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  1. Anyone else have a hard time watching golf after the West Coast Swing? Visually it's so dull...flat land, no background, every hole looks the same! Better than my screensaver though...
  2. What would happen then is the caddies with the best memory would become more valuable...they would still pace off and measure everything beforehand...only those who could remember those figures come game time would have a huge edge. Since the top players could pay more, they would then get these caddies and further separate themselves from the journeymen.
  3. They know! It's hardly a secret...especially since I was at fault for both. And, if you can believe it, both were in the flats of Beverly Hills and there was no reckless driving or traffic infraction!
  4. I totaled an Audi Q5 a few years back. No bodily injury. At the body shop, I asked the owner if there were any cars he wouldn’t buy because of safety/construction quality. Kia/Hyundai. BTW, I’ve now totaled two Audis. Not a scratch on any of us. Germans know how to make tanks!
  5. Hooking two short irons (on 18 and 14/playoff), when that is the LAST place you want to miss was the problem. That miss under pressure also doomed Kenny Perry and Ray Floyd (vs Faldo) at the Masters late Sunday. Blaming equipment is for middle schoolers. Golf is hard.
  6. You mean the chopper to Chatsworth! Man needs to get his mojo back.
  7. Sitting outside right now at my home in Benedict Canyon. Have lived here since 1990. And volunteer at Rivera. Yes, it is generally breezier at the beach. But rarely high winds. And not gusty like today. Today’s weather conditions have nothing to do with ocean proximity. It’s howling here 10 miles from the ocean. And deep into the hills. Really unusual weather.
  8. Clearly you don’t live in LA. The fierce winds in LA come from the mountains, almost never the ocean. The ocean is the reason we have our wonderful climate in California, and the reason people live here! Next time you want to play a meteorologist, do your homework first
  9. Got a free week of NBCsports gold....and am watching Riviera this morning. Just now, as Rahm is on the 15th tee, the announcers start describing his driver down to the minute details, and then up comes a graphic with all the Callaway clubs he uses (whole bag). They then go on to detail how he shot a 59 the first time he used those clubs...implying that anyone could if they used Callaway. When did the tour get into bed with specific manufacturers...it's really weird, and cheapens the tour, IMHO. It would be like watching an NBA game, and having the announcers only di
  10. https://nypost.com/2021/02/17/adam-sandler-heats-up-happy-gilmore-shooter-mcgavin-rivalry/ Question: Can't figure out what course Sandler is on...looks like CA/FL, but I don't recognize the course (or high rise)...anyone?
  11. Scott McNealy (Maverick's Dad), founder of SUNW for those old enough to remember to good old 90s stock market boom and crash, used to go on the record saying that his kids (Maverick!) had to share bedrooms...seemed really down to earth and humble, and it was a nice change...especially having gone to private school in NYC and now living in LA. Then I saw the house they had to share a bedroom in: https://www.businessinsider.com/sun-microsystems-cofounder-scott-mcnealy-asking-100-million-palo-alto-home-2018-6#the-house-has-a-traditional-slightly-rustic-vibe-4 C
  12. There are city folk and country folk. My guess is very few golfers, if any, live in "real" cities...Southern California and Orlando don't count. By which I mean if you can't walk or take public transportation (used by all walks of life, not just those who can't afford cars), it's merely a dense suburb. Like where I live (LA).
  13. I watch sports to be entertained...frankly, if I never heard another interview or saw another profile (the most painful part of olympics) I'd be a very happy camper. I really don't need to know anything about these athletes...it's not why I watch. I've gotten into European Soccer the last decade+...I never see interviews, ads or profiles. And it doesn't affect my enjoyment in one bit.
  14. Due to a nagging injury, I've only played golf twice in the past 14 months (Hacienda...friend just joined)... I used to play at Woodley/Griffith Park all the time with my friends (past 5-7 years)...we would play in the weekday mornings, and often we were done in well under 4 hours. I was really surprised at how much emptier the courses were...when I moved here in 1990 from NYC, these places were parking lots! I've heard a lot about the uptick in play...but if it's back to the 5+ hours of old, I'll have to reevaluate. Thanks.
  15. I played in the pro-am that year...and played it again last year. I don't recall much being different, aside from the weather. Course was in good shape, greens were slick.
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