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  1. Smylie bringing up the rear with a solid 5 stroke lead for DFL... Give the guy credit for still battling out there...can't be easy.
  2. I don't hate any golfers, though I do root against some (that's part of being a sports fan, right...as someone growing up in NYC, I root against every Boston team and, perversely, am happier when they lose than when NYC teams win...which these days is rare indeed!). I root against Rahm, Brooks, BDC, Keegan and Sergio...no surprises here...they're among the more polarizing golfers out there. But hate? I've never met them, and even among people I've met in my life, there are very few (any?) that I actually hate.
  3. Like men's tennis? Where the big three have won virtually every grand slam tournament for the past 15 years? Also, these tennis players get paid more than ever...doesn't seem to dull their desire to win. I think golf is just too deep these days, and the margins between the players is very thin...I know when I watch the players at Riviera, it's incredible how many unbelievable players there are that just have a win or two out there...or maybe even none.
  4. https://nypost.com/2021/06/09/angel-cabrera-handcuffed-extradited-over-assault-claims/ Shame if it's all true (which it appears to be)...he was one of my favorite golfers. Guess Hideki will have one less mouth to feed next April...
  5. Betting on sports is legal in most of world, and has been for years...look at how many soccer teams are sponsored by betting companies...heck, they even have betting kiosks in the stadiums and onsite at the British Open! I have never heard of any corruption concerning gambling and outcomes aside from some tennis (low ranked players) or smaller sports. I'm sure it happens on a small scale, but the software is so good these days that strange betting patterns (winning!) get caught and investigated all the time. As for Rahm, it's no different than any other WD...it just ha
  6. Was wondering why UA stock was down today, then turned on the telly and saw YJS...yikes! Didn't know Crenshaw and Woody were his fashion advisors. Camo belongs on soldiers, not civilians.
  7. Who watches Brandel? Or any of these talking heads on a regular basis?
  8. Personally, I would hire local caddies...don't they know the course, and most importantly, the greens, better than a once-a-year visitor?
  9. Here's an article about Paulina in today's NY Post... https://nypost.com/2021/05/25/paulina-gretzky-declined-playboy-for-dustin-johnson-concern/ This quote was fairly amusing...I have a difficult time believing she doesn't like attention! “I’m like ‘Let’s go to a courthouse’ and he’s like, ‘No, baby, I want a party, I want everyone to celebrate us.’ I’m like ‘Ugh, I have to be the center of attention, OK.’ It really gave me anxiety a little bit to be that girl. I’m going to have like 10 wardrobe changes [at my wedding], though.”
  10. I would say if you're still watching DJ interviews, then it's you who is the dunderhead, not DJ!
  11. Try being a Jets fan and betting on them...I gave that up years ago it was so demoralizing...which is not easy to do when you're a Jets fan! I can't say I much sympathy for any sports bettor...at least those who bet more than a couple dollars for entertainment purposes.
  12. As a certified wine snob, I had the opposite reaction to the wine selections...though it's about what I would have guessed a normal 24 year old would order....typical "steakhouse" and "corporate" wines...which probably a good choice for a function like this.
  13. BDC hits some incredible shots, and then misses a green (off the tee!) from 125...short and right by 20 yards...looked like one of my shots. Price you pay for being an innovator!
  14. Most golfers have disposable income. Its a pricey hobby. You might have to save and sacrifice to play PB, but you can get on. Same with all the high end courses open to the public. Such is not the case with Cypress Point.
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