rain and it was CPO. So it made for a looooong round. Definitely going to try and get out there again when it's not raining.
  4. Grandview in Sun City West today. Personally I feel this was the best shape I've seen/played it. Probably all of the rain this past week has helped. Greens were a tad shaggy but nothing crazy. They're growing super fast so I'm sure they can't cut them every day. Grandview is slowly becoming my favorite of the SCW courses. Staff is always friendly and welcoming even though I'm not a regular retiree player.
  5. Agreed! I thought the tall grass brought character to the course that isn't normally seen in AZ.
  6. Tall grass was all gone except for a couple of holes on the back had it still.
  7. Sterling Grove yesterday. Great conditions all around. The green on 6 was having some dead/ dirt spots but nothing too bad. Everything else was pretty good for the time of the year. Greens will be aerated starting today and tomorrow.
  8. The Grint has a couple coming up https://thegrinttour.com/Phoenix/calendar Competitive with optional skins games.
  9. Corte Bella yesterday. Fairways were fast and firm. Some tee boxes are crowning. Green rolled true and sped up later in the round. Bunkers were hit or miss, mostly miss. I ended up playing with a member and he said the bunkers are just about due for a refresh and covid didn't help the bunker conditions either. Overall a nice course, I'd definitely play it again.
  10. That's a bummer about GCU. They seem to always have trouble in the summer. I played Rancho Manana on Saturday in the Grint Tour tournament. I echo the words of AzSuperHack. This is the first time I ever played it. I played really well so I guess it didn't bother me too much though. The greens are really small, probably the smallest I've ever played on. The thing I didn't like is the course didn't tell the tournament about the tee boxes until the day of. The course could have informed them way ahead of time since the tournament has been scheduled since the early parts of Feb, maybe even January. You can't tell me that tee box restoration was a last minute thing to pop up.
  11. I've never heard of CGA Tour but for what it's worth I play tournaments with The Grint Tour. The guys I've been paired up with and have played around have been pretty cool and fun to be around. The tour membership with the Grint gives you discounted tournament and early bird tournament fees. I believe there is 5 flights, winner in each flight and an overall winner. I know I didn't really answer your question about CGA tour but just throwing another option out there for you.
  12. Sterling Grove yesterday. Summer conditions are here! Group ahead of us told the cart return guys that the course wasn't worth the $$. Maybe they overpaid, who knows. I thought my price was par for the course. Greens were quick but not wild. Fairways had quite the roll after a first big bounce. Some did have some wet spots and thin spots as well. The tall thick fescue type grass has all dried out and is brown. I think it adds a nice contrast to the course. You'll still lose your ball in the deep stuff but you'll have a better idea of where it went in if you want to hunt for it. Hole 15 had water all along the right side now. I'm assuming to keep the tall grass wet so it doesn't catch on fire. 5 or 6 years from now when the trees really start growing. The course is going to be really nice. I wouldn't be surprised though if the course never goes fully private. I see it going fully private for the fall, winter and early Spring and then opening it up for summer play like most courses do in the area.
  13. I've got limited experience for Tucson courses but cannot go wrong with Sewailo.
  14. Yes, I was in the Grint tourney. I was in the Eagle flight. Some of the holes gave pretty nice views to the Estrella mountains. But you're right. Power lines everywhere and the railroad tracks seemed pretty close on #3 and #16.
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