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  1. That’s a very nice problem to have…. When in doubt, do both.
  2. I’ve been to Casa many times, but have not played any of the Punta Cana courses. When I lived in FL there was a direct flight from MIA into La Romana every Thursday and Sunday. Spent many long weekends at Casa. Will def have to look at adding some of those courses to the Ireland option. Right now, many of the guys are really interested in the Portugal option. So we will have to see how it works out.
  3. That’s not exactly true. Almost half of all the available tee times come from the ballot. If you apply for the ballot every day you’re likely to get on. There is no way I would pay the $1200 to get a guaranteed time. I’ve got on through the ballot twice, once at 9:40 and once at 12:20. In fact all the tee times after 12:00 on Thursdays are reserved for the ballot and no advanced times are taken on Saturdays. I think the person you’re talking to is referring to what are called “dark times”. These are the later times on the tee sheet that they keep open for play under the assumption you may not complete your round due to darkness. https://www.drumgolf.com/old-course-ballot-st-andrews/
  4. I would highly recommend adding Pasatiempo if you are going to Monterey. It’s 45 mins up the highway in Santa Cruz, prob can save some dollars flying into San Jose instead of Monterey. If you do, you’ll drive right by it on the way to Pebble.
  5. You prob still have a couple options. Check on Airbnb or look into some b&b. I also have a contact for apt rentals if needed.
  6. If I can help, let me know. It was an awesome experience.
  7. As long as you had a mask and proof of vaccination there were zero issues. We went to the pub every night and never had an issue. There were live music at many of them.
  8. I’m looking at several options for my groups 2023 trip. There are 8 guys in our group, so we usually rent an Airbnb, rent a 8 seat van, and cook most of our meals. We take out trips in October when the rates are lower and courses are less crowded. Plus for most of us our work schedule eases up during that time. Here are the trips we have taken, as well as the other options we are looking at for 2023: 2018 St. Andrews We rented a 5br house 300yds from #1 tee at TOC. Total for house was $3500 for 7 nights. So $437 each We played Crail Balcomie, Kingsbarns, The Castle Course, Carnoustie, Muirfield, TOC, and Jubilee. Total green fees were $1450 each We rented a van for the week that was $180 each Our flights from JFK to EDI were $565 round trip We spent about $150 per person for groceries Fuel was around $100 each. Total was $2900 each. 2021 Ireland (just got back last week) We rented a 6br house for the week. Total for the house was $2508, or $313.57 per person. We played Trump Doonbeg, Lahinch twice, Tralee twice, and Ballybunion twice. Total green fees were $1785 We rented a van for the week for $260 each Our flights from JFK to Dublin were $650 Groceries were about $150 each Fuel was around $100 each Total was $3258 Options we are looking at for 2023 St. Andrews Rental Airbnb approx $300 each Buying the 7 day unlimited play ticket $475 each. (Enter in advanced tee time lottery, or 48 hour ballot for 6 days) Flight from JFK to EDI approx $600 Van from EDI to St. Andrews and back $80 each Groceries $150 each. Total $1605 Liverpool Rental Airbnb approx $360 each Green fees West Lancs, Lytham & St. Anne’s twice, Royal Birkdale twice, Hoylake twice. $1630 each Flight from JFK to Manchester approx $650 Rental van $200 each Fuel $100 Groceries $150 Total $3090 Portugal Rental Airbnb $425 each Green fees Bom Succeso, Royal Obidos twice, West Cliffs twice, Pria del Rey twice. $760 each Flight from JFK to Lisbon approx $650 Rental van $200 each Fuel $100 each Groceries $150 each Total $2285 Dominican Republic Casa De Campo All inclusive Golf, Room, Food, and Drinks. $1750 each Flight from MIA to Punta Cana $290 Van from Punta Cana to Casa De Campo $80 each Total $2120 Scotland West Coast Airbnb Rental house $345 each Green fees Western Gailes, Prestwick, Dundonald Links twice, Troon twice, Turnberry Ailsa twice. $1925 each Flight from Chicago to Glasgow $650 Rental van $200 each Fuel $100 each Groceries $150 each Total $3370 Scotland North Airbnb rental $320 each Green fees Trump Aberdeen, Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay twice, Castle Stuart, Royal Dornoch twice. $1600 each Flight from JFK to EDI $650 Rental Van $180 each Fuel $150 each Groceries $150 each Total $3050 Ireland Northwest Airbnb rental $360 each Green fees Strandhill, Enniscrone twice, County Sligo (Rosses Point) Twice, Carne twice. $1330 each Flight from JFK to Dublin $650 Rental van $260 each Fuel $150 each Groceries $100 each Total $2850
