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  1. I dislike wearing hats...but if a sponsor paid me, I would quickly change my tune. Rory can't be the only pro who dislikes wearing them...aside from Robert Rock! I've never been a huge fan of the baseball cap being adopted by every sport, and in everyday wear...but clearly I'm in a tiny minority here. But I draw the line at the backwards baseball cap...which should ONLY be worn by catchers.
  2. It's not the untucked that bothers me...maybe it's the color combo or the cut, but it just doesn't look good. Better than Cam Smith...looks like a janitor, and dresses like one too! What was he thinking?
  3. I'm not a big fan of dress codes (I'll wear trainers and tees to golf), but the untucked shirt by the Italian looks terrible...I thought Italians were supposed to by stylish!
  4. Watching the 3M tournament just now… Vegas makes a nice putt for eagle that barely misses. Doesn’t touch the hole, and leaves himself with a tap in. Nobilo says “He couldn’t have hit a better putt”. I’ve drained some memorable putts in my life, and recall a couple extremely tough two putts. But a moderately downhill twenty footer with 18 inches of break that doesn’t touch the hole? Guess that’s why my remote has a mute button!
  5. Got my Women's tix...which I had won last year and then got rejected. Haven't heard about the Men's yet.
  6. Entertaining tournament, despite having to rip up my 36-1 Louis ticket...maybe next time I'll take shorter odds and take him for a top 5 finish! Morikawa is the best iron player I can recall...didn't seem to miss one all weekend. Maybe Sergio was as good? Links courses are set up for bad weather...if they toughened them up, they'd be unplayable in your typical wretched English weather.
  7. manku

    Louie O

    Interesting song for a South African...
  8. I was just watching, and saw him hug his caddie...and thought, wow his caddie must be a jockey in his spare time. Then I saw the the others in his group. Wow...don't think anyone asks to play through his group!
  9. https://www.costco.com/kirkland-signature-ks1-putter---right-handed-.product.100645850.html From people flipping them on Ebay, to buying at 30% off...how the world turns. Enjoy!
  10. Agree with above...you can have cheap, close and quality but only two of the three. I've basically stopped playing golf the past 18 months...before the pandemic, it was really pretty open on the muni front during the week...could get around in under 4 hours fairly often. Now it's a parking lot...I'll pass.
  11. I'm not a Rahm fan, but the apparel switch from Nike to TM was one of the best "fashion" moves in years...with his physique, the body hugging Nike looked awful (and uncomfortable too!)...TM looked really nice on high sturdy build...nice colors and patterns, as opposed to all the tie dye inspired shirts other manufacturers are producing. As for Louis...Rahm has shown repeatedly the ability to make big shots during the high pressure moments. Louis just sort of fades away or is stuck in neutral...gotta be mental, right?
  12. I never saw a a problem with ticket scalping or gambling. But the way US telecasts are incorporating betting into the broadcasts is dreadful...I've watched plenty of sports in Europe (where betting has been legal for decades), and I can't recall any broadcaster ever mentioning odds. Plus, any commentator saying a player is a "good bet" on a outright to win needs their head examined...
  13. Isn't that the case with lots of courses, especially parkland courses? When I think of Winged Foot, for example, I think of the stately clubhouse...I can't tell you about any hole except #10...and that's mainly due to the media. Or Oakland Hills. Most golf courses need to be seen in person to really appreciate the holes...just ask anyone whose been to the Masters.
  14. manku

    Brooks bryson

    NY Post and the NY Times both have articles about this "spat" today...didn't read them, just saw the headlines. Do any golf fans, or sports fans, really care? I bleed for my teams I've supported since I was a kid, and develop a healthy game-time animosity for their rivals...but a couple PGA golfers? Both of whom were what I would call "polarizing" even before this fiasco...they weren't Phil/Freddie popular...both might have had fans, but also plenty (more?) detractors. It belongs in the same category as the Logan/Mayweather fights...if you're a sports fan, you can't a
  15. This course produced, IMHO, the most riveting US Open the past 40 years...I can't recall another one that was so compelling over the final 36 holes (plus playoff). And, there will also be great drone shots..which is nice. As someone who has gotten into soccer (European mostly) the last decade, my main criteria for sporting events has changed...drama and tension is by far the most important factor of watching sports...one reason I can't no longer watch an NBA until the 4th quarter, and MLB has completely dropped off my list (at least until October).
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