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  1. manku

    Bad look

    Every pro golfer is a walking billboard/endorsement for their apparel company these days...there is very little sense of real style out there. I don't blame them...free clothes, a bunch of cash and, and I'm speculating here, having a 20-something, attractive stylist from your sponsor is hard to turn down!
  2. About as promising as Phil's champions wins! He was one shot better than average. But things are looking up!
  3. Per weather websites, Augusta is about 10 degrees cooler in November... Tiger fans can hope it will be unseasonably warm! There is a huge difference between 77 and 67, especially if the weather turns nasty. As for rust, competitive rounds...balderdash. Just excuses for poor play. Athletes in team sports don't get a pass the first month or two of the season. Bruce Lietzke used to not touch his clubs all winter, and go out and contend. He is out of form and old-ish, not to mention his injuries and surgeries. Some weeks it might all come together. But getting in
  4. Best reason to bet Tiger this week...Sherwood right around corner from Chatsworth For those looking to move, Gretzky is selling his humble abode, about which the realtor says "Janet and Wayne wanted to raise their kids in a normal fashion as much as they could" https://www.wsj.com/articles/wayne-gretzky-lists-california-home-22-9-million-11603293672
  5. This weekends event at Shadow Creek had many moments where the announcers would post and discuss odds on not only golfers, but live bets as well. Aside from having to listen to announcer saying Kokrak was a savvy bet at 80-1 (despite being 0/200+starts lifetime), and basically having every announcer turn into that barstool sports wanker, what do people think of this new trend? It's funny...because in England where sports wagering is legal (bookies even have kiosks in soccer stadiums!), I can't recall announcers or broadcasts ever mentioning gambling odds...and many of
  6. It's owned by MGM. Covid has killed their business, and they'll take anything they can get is my guess. On another note, I find it really depressing to see all these gambling odds on the pga tour website and the golf channel. And I bet golf!
  7. Shadow Creek has popped up on best of lists since inception, yet as I watch on TV it seems like you're run of the mill Fazio course that could be anywhere on the East Coast. That is remarkable...considering its basically in the middle of a barren desert, and the site was (I think) virtually flat. As a man made project, it is remarkable. But is the course really that memorable, or is it just the exclusivity (at least initially) and price tag to build that drew the accolades?
  8. Somehow I'm not surprised...a friend of mine who does a fairly $$$ fantasy league, is cursed with his first round picks...this year he got #1, and sure enough, selected DJ.
  9. Rickie and YJS both got married recently... DJ's still single, technically speaking. Of course, it's a small sample size.
  10. Meanwhile BDC is +6 after 6 holes today in Vegas. On a course where you're losing ground if your shooting a 67. Length and strength are huge assets. But if you're not putting or getting your irons close, it's all for naught.
  11. https://sports.yahoo.com/bryson-dechambeau-refutes-claim-making-005431056.html Sounds like Phil Helmuth losing a pot to someone who didn't play "by the book"... Not a good look...
  12. Never won The Masters lottery, but finally won the women's this year...doesn't make a huge difference to me...I volunteer @ Riviera and see plenty of action inside the ropes. Mainly I want to see the course, and spit out the pimento cheese sandwiches I've never been to that part of the country...so will be going with my 16 year old son who is very flexible about travel...we won't be playing golf, FYI. So far planning on flying into Atlanta for a few days - that should be enough, right? Do we drive morning of tournament (Saturday) or go night before?
  13. Didn't start playing till 1987...there was a nine-hole course (college) right outside our housing that cost a whopping 50 cents to play for students. My roommate was a real golfer (dad belonged to Connecticut Golf Club...underrated, and really difficult, hidden gem), borrowed a set and would play almost every day. I can only recall a couple golf telecasts prior to that year...I recall the 84 Open at WF, and the 86 Open at Shinnecock and PGA...Norman was involved in all of them...and not in a good way! I missed the 1986 Masters...can't recall why...I was probably golfing or drinki
  14. It's so baffling that someone would "cheat" like this when there is no real advantage gained, right? I mean, if I have a 10+ foot putt, how is marking it an inch or two on any side (even towards the hole) going to help my score? I guess maybe these people just feel a need to game the system? As a side note, I'd like to see the rules changed so that balls can't be lifted unless you in the opponents line of play or there is a clear piece of dirt on the ball...yeah, I know sometimes the dirt is on the bottom and hidden, but that really uncommon in my experience...the rub of the gre
  15. You mean like this one from Sergio today?
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