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  1. Link is now showing an expected date of June 24th. Really curious of the mystery material on this one!
  2. Did Nike discontinue his shoe line for 2016?
  3. EBay has always been good to me. I love the TW line of Polos. I have never paid over $40-45 for a $100 retail shirt which I am fine with but I would never pay $100 for a Golf shirt!
  4. I cannot speak on long term durability but I have had mine for a few months and they are a very comfortable shoe. I even wear them off the course at times. I have yet to come across heavy rain in them but they have seen moderate rain and walking through puddles etc. and my feet stayed dry. I remember wanting to get the original Biom Hybrid but the biggest they made in that model was a 47 (13-13.5). I actually called Ecco Customer Service and complained about not offering larger sizes. Guess my voice was heard because they now offer a 48 (14-14.5). I typically wear a 15 in athletic shoes and these fit me like a glove as most people have said these run a tad large. My advice is to give them a try. Expensive but well worth it IMO!
  5. Thank you for the reply. I have heard too many great things about it to not give it a try!
  6. Hi guys, Recently won an auction on eBay for a Bertha Mini and I am wanting to purchase a Tour AD-DI shaft for it. Should I be looking at their Hybrid models which I believe come at 44" uncut or their Driver shafts which are 46" uncut? The mini plays at 44" stock but I have also read of others playing theirs in the 42-43" range but unsure what "type" of shaft they are using. My gut tells me a driver shaft is appropriate but I'm just not sure. I found a driver shaft for sale but it is cut down to 42" and I recall their being a certain way these need to be cut to not effect the dynamics of how the shaft plays. Any suggestions, gents?!
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