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  1. Four shafts for sale. All have RH Cobra adapters. All play between 44.25 and 44.75, can provide exact measurements if needed. Cash preferred, trades considered. PX Evenflow Blue 6.0 60g. Lamkin UTX Mid. $SOLDATMOS Black 6x. Lamkin Crossline with Cobra Connect. $90Aldila NV 2Kxv Green 65s. Lamkin UTX Mid. $SoldOban Isawa Red 64-04 stiff. Lamkin UTX Mid. $90Can throw in a Arccos sensor and new Lamkin Crossline grip with any shaft for $10.
  2. 7 Puma polos, all medium. Non smoker, pet free. No rips or tears. Always washed and hung dry. No really interested in splitting. $60 shipped.
  3. > @Staff said: > Any trade interests for the 3/4 utility? That’s a rare club to see! Send what you got
  4. > @deli_llama said: > So that 3/4 utility plays to a 7i length? Correct. I play OL, just found I was a bit more consistent with the one length hybrid over the utility.
  5. 1. Cobra One Length 3-4 Black Utility. C Taper Lite Stiff. Less than 5 rounds. Standard 7i, Cobra Connect, Lamkin UTX midsize grip. $90 shipped 2. F6 Baffler 4-5w. Elements Chrome 7F4. Used but still useful. $75 shipped 3. Evenflow Blue 6.0 60g. Cobra + driver adapter. Plays a bit short, about 44.25". $70 shipped. 4. ATMOS Tour Spec Blue 7X. Plays 44.5. Lamkin Midsize UTX with no sensor. Cobra adapter, F9 version. $sold Evenflow White is sold.
  6. I play out of 2 bags. My main bag is OL 4-GW. My other bag that I keep at my vacation place is going to be 4-7 OL and the rest VL. I've only done practice and simulator so far and it's been fine, but I'll be alternating between the two this summer and hoping it turns out alright. I switched to OL in the fall but just couldn't justify the expense of replacing a whole other bag with all OL so I cheaped out and did the half set. Long irons were my main issue so I think I'll be alright.
  7. Sorry, this is very confusing. I have a 9* head if that helps. If you have a 9 degree F9 head and you have an adapter that has printed lofts on it, find the one on the middle for your club to play at 9. You will either have a standard adapter is printed 9-12 degrees, put 10.5 in the window if you want standard loft or you will have a + adapter that is printed 8-11 degrees, put 9.5 in the window if you want it to play 9. This is why Cobra changed the text on the new adapters, so that you don't need to know the stock loft on older drivers to figure out your current loft.
  8. Already need an exemption. My Evenflow Black shaft broke about 3 inches above the hosel. My driver head went flying down the range. We had about 8 inches of snow with a hard crust on top, so luckily it kind of skidded along the top and didn't sink. I did have to trudge 60 yards downrange in golf shoes to retrieve it though. What's the ruling here? Can I replace the whole club or just the shaft?
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