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  1. Evnroll grooves are to eliminate skidding in addition to regulating speed, and to gear a ball back online. Guerin’s original design going back a couple decades ago to Micro Groove Spalding putters he designed before starting Rife.
  2. I have not seen the sik on quintic, but no doubt the Evnroll groove technology is superior to others.
  3. I think Bandon, Oregon would be a good spot. But if you can build something close to Streamsong in Florida it would be full constantly. There is nothing around there at this point.
  4. I would think the 2018 version of the Bridgestone RX would be very similar. https://www.golfballs.com/Golf-/Balls/Bridgestone-Tour-B-RX-Golf-Balls.htm?t=gpa_personalized_B2794-NWHT&utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=google_shopping_feed_clicks&utm_content=surfaces_across_google
  5. Hard to beat the Stealths. In my opinion they are the best Ping ever made.
  6. Not a doubt in my mind my Evnroll has helped me make more putts. My stats show it, and I’ve hit putts that I thought were a miss only to see it fall. I’ve seen it on quintic that mishits perform much better than other putters. The groove technology works 100%.
  7. Footjoy. You can order whatever size and width you need.
  8. You will be good by late August, but September is even better. St. Andrews Links should be opening the advanced lottery around the end of July. That is opened until the end of August. If you do win times they will let you know. If not, you still have two other option. If you don’t get a lottery time, you still have the 48 hour ballot. Out of 6 days you should have a pretty good chance. And last resort is walk up. Btw, when you enter the lottery be VERY flexible. Don’t limit yourself to only certain days or times. After you learn if you made the lottery plan around it. You can buy a 3 day or 7
  9. I'm not sure about the BeNi irons, but they will not touch any of the BeCu irons due to the OSHA laws on beryllium.
  10. If you are wanting to reduce spin, what ball do you play? Obviously stronger lofts will spin and launch less. From what I have found in fittings, the ball will have much more effect on launch, and spin issues then clubs will if they are lofted the same. Truth be told, loft for loft, there isn't much difference in launch or spin between smaller heads and game improvement heads. In fact, generally the game improvement head will spin slightly more because of a slightly higher cg due to perimeter weighting and bigger toplines, plus with the thicker sole, it can cause contact below the cg which inc
  11. Forged has become such a loose interpretation now. Technically anything that is "pressed" in a forge is now considered a forged club. It used to be defined as a solid piece of a softer metal that is pressed into a club head. Today if any part of the club is "forged" it is marketed that way. In fact almost ALL of the clubs on the market today that are called "forged" are not one piece heads. The Zipcore wedges are not forged, but neither are Vokey's. I still to this day can't feel the difference in feel between 8620 wedges and "forged" (Mizuno, Miura, ) wedges. From what I understand in talking
  12. One other thing, have you thought about carrying a half set? Just odd or even number irons? That's a lot of weight sdaved over the course of 54 holes.....
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