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  1. founded this old thread and wanted to bump for the purpose of asking the following question. Has anyone had any success with this method in fighting the dreaded hosel rockets? I am fighting them for the first time in 50 years of playing, wanted to mention that I have lost a bit of flexibility as well and thinking the open stance may help. thank you
  2. only five rounds into my 425 but really enjoy it. Very accurate almost point and shoot. Nothing earth shattering as far as distance maybe a couple extra yards but really no more then that. Play it in the flat -1 setting and really like the ball flight with the back weight in the neutral and fade positions, the draw setting really lowered the flight and did bring left rough into play for me so I guess they did nail the backweight. The sound was fine for me as I don't mind loud drivers at all and really did not find the 425 to be obnoxious as far as sound. I am a big Ping fan (play 410 irons, fa
  3. I play G410 irons but was able to demo a set of 425's, for me I just found my 410's to be more forgiving and distance very similar with a slight edge to the 425 set. The test was only three rounds but the results were consistent, I need the forgiveness so I will stay with the G410 set. JMHO
  4. please disregard my previous post if you did see it, I assumed that it didn't reach you so I purchased a wedge from another site, thank you though and good luck with the sale
  5. is this still available and do you take paypal??? I have never bought through the site and don't know where to begin but am very interested in the wedge, thanks Joe
  6. does anyone know what the standard sole weights (steel) on the Vault 2.0 putters each weigh?? thanks in advance
  7. The head shape and size of the regular 400 are much more pleasing to my eye
  8. I have a bit of a spinoff question for this thread. I tried the 425 Max and 425 LST, I really loved the head shape of the LST but I had much better results with the max as I have never been a low spin driver player. My question is if I were to put the heavier Max back weight (26 gram) into the LST head which has a 17 gram weight I believe would that make the LST head play closer to the Max? Would appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this for me.
  9. May have missed it but has there been no mention of MX-23 irons? they had a huge following
  10. is it hard to differentiate between the Gold and Yellow?
  11. don't know how old the clubs need to be to be considered but along with V-Steel fairway woods I personally can't get away from my Steelhead XR irons, if they are not a classic yet the will be some day. I tried to replace them with T-300s and they were great but I gravitated back to the Steelheads
  12. I am curious as well to this, I have been told that they were both counter balanced. Have you been able to confirm? thanks
  13. Find a set of really old forged blades, play with them for a bit get over golf and avoid a lifetime of frustration!!!! ........just kidding
  14. I have a 58 original Callaway PM grind that is point and shoot from the bunker and versatile enough around the greens it has allowed me to take the 54 out of the bag. This does leave me with a unique wedge set up going with 43,50.58. I have become fairly competent with the three finger 50 degree when I get into that distance where the 58 is no go. I looked at the new PM Grinds but they have a bit to much bounce and offset for my taste. The gapping may sound crazy but it works for me
  15. well i will say if your looking for help with elevation the T300s are very hard to beat, this coming from a lifelong low baller
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