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  1. You caused me to re-read this entire thread from the beginning. A couple of things to note reading through all of the comments - Franklin CC did complete their new range and it might be the nicest one I’ve visited in the Boston area other than Old Sandwich. The thing is HUGE. Kind of surprising that land went unused for as long as it did by Franklin. BTW, that course remains sneaky hard (at least for me) - Brian Lynch (who was mentioned as the “best GM in the Boston area”) is apparently the new GM at Wellesley. Their last guy retired. Reports are very positiive
  2. One addition that hasn’t been mentioned on this thread is Cape Cod Country Club in Falmouth. Is rumored to be closing in a couple of years as the ownership wants to turn it into a solar farm. Course was apparently designed by Devereux Emmet and has some really fun holes. Given its future appears short lived, make sure you get out this season in case ownership is successful with their transition to solar
  3. Hit up Cape Cod Country Club in Falmouth on Saturday. They still had us playing on temp tees, but otherwise course was in very good shape for late March. Fun course with an awesome volcano hole (#14) and a very crazy par 4 18 that plays ~260 yards.
  4. Crazy to think that Stow held a USGA Championship at some point (PubLinks in 95)
  5. Congrats on your beautiful walker. Thing is a beaut!
  6. Played there 2 weeks ago, in decent condition considering it was late January
  7. Interestingly and apropos of nothing, the Trouper 2.0 no longer shows up the Jones website. Other bags say "sold out", but I wonder why they no longer have this on site, with at least a sold out notification? Separately given all of the "sold out" notices, I wonder if Jones has done such a good job training customers to wait for the Black Friday sale (myself included) that they're truly hurting their business.
  8. I picked up the carbon for my wife and so far so good. I have some issues with it when I took it for a test driver, but have issues with all bags. I played with a guy who had the craz-e-lite and he liked it. However, bag looked like it had an odd bend in it where the straps met the middle part of the bag. Made me nervous that there was too much pressure there and could be a break point. Have never seen a bag bend that way before. my son has an old 2.5, which was very light but the straps were borderline worthless. From what I read, I think they’ve largely fixed tha
  9. Have only played Torresdale and loved it. However, I would 100% pick National. National appears so UNIQUE relative to other courses you could / would play. My buddy who is a member sends me pics of National and it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in the area Now, if I were playing a course 3 days per week, I’d definitely pick Torresdale
  10. Pinehurst might be a bit on the outside of your 5 hour drive-time, but not too much. Benefit of significant housing rental inventory and LOTS of golf options that aren't UBER expensive (although still $100 / round). Plus for the die-hard golfers, they may be able to get onto PH #2 or #4 with proper planning. Better weather potential than other options and improving drinking scene
  11. One more reason to think about the cape - treehouse just announced they’re opening a spot in sandwich!
  12. The immediate thought is Turning Stone in NY. Multiple courses (although they are off-site) plus the benefit of the casino right there - would be a fun spot for a group of folks with the added benefit of gambling at night. Another option would be Cape Cod. There are a couple of high-end lodging options with built-in access to golf. Wequasset gets you access to Cape Cod National and Ocean Edge has its own golf course as well. Then there are other options both with in a reasonable (sub 15 minute) drive from both resorts to get 36 holes. If you don't want to over-due the lodging
  13. https://www.hudsonsutler.com/collections/duffel-bags
  14. There is a flier at Nehoiden at the starter’s shack that basically says for “Club Repairs, Call or text Pat”. I won’t post his number here, but PM me if you want and I can share. I can’t speak to Pat’s work, but sounds like a good old school option
  15. I would swap out Olde Barnstable for Captain's Port. Part of that is personal preference, but also, Olde Barney is probably only 15 minutes from when you cross the Sagamore so makes for an easier drive that morning. The other thought is you could do both Captains Courses instead of the Dennis courses if you're nervous around aeration (although I admittedly don't know when Captains aerated)
  16. They've not done the public thing for a number of years. However, they've been receptive in the past to a pro calling them
  17. If you're only doing one day in Augusta, I would gravitate towards Tuesday for practice round if you have the choice. Wednesday is a bit different with the par 3, and I just find it not that exciting - unless you want to see Jack and Gary and other old guys let their grand kids play. Tuesday everyone has their game face on and everyone plays at least 9 holes. Monday is decent, but a bit quieter. I am slightly biased, but I think Pinehurst is one of the absolute best places to play golf in the US. It's a very manageable trip from Augusta (~3.5 hours) and there are more courses a
  18. I think Kernwood is an underrated course, really enjoy that track and could easily see myself playing it every day. One thing to note, it is a historically jewish club and still a very strong community there (i'd wager > 75% of members at least one spouse is Jewish). That shouldn't mean anything, but just in case you didn't know. Two things I've learned about historically Jewish clubs - Kids activities in July and August really ramp down as many kids aged 10-16 are sleep away camp. The pool becomes very quiet. This could be a pro or a con! - You and your spouses charita
  19. Big difference between those three places as Maine has the coast and VT and NH are more about mountains (well NH does have its small sea coast). If you're thinking about VT, Ekwonak in Manchester, VT would be high on my list. Downside is you can't just show up and join, but has all of the things you're looking for and has a fairly vibrant summer scene. If you want to ski, it's a short drive to Bromley (great family mountain) and Stratton. If you don't want to ski, you can rent your house out in the winter
  20. The biggest problem with retiring on the cape is the 4:00pm sunsets in the winter! It can get gloomy
  21. Atlantic City Country club is supposed to be very good and is open to the public. Tee times in the summer can be expensive, but it's one of your options
  22. Town of Barnstable has two muni's - Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds and Hyannis Golf Course. Town residents can join for ~$1200 for an adult. There are other deals (juniors, seniors, family, etc.), but is a pretty good deal. There is a lottery tee time system available and member only tee time windows that make it fairly easy to get a good tee time on weekend mornings. You can also join as a non town resident, I think for an extra $500 or so. I don't know the deals in other towns, but many have two muni's and would imagine deals are very similar. Given that Barnstable, Dennis, Ya
  23. I know it is a very different situation, but did anyone follow the BK process for the Hermitage Club? Apparently, the auction happened in late March (so in the height of COVID madness in the Northeast). Most expected Boyne or Vail to step in and do something. Turns out, given disruption in the ski market (as all resorts had shut down), no one showed up to the auction - other than 200 members who had planned to bid. Turns out they won the auction (easy to win when you're the only one there) and Hermitage will now truly be a private member owned club. I think in the auction, they won the sk
  24. Earl October is great for golf on the Cape. You'll have a blast You have about 20 public access courses on the Cape, and the muni's (IMHO) are your best bet. I would definitely play the following Highland Links - 9 hole course in Truro. Truly a unique experience, closest thing you'll have to a true Links experienceOlde Barnstable - 18 hole course designed by Mark Mungeam. Great walking course, good mix of fun holes. Always in good shapeBass River - 18 hole old Donald Ross (or so they claim). Short, but fun. If you want to make a really fun 36 hole day, play bass river in the morning and
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