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  1. The mid grind is a v sole similar to those.
  2. Just out of interest, what does Srixon customer service say about this issue? Crazy that this continues to happen.
  3. We had the same issue for our Ireland trip last year. We are fully planning on making our trip. I think the best solution is to plan for the trip, but have a plan B to postpone until next year if neccessary if things don't look good as the date gets close. The next 60 days will be critical to see what route countries will go. The one thing I can tell you is BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS NOW! The prices are very cheap now. Once everything looks clear the prices are going to go up significantly. All airlines are allowing free changes with no fees so you can't get hurt there. I did all the bookings for our t
  4. From what I understand talking to my buddy who works for True Temper the Spinner is basically a softer stepped DG. I played DG S400 8 iron shafts in my wedges for years. Just gave me a little more feel and more touch on the softer shots.
  5. Yes, pretty much the Cleveland 588 is what became the "go to" look for most wedges. Well before Vokey began designing wedges for Titleist.
  6. Almost all of them have some type of alignment mark on the crown.
  7. As long as the shape and offset are kept the same I would be interested. HATE the offest on the Hi toe and PM
  8. The Glide 2.0 Stealth has a black finish that wears to raw.
  9. The perfect Glide 4.0 wedge would be the 8620 cast with shape, soles, and size of 2.0, the ctp port of 3.0 but in a RAW finish......
  10. My group isn't driving up the coast. We are staying in Dublin for a few days, then driving over to pick up the rest of our guys in Shannon and playing Doonbeg, Lahinch, Ballybunion, and Tralee. We just want somewhere to play after we land (preferrably links) that won't beat us up after the overnight flight. I looked at playing The Island twice, or maybe Royal Dublin first, then Island.
  11. Just refuse payment. The card company will take care of you. Ridiculous that Carnousite would pull that crap!
  12. I think the 2021 Pro V1X will be the closest in performance to the BX.
  13. We are taking your advice for our trip in October (fingers crossed) and playing The Island instead of Portmarnock. Where would you recommend near the Airport to play after we get off the plane? Something not to tough and pretty friendly. I looked at Corballis but would like any other other suggestions you may have.
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