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  1. 22 hours ago, Argonne69 said:

    Decisions, decisions, decisions. Already start to plan for my stay in Charleston next week. I'm planning to play The Links at Stono Ferry, but should I stay another day and play The Ocean Course? I played the OC years back, and even at this late point in the season they're charging $308. Ouch. I'm trying to keep things within reason, but the course is calling out to me. Lol.


    If you can get on, I would highly recommend Cassique at Kiawah. It’s private, but if someone can make a call it’s definitely worth it. Great Tom Watson design…

  2. 53 minutes ago, eddiebigeddie said:

    Hey guys, looking for current/past owners of the Gen3/Gen4 PXG irons.  I'm looking at buying a set and want to know if there's really $800 difference for the Gen4 (being better) over the Gen3?  The main difference for me is the Darkness I can get in Gen4 for same price of silver through today.  Any help, input etc would be greatly appreciated.

    For me the difference between the two was negligible. Maybe a mph more in ball speed but I couldn’t justify the cost difference between the two so I went with the Gen3s and have zero regrets.

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  3. On 11/22/2021 at 1:54 PM, Chilidog said:

    Just returned from my Ireland/N Ireland trip over the last 2 weeks. My wife and I flew into Dublin and from there drove to Kilkenny, Cork, Killarney, Doolin, Donegal, Portrush, Belfast and back down to Dublin. We did a lot of hiking, seeing waterfalls, seeing ruins, seeing castles and drinking a lot of Hop House 13, Guinness and Baileys. But what most people will be interested in on these boards is the golf. While we stopped in at Ballybunion, Tralee and Lahinch, we only walked some of the holes but didn’t play any in the southwest. Instead, we focused on the Northwest, East and right around Dublin. The three courses I focused on were Portstewart (Portrush was closed for Remembrance Day to visitors the only day I was in town), Royal County Down and Portmarnock. Here are my thoughts on each with pics:




    My wife and I arrived at Portstewart around 12 for a 1:20 tee time on the famed Strand course. We had lunch in the restaurant and got checked in. I met with my caddie Maurice and he seemed to get started early as we were going to be pushing daylight. It was a little bit of a bummer not to be able to warm up at all or get some putts in and just go straight away to playing, but that’s what we did. The views from the first tee were outstanding and the fairway looked small. 



    The second hole didn’t disappoint either as the views only got better. 


    The 3rd kept the views going with a long par 3. 



    I could keep going with pics of the front 9 but just be aware that they don’t get worse for the front 9. Overall, it may be the best 9 holes I’ve ever played. Not score wise but golf course wise and I’ve played 15 of the top 20 in the world. 

    Here is where it turns for the worse for Portstewart and it’s the back 9. I’ll post a pic just so you can see the difference. 



    Overall, it was still a great way to open golf in Ireland. 



    The next day, I ventured down to Royal County Down which has been rated the #1 course in the world lots of years. I was super pumped to play here knowing that. I was paired with Mick as my caddie who has been caddying there for 40 years. Again, I was disappointed in the practice areas. In order to hit balls, you had to get in your car and drive to the range. I chose not to and rolled some putts instead. I’ll post some pics and then give you my thoughts: 





    Ok, you can obviously see that it’s visually stunning. Here are the negatives from the course:


    1) The greens were aerated 10 days earlier. They can’t control that I picked this day to play but it was a bummer playing punched greens. 
    2) The bigger thing is that I counted half of the par 4s/5s were blind shots from the tee where you hit over a stone in a dune or towards a pole by the green. In the US, I know blind holes are either loved or hated. Personally, I don’t mind some blind holes but they seemed excessive at RCD. I hit several drives just left or right of the line my caddie gave me only to come over the hill and find the ball in deep rough. You can’t miss the exact line or you found yourself in deep rough to try and hack it out (if you could find it). 
    3) My biggest negative was that the ball backed up on the greens. I spun a wedge from the middle of the green completely off the front of one hole and backed up a 6 iron 5 ft on another hole. It just wasn’t links golf. It was like playing any American course. I was really disappointed in this. 

    Overall, it was still a great day but the course wouldn’t crack my top 25. 



