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  1. Heading out to San Diego for a bachelor party, only playing one day so not bringing my own clubs. Anyone have an experience with the rental clubs at Torrey? Trying to decide if they're decent or if I should use a 3rd party rental club company like clublender. Thanks in advance.
  2. My job is mostly remote now so I'm considering moving full time to the Lake Geneva area. Any recommendations for country clubs in the area? Also, any feedback on the public golf options? I've played the Highlands and enjoyed it.
  3. I know you can call 24 hours out to get a tee time. Any idea what time in the morning you can start calling? Is is pretty easy to get a tee time or should I make a contingency plan in case I get shut out? Any idea what the latest tee time is? Thanks in advance,
  4. Tried calling. Apparently they're closed 6/28 - 7/1 for aeration. Bad luck that's exactly when I'll be there!! I guess I'll have to make another trip this fall and play Tobacco.
  5. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. Still planning the back end of the trip but have a tee time set up for Monday afternoon at Mid Pines. Was hoping to play in the morning and then head over to the Cradle in the afternoon, but couldn't get on Mid Pines until 12:30 so gonna flip that plan and start our day (hopefully) with coffee on the Cradle. Tobacco Road was my first choice based on the advice but looks like they're closed on Monday or at least there aren't any tee times available.
  6. I'm spending a week driving from Atlanta to Chicago 6/28 - 7/1 and need some help finalizing my plans. 1) I've got 2 nights planned for Pinehurst, staying in an Airbnb. Definitely playing the Cradle. but #2 is way out of the price range for me and my girlfriend. If we're trying to stay in the ~$150 price range should we play #3 or go play Tobacco Road? Also, any recommendations for best places to grab a drink or dinner? 2) Staying 2 nights at the Omni in Asheville. Playing the course there, any other recommendations in the area for places to play? 3) Any other recommendations on cool courses / resorts / places to stop? Directions take us through Knoxville, Lexington and Indianapolis but willing to go out of our way/adjust.
  7. I'm a consultant and (pre-covid) worked in multiple states every year, so there's a defined process for billing hours by location / dealing with tax considerations but thanks for the heads up!
  8. Want to take advantage of my work from home set up before my office reopens this fall. Thinking about doing a long term rental/airbnb for a month later this summer. Any recommendations for somewhere in the midwest/southeast? Priorities At least a few good golf courses within 15-20 minutes and some good practice facilities Some outdoor activity relatively close (lake, ocean, mountain) would be great Don't need a ton of night life, but a few good restaurants/bars/breweries Let me know what you think!!
  9. Haven’t played Newnan CC but my dad lives down there and is a member at White Oak. 2 courses and a very active membership. Seems like there are organized groups that play almost every day of the week. I think the dues are pretty reasonable and its a Clubcorp course so you get access to a lot of other clubs in the Atlanta area.
  10. Trying to plan a Spring (April/May) golf trip for about 16 guys. Hoping to do 3 nights and 3 rounds with a budget of ~$600-800 per person for lodging & golf. Guys will be flying in from Chicago/Boston/New York so trying to stay in the southeast, thinking about South Carolina. We're younger guys who like to drink so something with a good bar on property or nearby bar scene would be great. Open to everything at one resort or driving around to different courses. Thanks in advance for your recs.
  11. I had a play away membership with Club Corp for when I travel. They just reduced the benefits from 2 rounds per club per month to 2 rounds per market (metro area) per month. They also changed the times available from no weekend morning rounds to no tee times between noon Friday and noon Sunday. My guess is with Covid they had people utilizing their benefits more, pissing off the normal club members. I'm cancelling my membership because I'm not getting enough value anymore, most of my rounds were Friday afternoon.
  12. Moving to Chicago soon, most likely to the Naperville or Glen Ellyn area and will be working downtown. Would prefer a club on the west or north side. Any advice on clubs with good junior memberships or deals (I’m 30 FYI). Looking to spend less than 5K initiation. Thanks in advance
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