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  1. I will say this, I switched from g410 fwy woods and hybrid to g425. I don’t see any performance gain, but do prefer the no turbulator look. I’m not sure, but thinking I hit my g410 hybrid better than my g425. Not sure if it’s shaft, but I really loved my g410 hybrid. Not there yet with my g425.
  2. I don’t think it’s a knock against the i59. I just think the i210’s have been so good and perform so well that many pro’s don’t want to change. I know the two tour player friends I have who are Ping staff have said that they are not in any hurry to switch because the i210’s literally “do everything I want and they look and feel great”
  3. This guy is one the best ever from the bunker….
  4. You have plenty of bounce on your wedge, you just weren’t using it with your technique. I promise, the more you hit down on the sand and the more you open the face the better your bunker game will be.
  5. For me, the biggest reason for ranking Lahinch over Ballybunion was that the first 6holes at Bally are just ho hum. Now, that being said, between Tralee, Lahinch, and Ballybunion it’s just arguing over which supermodel you prefer over the other. Was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by all of them!
  6. Ok, so here is what you have to remember about bunker shots. It’s not the club hitting the ball that determines where it goes. It’s the sand…. Sounds like to me you are trying to pick the ball. Wrong technique. You need to play a bunker shot with a more downward angle of attack or steeper swing. Now, the beauty of a wedge is it has two edges, a leading edge, and a trailing edge. The good bunker shots use the trailing edge of the club. The bad bunker shots use the leading edge. Hers an easy tip that will help you. Open the face of the club VERY wide. This does three things. 1 It exposes the back side or trailing edge of the club and adding bounce. Bounce is what going to prevent the club from digging into the sand while using a steeper angle of decent. 2 It hides and raises the leading edge so it is not engaged in the shot. 3 It adds loft to the wedge to insure the sand flies out higher and the ball can land softer. Use your normal setup, open the face, and literally HIT DOWN on the sand 1-2” behind the ball. The key word here is make sure you are hitting down. Don’t worry about hitting the shot fat, because by opening the face you are exposing AND adding bounce to the club. This added bounce will prevent the club from digging too far and let the club go down and loosen the sand under ball which will push the ball out the bunker. When you are doing this technique correctly it will almost sound like a thump or slapping of the sand. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO HIT DOWN BEHIND THE BALL. Let the bounce of the club help you.
  7. Tell me what your issue is? Too much sand taken? Blading or hitting thin?
  8. I never liked the wedges in the Eye 2+. I played Eye 2+ after my original Eye 2’s, but I took out the Eye 2+ PW, SW, and LW and put the original Eye 2 wedges in.
  9. All good. Unfortunately you will find there are several Richards on here.
  10. Thanks for the advice! I had looked at the map but didn’t realize I could drive from Oban. Makes a lot more sense.
  11. I think you’re confusing the i500 and upcoming i525 with the i59. The i59s literally are designed “To deliver precise, reliable distance and performance across every club”.
  12. Not exactly sure of the details, but from what has been said it either has something to do with the phrase C Grind, or T22 being a possible trademark or copyright infringement with Callaway.
  13. There is a lawsuit about something to do with c grind. All other wedges are available and actually shipping quickly according to many here.
  14. I get the history of Balcomie, but none of the guys on our trip really liked it. Take away the history and in many opinions it’s really not in the class of any of the St. Andrews courses.
  15. Doing the preliminary planning for my solo Scotland trip in October. Have most of it pretty well laid out except for Machrihanish and Machrie. Easy to get to either one via cheap and quick flight from Glasgow. However, looking like a nightmare getting from one to the other. There is no direct flight from one to the other, only a connection that goes back through Glasgow and takes 8.5 hours which basically wastes a day. I’ve looked at taking a ferry from Port Ellen to Campbeltown but struggling to find a rental car at Glenegedale and drop off in Campbeltown it vice versa. Anyone have any advice? Heres the tentative itinerary: DAY 1 ARRIVE IN EDINBURGH Play Gullane #1 Stay the night in Gullane. DAY 2 Play North Berwick Drive to St. Andrews and spend the night DAY 3 Do the walk up for TOC If that doesn’t look good, play The New Spend the night in St. Andrews DAY 4 Play Panmure or Montrose (Haven’t made my mind up yet…) Spend the night in Aberdeen OR Cruden Bay DAY 5 Play Cruden Bay Drive to Nairn or Inverness (Depends on if I decide to play Nairn or Castle Stuart) DAY 6 Play Nairn or Castle Stuart Drive to Dornoch DAY 7 Play Royal Dornoch Drive to Glasgow or Ardrossan (Depends on what I can figure out for Machrihanish and Machrie) DAY 8 Play Machrihanish Stay in Machrihanish DAY 9 Play Machrihanish Dunes Somehow get to Glenegedale???? DAY 10 Play Machrie Somehow get back to Glasgow or Ardrossan Stay in Troon or Ayr DAY 11 Play Turnberry Ailsa (Really interested in seeing the changes that were made) Stay in Troon or Ayr DAY 12 Play Prestwick Stay in Troon or Ayr DAY 13 Play Western Gailes Drive to Edinburgh and stay by airport DAY 14 FLY HOME I may add two or three days because there are a couple other courses I would like to add like Royal Aberdeen, Trump Aberdeen, Dundonald, and Dumbarnie, but I have time for that. Biggest thing is trying to figure out the logistics of Machrihanish and Machrie. Any advice on those would be greatly appreciated.
  16. In the past, they have always listed loft/grind/bounces available at each loft. In fact it was on their page when the T22 was released, but they took it down after the lawsuit was filed. Just looking for what the other options are since it looks like C grind won’t be one of them. Not being pissy, but carry on….
  17. Still nothing on the Mizuno site for T22 wedges. I understand the C grind not being listed, but they don’t even show the T22 wedges or list all the other loft and bounce options.
  18. Here you go…. As far as durability, I never had an issue with the Z Star, but the XV I have.
  19. Really like the Vice Pro optic yellow in the fall. Very bright and easy to spot
  20. Hopefully they go back to the shape of the 2.0 and get rid of the awful curved leading edge on the 3.0...
  21. Looks like the i59 and i210 had a baby!
  22. Pure grips are manufactured in Phoenix about 10 miles from Karsten Mfg.
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