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  1. Sure, Carnoustie is a great test. But it’s not like it’s unplayable. The last 4 are a tough stretch, but the course is very playable. Much more room off the tee than many courses there. If your guys were able to handle RD and Cruden Bay you’ll be fine at Carnoustie. With the help of a caddie you’ll enjoy it, and find it much more reasonable then it’s reputation. Here is a YouTube link for flyovers of each hole so you see for yourself. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCZemSZCypMs5zB8Kmz_-EAg/videos
  2. Looking to buy a waterproof bag. Any suggestions?
  3. There are many videos comparing drivers. The new drivers COR is not greater on cg strikes. However, they are faster over a larger area of the face. Now, what that means on the course? A few yards maybe.
  4. You definitely have to drive it well to get a good score at Troon. Last time I played, we were playing #8 at 118 yard into the wind and I hit a nice 7 iron to about 15ft. One of the truly great short holes in the world.
  5. That’s why I love this game and this forum. There are no wrong answers about courses. Everybody has different things they look for or prefer about courses.
  6. Shane Lowry won The Open with it, and Matsuyama won the Masters last week.
  7. That’s the beauty of this game. I wouldn’t put Prestwick in the Top 50 in Scotland. Great history, but doesn’t hold a candle to Troon. To me Prestwick kind of reminds me of TOC, you can hit it miles left on almost every tee and be fine. Troon on the other hand.... First time I played at Troon, on #6 I told the caddie that every fwy looked the same width. He told me “ Aye they are, the tractor makes one cut towards the hole, and one cut back.” To me, it’s the toughest driving challenge of all of Scottish rota Open courses. Man TOC/Carnoustie on the same day is a rough day. I bet it didn’t take
  8. Cleveland 485 BeCu 56* Ping Eye 2 BeCu LW Hon mention: Ping Tour S Rustique wrx grinds
  9. It just won 2 out of the last 5 Majors including the Masters last week, so it must be as good as anything else....
  10. What are the current irons he has that are 1 deg flat? They may not need to bent 5 degrees. But if they were able to bend up, most chances they can be adjusted back down from someone who is reputable.
  11. Has anybody hit these side by side. I have hit both, but have not been able to hit them at the same time. Really liked both, but looking for input from someone who has hit them side by side.
  12. Sounds like a great trip. Edinburgh has the big city feel to it. If that’s what you’re looking for. Keep in mind it would be a 30-45 min drive each way to the courses. If you want more of a small town feel and much less driving, then Gullane or North Berwick are great. Although Ducks Inn isn’t 5*, Malcolm is a great guy, and it would be a more personal and local touch. But if you are looking for 5* around Gullane you could stay at The Renaissance. Every course you mentioned has caddies. Just make sure to have them reserved in advance. As far as Turnberry, the resort is a little remote. Not muc
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