    This past Wednesday, I played the Red and Yellow sides of the championship course at Portmarnock. I had an early morning tee time and wasn’t sure how long it would take to get out of Dublin and we showed up an hour before the time only to find that we beat the entire staff to the course. We waited for them to show up and once again, in order to hit balls we needed to pack back in the car and drive somewhere else. I chose once again to just roll some putts before playing. I got Paddy as my caddie that had also been there 40 years and had an Irish accent so thick that I constantly laughed and had him sound out slowly what he was wanting me to do. It was about 45 when we teed off so it was cold. I was happy to have my heated vest and gtech hand warmer with me. This course was less about undulation throughout the course and more about building dunes around each hole which made you feel like you were in amphitheater playing and wouldn’t know if someone was playing the hole beside you unless you could hear them. Here is the biggest thing: finally, finally, finally a course where you had to bounce it on. True links! Here are some pics from that day:




    Overall, a really fun trip. We ended up driving from Dublin to Kilkenny, Cork, Killarney, Doolin, Donegal, Portrush, Belfast and back down to Dublin. If anyone is interested in some other pics from the trip, I am including a couple that I thought were cool. 




    Looks like a great trip. You played some great ones, but man Bally, Tralee, and Lahinch are A MAZING!. See you visited the Rock of Cashel. I was there in early October and can’t wait to go back!

  4. 17 hours ago, solarsaurusrexx09 said:

    The red carbon face seems ridiculous.  How will it hold up with 1000s of swings with +120mph clubhead speed?  Will it hold up in cold weather?  Will small grains of sand that routinely find their way onto golf balls affect the durability of this face? 600 bones for a sketchy composite face?  I might stick with my OG Sim 

    Based on the issues the with the M5/6 and Sim carbon soles cracking I would hope they’ve done their homework.

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  5. 4 hours ago, mdhacker123 said:

    Able to get in a 2 hr range session with my gen 3 0311p. 

    pros: feel and sound are great. Nice high ball flight and u can see it has some spin on it. I wanted weaker lofted verse my old set “rogue x” so the gapping was better. I was bunched in old set with 5-7 iron. I seen a definitive gapping, Seemed to be 10-12 yds apart.


    cons; got there stock grip midsize and felt heavy and bigger then midsize on golf prides. Not as forgiving in 5/6 iron. Not a con but have to get use to the shorter yardages. 

    I almost went with xp but there were similar lofted to old set and even though from old set they are about 1.25 club shorter then old set. So that will be an adjustment. Hoping to get some round in them

    snd see if I can adjust or just order the xp 




    I chose the XP’s over the P’s and I’m loving them. I weakened mine so I could get the spin, height, and yardage targets. Best looking, best feeling, most forgiving irons I’ve ever played.

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  6. 8 hours ago, El Gringo said:

    I Ballybunion is the architecturally better course, but it's playability is hampered by silly rough. Lahinch offers more space to play the game and it has the added funky touch Ballybunion lacks. That said, I can't see how anybody could say the opening six a Ballybunion are ho hum. The opener is lovely, the 2nd tough as nuts classic links hole, the 3rd one of the best long par 3s in Ireland and 6 isn't a looker, but the green is outstanding. 

    We will have to agree to disagree. While 7-18 at Ballybunion are indeed world class links, the first 5 holes and 6th tee shot at Ballybunion are ho hum in my opinion. Most courses, including Lahinch and Tralee also have 5 or so holes that are ho hum. However, the rest of the holes on those courses are breathtaking and world class links too. As far as #3 at Ballybunion, I don’t think it’s even the best long par 3 on the course. Holes #12 and #15 are much better and tougher holes, not to mention #3 and #16 at Tralee are INCREDIBLE long par 3’s. But once again, we are debating which one is the best supermodel. All of these courses are among the best in the world. Imagine if it were possible to make a composite course from all three……. 

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  7. 13 hours ago, WestCoastGolf said:

    How do you go about finding your gamer golf ball? Play multiple rounds with different ones, then choose based off of feel? Choose based off the one that scored the best? Do you look for the farthest ball, or the one that offers the best control?


    Personally I like to find which few feel the best for me with my putter first. Then I will judge feel with my wedges and irons. With wedges and irons I will start delve into how the ball responds from shot to shot to really start to narrow down my top contenders.


    I have a bit of a conundrum right now. I have it narrowed down to two golf balls that I love every aspect of for my game. The biggest differences for me is 10 yards distance on tee shots (which is really a non factor I feel), and one feels firmer when putting (more of a click). I just can’t bring myself to choose one over the other 😂😂

    I have always used sleeves of the balls I’m interested in. Start on the putting green, chipping, pitching, 60yd, 80yd, wedges. Then go to the course. Play 9 holes hitting each ball and seeing the results. If I’m still not able to pick one out, I’ll play rounds with each one. Low score wins.

  8. 2 hours ago, Argonne69 said:

    I made it to Asheville after a rather stressful drive from Chattanooga. There must have been a big accident on I-40 east of Knoxville, because both my GPS units sent me on an offroad adventure on US-25. How bad could a US highway be? OMG. Two lanes of twisty roads with no shoulders and no pullouts. Speed limit was 55 in most stretches, but with the sharp turns I was down to 35 mph at times. Then there was the fun of the 8% downgrade. Sheesh. What should have taken 4.5 hours wound up taking 6. I wasn't in any particular hurry, but I didn't really need a white knuckle adventure this early in the trip.


