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  1. Tee it low and use a 3/4 kind of punch shot swing. I fade my driver, but it’s a much straighter flight when I do this. I’ve had a number of rounds where I do this throughout, wind or not, and it surprisingly can go further than my full swing.
  2. Been following Brooks for about 5 holes. He should maybe try practicing.
  3. Really wish a fan would tell JT that all you need to do is mark where the ball is with a tee and move the bag. It’s crazy they need a rules official for the simplest of rulings.
  4. Does anyone know the actual purpose of having DLIII on the broadcast?
  5. If the new XS is anything like the 2014 B330-S I’ll be stocking up. That ball was so good. The past few iterations of the S / XS have spun more than I like, and I just never got a long with the X. Bridgestone claims this new Smart Cover is the biggest step in golf ball design since the solid core ball. That’s a big statement. We’ll see.
  6. I follow Barstool on Twitter and get a kick out of Portnoy. I’m the age group that Barstool mostly identifies with, and I’m not really a fan of ForePlay. The main guy, Riggs, probably has a future in golf media, but the rest of the crew...not so much. I think No Laying Up is killing it, and wouldn’t be surprised if they expanded. Barstool is in your face and thrives off controversy, which is an interesting model for golf media...
  7. I’m stunned that Tiger put him back out there this morning. And that Webb is defending him. None of it makes any sense, and these players joking about it / defending it are so out of touch.
  8. JDay to caddie...”why don’t we just hit a little low one?” Tiger under his breath...”he doesn’t know how to hit one low.” Tiger spitting some fire.
  9. I’m in a bit of a different boat because I thought the Baffler was “okay” but the f7 is by far the easiest 3 wood to elevate off the deck that I’ve played.
  10. > @Stetson said: > Okay deal, but they do Buy 2 Get 1 often enough that I think it is worth the wait At $45/dz buy 2 get 1 that’s essentially the same as buying 1dz at $30. On Bridgestone’s website they have them on sale for $34.99.
  11. So what happened between you asking why you weren’t being compensated and him telling you to leave and never come back?
  12. Some advice though - get a grip removal tool, a giant bottle of Odorless Mineral Spirits, a roll of grip tape, and save yourself a lot of time and money.
  13. I’ve been there. Years ago before I did my own grips I took 3-pw to Golfsmith for new grips. All of my clubs had MCC+4’s on them - I asked them to save all the grips and put on Tour Velvets. I left for an hour and when I came back all they had was my regripped clubs. They had cut off $90 worth of grips. It took 30 minutes and 4 employees to get them to make it right. People have admitting mistakes, especially when admitting it will cost them money.
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