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  1. Great dude to deal with. Irons are in great shape. If I wasn’t 5’5 I’d buy em
  2. 4-U standard length. Red dot with R300 shafts. Pictures so clubs with most use. Overall all clubs combined have seen 50ish balls. Undersized grips. $920 PayPal and shipped. No trades
  3. Measures 43.75 with a tour velvet grip. I was told stock Ping driver tipping. Not a HC model. $49.99 PayPal and shipped
  4. 3 rounds on them. Great shape. $555 PayPal and shipped. Specs 6.0 105gr LZ shafts -1/4in 2* flat 5-PW
  5. True. And has nothing to do with what I said. If people just shopped around 2ndswing would be 2ndclosed
  6. Yea I got this before. I messaged them back to eat a bag of d*cks.
  7. Frankly they suck. They’ve had used clubs at higher prices than new when clubs get discounted because a new line is dropping. I’ve emailed them about it before and they said literally they didn’t care
  8. Tour issue 5x Tour Spec Atmos Black plays 45.25in sold PayPal and shipped headcover included
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