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  1. I have been listening to him (only 3 lessons). I'm not sure yet if he's a good match or if I need to keep looking. I know there are some knowledgeable guys here and just wanted to see if anyone had any drills, setup changes, etc. that would aid me in hitting down more other than me thinking "hit down more."
  2. Not really. He just kept saying hit down on it more. I was able to do it, but it felt like I was just chopping down on the ball. On video I can tell my rotation stalls a little bit and I get a tad bit flippy.
  3. Stock shot? I usually draw my irons, but can miss both ways with driver.
  4. Had my first ever lesson recently. Coach used Trackman and video. Two things that he pointed out from TM data: 1. My AoA was too shallow. 7i AoA averaged -2 and driver AoA was +5. He said he wanted me to hit down more with both about 2 degrees to get my AoA with 7i to -4 and driver to +3. I was a touch flippy at impact and could use a little more shaft lean. 2. My club path was too neutral...really close to 0. He said this makes predicting curve difficult b/c it requires a 0 face angle which is really difficult. He said he'd rather me swing more in to out and increase pa
  5. Let me know if you decide it's not for you and want to sell. I've wanted to try it myself.
  6. I can do that. I think shoulder stiffness is definitely an issue.
  7. Ironically, like Tony Finau or DJ. Tall, thin.
  8. Does speed come from how fast we can move our arms and/or how much force we can "pull" on the grip?
  9. I recently saw my swing on video and was surprised at how short my swing is. I know I don't have a long swing, but was surprised to see it this short. Not as short as Tony Finau, but pretty darn short. Unfortunately I cannot generate speed as quickly as TF. I assume it's my body's way of protecting two herniated lumbar discs. Are the only ways to increase hand path? 1. Become more flexible/mobile for more rotation 2. Bend lead arm at the elbow 3. More trunk extension at top of backswing Thanks
  10. Overcome in a day!? Please show me the way...
  11. I've seen Monte's "zipper away" drill and watched the AMG vids. I just wonder why EE is so common and why doing the opposite seems so unnatural.
  12. Why is it so common? (With amateurs)Why is it so difficult to overcome? Feeling what I should be doing just feels so friggin weird.Do really good players/pros NOT EE naturally or is it something that most players probably had to work at at some point?I think the answer is yes, but does EE inhibit rotation? As in, harder to get hips open at impact b/c if you're thrusting you're not rotating?
  13. Let's keep it simple. If hips rotate 45 degrees and shoulders rotate 90 degrees in the backswing, how soon, or at what arm position, should the hips be back to square? I know it will vary, but generally speaking.
  14. Don't you have to start bending your left arm (lead arm) a little bit to increase length of hand path? Assuming you cannot increase trunk rotation.
  15. I suppose it's hard for me to accept that the human eye is as perceptible as a piece of technology providing empirical data.
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