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  1. I kept cutting and bending until I found my happy specs. Turns out I'm a 31", 69* lie, 3.5* loft kind of guy. These were some of the experiments along the way (loft/lie vary, lengths listed), which can be yours for cheap! 1. Ping Anser 2 stainless, 32.5", with Superstroke Traxion Pistol GT. $45 shipped? 2. Ping Anser 3 copper, 30.75", with Champkey leather pistol. $35 shipped? 3. Cleveland TFI 2135 8.0 black/copper, 31.0", with Royal midsize pistol. This one has a headcover, it is no longer counterweighted and it is a hammer. SOLD Make me a deal on the lot,
  2. Get a motorized robo-trolley. Buddy just picked one up and he thinks it will save years on his body. Now he just saunters around, and loads up with as much water and snacks as his heart desires.
  3. Thanks Rich for wedge donations! Would still be grateful for a decent anser or mallet style putter, but we now have enough to make the gift to our young couple. Here's to Growing the Game - (Update, found a solid putter on eBay to round out the set.)
  4. Thayneil, glad to know on the hybrids. I'm only 5'2" and now play my irons a half inch short and a whopping 4* flat of Mizuno stds. For hybrids and fairway woods I end up having to cut them way short to get close to a decent lie angle. Seems like Wishons would be a good option for me.
  5. Hi folks - my (muni, ragtag, hacker) crew is outfitting a younger couple with a starter set of clubs. We've done pretty good with donations and Goodwill scores, but are stymied on men's lefty PW and SW that are not ancient, and LH putter that's not fake Bullseye blade quality. We'll probably end up buying new, low end stuff to round out the set, but thought I would see if any offers out there for used donations. The rest of the gear is late 2000s/early 2010s era I think, so we're not looking for new and fancy so much as functional and lightly used to go with everything else.
  6. Hey Anser, I'm 5'2" and 45, so no help with clubs! But an idea: you're a golfer, with access to courses and golf buddies? I just did pretty good outfitting a new young couple simply by asking my gang and a few courses what they could spare. We ended up with bags,balls, pull carts, and a decent set of used stuff for each of them. And that was for a lefty and a short woman, so it was more complicated than your average strong tall guy. Good luck, and great mission.
  7. I cut em even shorter to 31.75 and haven't had a balance issue yet. Shaft taper is definitely a problem, though, as mentioned above. Other thing to look out for is the lie, but that can be adjusted. My guy moves the shaft bands for me, if they can be saved.
  8. tokeyb

    2019 3M Open

    Love that Morikawa and Wolff both earned their cards and flat out played today. Rooting for Hovland to beat Bryson in the final group with a closing eagle at John Deere!
  9. That is a screaming deal. What shaft came with it? Have dealt with KSouth and been fine. As far as how he gets em, don't ask don't tell is the game I think.
  10. tokeyb

    2019 3M Open

    Surprised to see Niemann and Hovland so far up there. Like em both, but don't see either pulling the big upset this week. Howell III for the win! Not too far from home.
  11. I think you are fine. Many of us don't use double sided anyway. So if it dries up a bit, you just have a single thickness of regular tape.
  12. Update, my driver head has arrived. Couple cosmetic issues were not described but overall I am satisfied.
  13. Any updates, chocolate? Package is here in town somewhere, hopefully tomorrow I'll have my club.
  14. Wow, this thread got exciting while I was away! 1. It is true Shanker put tracking in my PayPal transaction. But not when he said he did, and the status was not accurate. Seemed like desperation after the fact. 2. Just a bit ago the tracking updated, and apparently USPS had something in their possession that is coming to me. Can't wait to see what it is! 3. Not accurate to say WRX doesn't care about members. Mods have reached out to me to inquire and follow up, I actually feel pretty supported. 4. Big thanks to my brother chocolate, for pushing the issue. 5. That other thread is unbe
  15. Thanks blueblood Brahmin. As an Iowa farm kid, in not sure I can trust anything you say, but appreciate the feedback! I don't even know the vintage of these sets. What year was that 800 JPX tour model?
  16. Thanks guys, those are two good endorsements. Now the next guy will say the 800s are great!
  17. Trying my hand at club building with components sources here and the Bay. First irons I did were Cobra CB/MB combo, I like em but want more forgiveness. Next! Heads I'm looking at now: 1. Adams Idea A1 Hybrid Iron set 2. Mizuno JPX800 Pro 3. Cleveland CG7 (non-Tour, I think) 10hc, struggle with distance, enjoy tinkering. Love my CB710, but can't resist urge to try new. Have both XP90 and Recoil 90 shafts to try them on. Appreciate feedback on any of these models! (Or others you have lying about or thoughts on. Looking to stay under a hundo for the heads.)
  18. Meantime, if you see guys posting BST, when you know them, recommend putting on a positive word. Or the opposite, if appropriate. Bad situation for everyone.
  19. Sad to say I am in the same boat, from the same BST post. I paid ElShanker on Friday morning. It's now Tuesday afternoon, I've had only one message. Said he would ship on Monday. Never had a problem on WRX before, I hate this. ---------------- El Shanker Jun 9, 2019 2:59pm If it’s not sold by tomorrow morning, it’s yours for $125. Deal? tokeyb Jun 9, 2019 3:52pm That is a deal. Appreciate it and will pp when you let me know. El Shanker Jun 14, 2019 3:12am If you’re still interested, the Rogue head is yours for $125. PayPal is [email protected] tokeyb Jun 14: (funds are
  20. FYI to all, I am awaiting shipping info on the Rogue 10.5 SZ. Seller has had funds since Friday 6/14, I had a message over the weekend and hopeful to get more info today.
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