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  1. 3/4” of an inch on face that’s 3/4” wide is on the extreme end of striking face. 3/4” on a face that’s 4” is still 3 1/4” from the extreme end of the striking surface.
  2. I’m not doubting the technology of anyone. You’re making an argument that’s not there. I’m merely pointing out that those ball speed increases may not be a true conclusion. Having a face that’s 40% lighter is a HUGE technology gain. It lets designers do things that they previously couldn’t due to material constraints. It’s an extreme analogy, but if you had a 250cc driver and tested it against a 460cc driver and compared ball speeds based on a 3/4” mishit of course the bigger striking face is going to outperform it because the strike is much closer to the COR on the bigger striking surface.
  3. Can you post the testing from the Rogue ST and Cobra LTD? Really interesting stuff.
  4. Ok let me explain, let’s say the entire face surface of Sim2 face is 12’’ square. (4” heel to toe and 3” crown to sole) and the entire face surface on the stealth face is 15.75” (4.5” heel to toe and 3.5” crown to sole) a test that moves the strike 3/4” will be much closer to the actual center of the face of the bigger striking surface than it would be on the smaller striking surface. Make sense?
  5. Not doubting using a face material that’s 40% lighter has tremendous potential to allow for design options that previously didn’t exist. But ball speed isn’t one of those. COR has been controlled for many years. Stability? Absolutely! Higher moi? Absolutely. But in that test, comparing a larger striking surface to a smaller striking surface using the same distance measurement without taking that into account may not be a true conclusion. If the heel/toe measurement of the Sim2 face is 4” let’s say, and the heel toe measurement of the stealth face is 4.5” there is a .5” difference in location in relation to the club head. As I said, chances are that a stealth winds up in my bag if it perform better than my current Sim Max.
  6. I would like to see the methodology Gene used in the 9 point test. Reason I say this is the face on the stealth is much larger than the Sim2. So 3/4” from the center on the Stealth is considerably closer to the center than 3/4” from the center of the Sim2 is. Unless you take the size of the face into account it’s not necessarily an apples to apples comparison.
  7. I’d be interested in learning more about the testing methodology. I know Gene is very impartial, but given the larger face of the stealth, 3/4” mishit on it vs Sim2 is closer to the center of the stealth head than the Sim2 due to sheer size of face. I’m interested to see how it performs against my Sim Max in the spring. I’m not expecting to hit it any further just hoping it’s more forgiving on my bad shots and more consistent in spin control. As usual, TM are screaming about ball speed instead of speaking of the aspects of what the improvements in stability, moi, and spin control can do.
  8. Exactly, if ANY of the drivers from 10 different manufacturers were fit properly to you, they would all be in a 3-5 yd window of each other. Nobody is making bad product. It comes down to the human element of looks, preference, and popularity.
  9. He’s definitely in the I’m right and the rest of the world are the crazy ones belief.
  10. I don’t see it that, he’s obviously a very opinionated guy, but he makes valid points. He comes across as a guy who hates the marketing hype and of course TM becomes a target because they scream the loudest. Fact is, COR has been limited for years. If a robot hit my old 580xd dead perfect and a stealth dead perfect there is a minuscule if any difference in ball speed. Now, increasing off center performance over 20 years is another story. No doubt newer drivers outperform older ones. The new Stealth is a great driver, and from my experience it’s the best they’ve made. However, that’s not because of ball speed gains, it’s because they’ve made a more stable, more consistent model. The overhyped “carbonwood age” is just marketing hype and bs. Using Carbon for a face material ISNT a ball speed story. It’s a weight savings story so the driver can be made more stable. The coating on the face I think is the biggest story of the face. From what I’ve seen so far it seems like it’s really controlling spin on mishits and keeping it in a consistent range. But more forgiving and consistency isn’t what sells drivers. It’s telling people they will hit it 17 yards further, or that they gave to inject something so the face isn’t illegal. Now, that being said, I play a TM Sim Max driver that’s been really good, and chances are when it warms up, I’ll test the Stealth driver vs mine and probably end up buying one if it is more consistent and better on misses than mine. But I’m an idiot if I think the good shots off the Stealth are going to be longer than my good shots off my Sim Max, or even 580xd for that matter.
  11. He’s just like some other guys. Really smart but when they begin talking they say really stupid things. His comments about not yelling fore on errant shots are just idiotic…
  12. With the looks of both sets they will def blend easily.
  13. I’ve had many J&M dress shoes before but has anyone tried their golf shoes? Catalog looks nice but before I buy I’d like to hear reviews from others.
  14. You’ll get PLENTY of elevation changes there…. Went in October and I’m addicted to Ireland golf now. Already planning my next trip to the NW of Ireland for that trip.
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