    Overnight temps are going to be below freezing, so I booked a late morning round tomorrow at Omni Grove Park. 'Should be in the low 40's when I tee off.


    That’s good practice for when you go to Ireland….. Just imagine the roads about 30% more narrow and having to drive on the other side of the road! 😂

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  9. 9 hours ago, UnderPar18 said:

    Anyone have experience using the mid-grind for your lob wedge? I usually use Vokeys but may try Zipcores. The low-grind only has 6 degrees of bounce and playing in CT I get soft conditions in spring and fall and firm conditions in the summer. I do like to open the face some for greenside chips and bunker play. 

    Looking for some advice.

    I never had an issue with the v sole of the Zipcore splaying shots with a square face. In fact, I’ll say they are GREAT off fwy lies. However, for me the v grind is not good for open face shots, and was awful for me out of the bunkers. Don’t know why, but they just were. My short game is the strength of my game, but I had to go with the Tour Rack Full Sole then have them ground on the trailing edge and heel. It’s still not quite as good as the v sole off fwy lies, but it’s magic on open face shots and from the bunker.

  10. 5 hours ago, RJ_MJ_JJ said:

    Apologies for the low key flex, but I'm on my 4th Ping G410 LST Driver head in about 18 months. After about 15 rounds, the face cracks about 1cm from the top. I've been sending them back to PING and they have replaced each one free of charge, but it's getting annoying. My swing speed is about 120-125mph, so I understand that is at the top end of OEM driver tolerances. Anyone else have this issue with PING? Or other drivers? Has anyone had this issue and found a driver that has lasted longer?



    Ask them to replace it with a g425. Obviously the g410 has a stress point that you are exceeding. Not saying it won’t happen with the g425, but it’s obvious the g410 won’t work for you.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, NRJyzr said:


    I think the ball that changed the game was really the Strata.  Spalding just didn't have the money.  🙂


    It was a good one. I was an early adopter of solid core. I played the Spalding Tour Edition and loved it. In fact made a hole in one and won a Jeep while playing that ball. Then went to the Strata, but It was short for me. It was definitely the first multi layer ball but yes Spalding was definitely ahead of everyone else in technology and design.

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  12. 5 hours ago, NRJyzr said:


    The Rev Solid was really the Maxfli response to the public pseudo-hysteria around the word "wound."  Thanks to media and marketing, golfers came to believe if there were *any* windings in a ball, it was somehow vastly inferior.


    Ironically, the ball tests didn't show that, but why let facts get in the way of a story.  LOL


    It’s funny you say that, I remember reading Golfweek magazine during that time and seeing two Titleist ads a few pages apart. One showed the Tour Prestige with the words “The leader in wound ball technology” and a few pages later the exact same ad showing the Pro V1 with the words “The leader in solid core technology”. It never got the credit, but the Nike Tour Accuracy (made by Bridgestone) was the solid core ball that changed the game and brought on the Pro V1 phenomenon.

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  13. 37 minutes ago, philly2kuk said:

    They look great, but at £189 a wedge when I can get them as standard and unpersonalised for £129 with 10% off on top? So for the price of two personalised clubs I can buy three standard ones?


    Same issue with the putters, nice idea but for how much extra they want per club it’s a hard pass for me. If Taylormade used paint that didn’t fall off when you looked at it I’d get myself a personalised putter but no matter how well I look after them my last three Taylormade putters have all flaked.

    Yes, definitely very overpriced. Was interested in getting a full raw wedge, but at that price I will pass. Not to mention, can’t get the shaft or custom grip I want. I wouldn’t call that MyMg3… 

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  14. 1 hour ago, silverbackster said:

    Lahinch is great but 

    what about




    How would you rate them?

    We did not play Old Head on this trip, however we did play Doonbeg. I was surprised how much my group liked Doonbeg. It was a very solid layout and in immaculate condition. (Best of all the courses we played) It is just a notch below the others we played, but I definitely rank it high and a must play. Some really great holes in the Dunes.

  15. On 11/14/2021 at 9:14 PM, Elkhair said:

    Hello. I currently play the Srixon  Z565 in stiff flex. I like the driver, but the face sits closed at address which i hate. I hit a draw already with all my clubs and with the driver i get a lot of hooks. I have the Z765 as well which sits square, but I am not consistent enough with it. I bomb it with a good swing, but a bad swing it barely gets off the ground because it is such a low spinning driver.


