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  1. Well my picks were DJ and Brendon Todd. They may be a little too far back at this point. I like Berger at -23.
  2. Why people feel the need to yell things at a golf tournament always amazes me. "I can't go more than 30 seconds without hearing my own voice... RIPPER MAGOO".
  3. Is NBC going black for anyone else? Or is this a directv issue?
  4. This is gonna get interesting once the weather comes in. Lowry looking pretty strong.
  5. Anybody see what happened with Paul Casey and (I’m assuming) a fan? They had some words it looked like, and he was not impressed by what he heard. Wouldn’t expect Casey to be one who was disliked, especially in the UK.
  6. Great finish by Frittelli, glad to see him take it home. Curious why Frittelli wears the glasses, I’m assuming it’s medical related. As someone with a debilitating disease, I certainly feel for him. I can understand if he wants to keep it private.
  7. bbr16

    2019 US Open

    I gotta say Fox coverage has improved, much better than years past. Azinger and Strange make a good duo. I’m excited for hearing Nantz call some golf this afternoon. Can Woodland keep it together with tougher Sunday conditions? We’re in for an exciting finish today. Hello friends ?.
  8. Not going to generalize, there are plenty of a-holes everywhere is what I’ve learned. I believe alcohol has a lot to do with it. Never once have I thought about yelling anything rude at a golf tournament I’ve attended. I think WGC events may be a little more strict. Before phones were officially allowed , I can remember witnessing people’s phones being taken by security and being given a number on a piece of paper to get them back after the tournament. Those were the good ole days ?.
  9. Rahm not getting any cut spin today... wish I had that problem :D. rough day.
  10. The pressure is on Brooks today. Hopefully tiger can get something going to make this interesting.
  11. I still want that Nike bag brooks has. This his third year with that bag already? I wouldn’t get rid of it either if I had 3 majors with it.
  12. Phil just got Rory by 2 mph on ball speed ?.. and it didn’t get lost.
  13. I just gotta say it.. I feel like a huge jerk for not liking Koepka before. Completely changed my perspective after seeing his Masters interviews. Brooks is the man!
  14. Still can't stream on desktop browser. My bet is a network issue on PGA's end. This is why I won't switch from directv.
  15. To anyone having streaming issues on the app: if you're on wifi, try disconnecting and reconnecting to your wifi network. This caused the stream to start working for me.
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