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  1. Well...having watched the players this morning...the RL uniforms look better, and pricier, than the LP ones. That "silk, virgin wool" isn't doing Lowry or Rahm any favors.
  2. 1991 Ryder Cup or 1996 Masters...what can I say...I love watching meltdowns on the golf course!
  3. Never heard this "dirty donkey" term before...based on your profile, perhaps it's a term from north of the border... I hope you weren't referring to this, NSFW, meaning: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dirty donkey
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/embarrassing-sergio-garcias-wife-warns-143501119.html Sergio is sort of a natural target, especially considering some of his past behavior. Somehow, I don't think this is going to end well!
  5. Pros don't wear the Puma shirts, only the Ralph Lauren ones. https://www.ralphlauren.com/brands-polo-ralph-lauren-men-ryder-cup-team-collection-cg?webcat=men|feature|The Ryder Cup Collection&orignalCatID=brands-polo-ralph-lauren-men-ryder-cup-rd&altrurlID=brands-polo-ralph-lauren-men-ryder-cup-rd I think you could buy the entire collection, spend a weekend at The American Club and spend less than the cost of the European's overcoat.
  6. Here is the official site: https://us.loropiana.com/en/c/man/ryder-cup Looks like the entire weeks setup will run you over 50K... Personally, I can't find a decent t-shirt for under $700, so $615 seems pretty reasonable!
  7. $895 ain't even that insane anymore...check out this t-shirt from Dior... https://www.dior.com/en_us/products/couture-143J649A0677_C340-oversized-dior-and-peter-doig-t-shirt-mauve-cotton-jersey Or they could have gone with Hermes instead and doubled the cost! https://www.hermes.com/us/en/product/perspective-geometrique-polo-H157080HA2PLA/
  8. Ralph Lauren's Ryder Cup gear has always been on the pricey side, but not ridiculous...especially since there were frequently on sale post event on the RL website. I didn't realize that Loro Piana, an incredibly high end fashion from Italy that specializes in Cashmere, is dressing the Europeans. $895.00 for a short sleeve polo is sure to bring the game of golf to the masses. Fortunately, they come in XXXXL... https://us.loropiana.com/en/p/fw21/man/28matches-polo-shirt-FAL4627?colorCode=F1KW
  9. BK is now only 11 strokes back...not sure what you're watching!
  10. I don't think any golf fan thinks of these as playoffs...just a huge money grab for, generally speaking, athletes that already have plenty of cash. However, it is entertaining to watch players play clutch shots, or fall apart, with that much dinero on the line. Decades from now, I don't think anyone will mention the Fedex cup when discussing todays greats. Meanwhile, I still use UPS/USPS for all my shipping needs...so their marketing dollars are not working on me!
  11. Watching another pro blow a nice sized lead makes me appreciate being able to witness TW from 1996-2009 all the more... It was truly remarkable.
  12. Winning, or being in contention seemingly every week, for an entire decade while having dozens of side chicks in every port. And keeping the public and his wife in the total dark. That can't be easy!
  13. two week vacation. try 6-8 weeks, minimum.
  14. Good for Rory. I understand he’s not particularly liked on tour…no idea why…but I became a fan when he left Ben Crane on the green after suffering through his slow play for 17 holes.
  15. I dislike wearing hats...but if a sponsor paid me, I would quickly change my tune. Rory can't be the only pro who dislikes wearing them...aside from Robert Rock! I've never been a huge fan of the baseball cap being adopted by every sport, and in everyday wear...but clearly I'm in a tiny minority here. But I draw the line at the backwards baseball cap...which should ONLY be worn by catchers.
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