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  1. Watching a club review video and noticed some new FJ shoes… Are these the new Pro SLs?
  2. Trust me, Black Diamond ain’t all that… A few good holes in an old limestone quarry. Not even in the same caliber as “Top 100 Courses” in my opinion. Save your money and see if you can get a time at Golden Ocala…. You got three good options in Ocala. Not much good public golf in Gainesville though unfortunately.
  3. My dad lived in Ocala my last year of college. There was some pretty good public golf to be had there. Ocala National is a good one, Rees Jones redesign and Ocala Golf Club as well. They were both reasonably priced when we played a few years ago. I’m guessing they are in the $50 - $70 range but not sure. If Golden Ocala is still public, that’s the best one in the area. It’s really good but will be much higher price.. Has 9 tribute holes from famous courses. They played an LPGA event last year.
  4. I’d pass on uf golf course. Nothing special.
  5. I mean it’s not like it’s “Augusta”…. Gees after the way they treated you I wouldn’t give them a dime!
  6. The PGA show is biggest waste of money for companies. Not a chance they can at at least break even. It’s just not like it used to be 10 years ago when all the new product was released at the show. None of them write any business there anymore and it’s just become a big loss of money with little upside.
  7. I don’t know, I ordered them with my shaft which is graphite. I didn’t ask to many questions, been a Ping guy for 30 years and only a year ago put another brand of irons in the bag. Once I saw the pics and read the tec I was in to try them. They will have to go to beat my Gen3’s because I love them, but looking forward to trying them head to head.
  8. I could care less about anything on the sole of a club. The playing position is all I worry about and that 3wd is perfect to my eye.
  9. I’ve done this to many black finished wedges, but never a TM wedge.
  10. I’m a 3 now and at my lowest was a +2. I hit my normal shot to play my best best golf and that happens to be a draw. The more consistent my shots are the better I will play. I’ve never understood the “oh I need to be able to work the ball” mentality. Countless hall of fame players won tournaments using offset cavity back irons. I’ve played cavity back irons for 30 years and if I absolutely have to curve the ball I’ve yet to find a golf club that wouldn’t allow me to do it. Play the irons that hit most consistently in ONE direction and go from there.
  11. I actually have the Gen3 0311 XP GW with my set. It’s the first matching gap wedge I’ve ever played. It performs great and I haven’t had any issues with it. I haven’t played in summer or firm conditions with it yet, but so far so good.
  12. The standard deviation for a tour pro is more than 250rpms of spin on the driver…
  13. So much for RF33 irons and mim wedges…… Cobra can’t be happy about that on top of an F9 still in the bag.
  14. He didn’t say and honestly I didn’t ask since I’m in the Midwest and won’t be playing for a couple months. Hopefully I have them by March.
  15. One of my very good friends is a Ping rep.
  16. All they had to do was add the new tech to this shape….. The engineers making it harder than it needs to be.
  17. Yeah I’m def in the minority on the straighter leading edge. Two pet peeves I have on wedges, 1 is obviously a curved leading edge, and 2 is when the bottom scoring line doesn’t go all the way across the face like the other grooves. I’ll just have to keep gaming my Tour S and Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges.
  18. Love the shape of Taylormade wedges… might have to check out some raw mg3
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