    I am looking for a driver that sits square or slightly open at address to hopefully help me hit it straighter. My swing speed is around 105, but I am working on my strength and swing pretty extensively and would like to get to 110+. I typically buy used drivers on 2ndswinggolf or other websites. Around $200 or so. Any suggestions on a driver? Thanks.

    TM Sim Max adjusted to lower. My Miss was ALWAYS left. I was fitted for my Sim Max 9* at Lowest setting. Not sure if it’s face angle, lie angle, or twist face or a combination of the three, but damn do I hit it straight and my left miss now on left side of the fwy instead of a different zip code.. Love everything about it, launches high, low spin, long, and very forgiving.

  16. On 11/14/2021 at 4:18 PM, JeffC0rt said:

    My fellow golfers. Are PXG irons really worth the price. There are so many good irons in the market, what makes PXG so good?

    Love mine! Best combination of looks, feel, and forgiveness I’ve ever played.

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  17. Watched a YouTube video and noticed he plays without a glove. He talk about his grips and you can hear how tacky they are. He talks about them at the 30:20 mark in the video and you can hear how tacky they are. I struggle with sweaty hands in the summer and would like to try these. Anybody know what they are?




  18. On 10/24/2021 at 9:25 AM, wayne18 said:



    Maxfli Revolution Solid


    Introduced in the early 2000s to compete with the Pro V1, the Maxfli Revolution Solid was engineered to provide improved distance without sacrificing approach or around-the-green spin. It was a three-piece ball that featured an oversized core and urethane cover. What also made the Maxfli Revolution interesting is that its main endorser was none other than Jack Nicklaus.

    Annika won a bunch of tournaments with it too.

  19. On 10/24/2021 at 8:46 AM, Phabs said:

    Would have been early 2000’s.  I played the revolution some in high school but I’m pretty sure it was a solid core.

    The original Maxfli Revolution was a solid inner core with rubber windings and urethane cover. It was a GREAT ball when released and I played it until the Pro V1 was released. I remember speaking with Callaway when they were getting into the ball business, that they were using it as the benchmark for its Rule 35 golf ball. In their independent testing they found it outperformed everything on the market. The Revolution Solid was the answer to the Pro V1 and was not good.

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  20. 4 hours ago, Abh159 said:


    It's possible, but I'm thinking it's unlikely they'd change it solely because of Bryson.


    There are multiple people on tour using the B X (Bryson, Kuchar, Lexi Thompson, I think Jason Day was or maybe still is?) so I can't see them making major changes to it just to cater to Bryson's needs while ignoring everyone else on their staff. 


    They made the B XS specifically for Tiger and it's wasn't necessarily a ball that was in the rotation before. I think the odds of them releasing a separate "Bryson specific ball" are probably higher than them overhauling the B X as a response to Bryson. 

    I don’t think it’s possible to make something that will make Bryson happy.

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  21. 4 hours ago, 2bGood said:

    Tough call between the three. Having only played all three twice, I still find Tralee the most memorable. The bag nine just blew my mind both times. I was playing well, and had been struggling I am sure I would not have loved the back Tralee nearly as much. 


    I would have tough time arguing strongly that anyone of the three is better than the other though. 

    The back 9 at Tralee may be the best 9 hole stretch in the world.

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  22. On 11/6/2021 at 6:01 AM, The Black Rabbit said:

    Morning all.

    I'm hoping you can be of some help in the States at least, to explain just what I've got on my hands here in the UK.

    I'm a bit of an American nut when it comes to golf clubs, specifically Cleveland stuff, although I love the EV Snake Eyes stuff too.

    I bought what I thought was a BeCu Cleveland Designed by Ben Crenshaw Putter off UK Ebay  a few years ago.

    I love it and use it often.

    But I'm still not 100% convinced it's legit.

    • It LOOKS like a bona fide BeCu napa putter from Cleveland, although the patina isn't quite right. (It doesn't seem to get darker over time - I should point out that I've not cleaned it at all with anything like Coca Cola).
    • Also I've seen quite a few bona fide Cleveland Designed by ("CLASSIC") BeCu putters over the years (_ but not once a BeCu Cleveland designed by "BEN CRENSHAW" putter. Not one, although I've seen plenty of NON-BeCu Designed by Ben Crenshaw Putters.
    • The grip looks legit. The shaft looks legit.
    • But is this a fake. Or copper plated??? Or a real BeCu putter?
    • And from what year? 1987? Much later?


    Any ideas please, thanks in advance. Doug in Scotland.














    It’s completely legit. I had one just like it, also had the black melonite model as well as the satin chrome one. 

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