  9. Before the trip I would have gladly taken only 2 days of rain out of the 10 days we were there.
  10. We got two days of rain, but besides that it was good weather. Can’t wait until our next trip there.
  11. Yeah we got non stop rain for two of our rounds, and I was drenched after 9 holes.
  12. It is a incredible spot no doubt. Here’s a pic from my 1st round on Oct. 3rd.
  13. I’ve traveled to most of Western Europe and driven in every country. I would say Portugal is one of the easiest countries as far as driving goes. Good roads, and fairly easy to get around. I would recommend taking a day to explore Lisbon, it’s a great city with so much history and charm. Also if you have the time, take your gf to Sintra to see The Pena Palace on the drive up to the golf courses. That will get you some brownie points for sure. As far as Europe goes, prices are much more reasonable in Portugal. Go to tee times.pt to book your golf yourself. They guarantee the lowest rate and it’s simple.
  14. Thanks for the input. I’ve been to Portugal before and LOVED IT! I didn’t play any golf, but it def looks like the best two are West Cliffs and Praia. Generally on our trips we play 7 days so we may have to adjust
  15. Looking at options for my groups next trip and Portugal is looking very interesting. Not sure why more Americans don’t know about Portugal, but the Weather, price, and courses available seem like a great option. Can you give me some advice on the courses? We are looking at playing the following courses: West Cliffs Praia del Rey Royal Obidos Bom Sucesso Are there any other courses you would suggest?
  16. Looking into planning another trip starting in Dublin, playing The Island, The European Club, Old Head, and Waterville.
  17. Well, we’re back from Ireland. Now that we’ve played Lahinch, Tralee, and Ballybunion our group rated them as follows: 1 Tralee 2 Lahinch 3 Ballybunion Its really more like 1a, 1b, and 1c but the guys as well as myself could not stop talking about the back nine at Tralee.
  18. Just got back from Ireland. We played 2 rounds in a steady downpour. Nobody in our group stayed dry. We all had different brands, (FJ, Zero, Callaway, etc..) but I’m wondering if in some conditions you’re going to wet no matter what you wear.
  19. Just WOW! Had a great two weeks on the Emerald Isle. I knew going that the courses on our list were going to be great, but they surpassed my expectations. Corballis Links Our group really enjoyed this course. It was the first course we played right off the plane. It has 12 really good holes right on the sea. It’s short and tight but was in really good shape. For €30 it is a great bargain! Druids Glen Really good hilly parkland layout. Great collection of par 3’s and some really good par 4’s. Very windy the day we played but it was a popular choice of our group. Doonbeg We went into this round not knowing what to expect from the course. We thoroughly enjoyed the course. Immaculate condition and a great collection of holes. Definitely happy we scheduled this one. Lahinch One of the favorites of our group. Some really great and a couple quirky holes that add to the charm. The Klondike and the Dell steal the show, but some really great par 4’s. Tralee Was the unanimous favorite of the group. Simply put, the back nine may very well be the best collection of holes on the planet. While the front is more flat and out of dunes the changes that have been made to a few holes make it very good. Ballybunion First 6 holes are kind of blah, but after that it was great. Really challenging green complexes with several runoffs. Good stiff test of golf coming in. We had an amazing time! Courses were even better than we imagined. Can’t wait till our next trip!
  20. The first one I remember we’re the King Cobra and Tommy Armour 845 irons. I think the Diawa Hi-Tracs had stronger lofts too, but not sure what the lofts were.
  21. There is no such thing as a bad shaft. It may not work for you, but it could be perfect for someone else. My advice would be if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
  22. How was the condition of courses? Heading there on Friday for 2 weeks.
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