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  1. A buddy of mine was playing in a match play event. He hit his tee shot on a par 3 to about 10 feet. His opponent said my friend teed off in front of the markers (You probably can see where this is going) and told him to replay the shot. Yep, he holes it. So, how does that fall in the "how-many-holes-in-one-have-you-had" category?
  2. Check Pebble's web site to see what's open and available. Lots are. Some are not.
  3. Join the Men's Club at a local course and play in a few of their tournaments.
  4. Most of the courses in my county are single rider. I thought all of them until I played one on Tuesday. Double riders. No noodles or other hole modifications, guys removing flagsticks. I won't be returning there any time soon. I don't want to sound anti-social but I really like single rider. There are a couple of courses I play with long green to tee distances that I ride. I just had three stents installed so I'm wary about walking now anyway.
  5. I has a woman full body flash us from a balcony along the first fairway at Pebble.
  6. Left off this discussion are ball marks on the fringe. Please repair those too. Some of us are better putters than chippers. A whack with a golf club or stepping on the mark is usually sufficient. Thank you!
  7. Go to the Pebble Beach web site. There is information about COVID procedures and restrictions.
  8. 10.9 index. 69 years old. AP 1 712 S300 shafts
  9. Hunter Ranch or Paso Robles Golf Club?
  10. That's 17. It is downwind and a bit downhill.
  11. Just what GSDriver said. I'd add, keep your expectations real. It's a hard game but worth the time and effort. Enjoy the journey to getting better.
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