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  1. I much prefer to have exercised than to exercise. Unfortunately, I can't get to one without the other.
  2. I wish it was as simple as cutting off alcohol sales earlier, removing the offenders, etc. All worthy ideas, but I think it's a cultural thing; it's a natural outgrowth of the current attention seeking, social media driven, me-focused society at large. The fact that it's pathetic doesn't make it any less omnipresent.
  3. jonsnow

    Steve Jones

    That white Wilson straw hat on Langer doesn't look right, does it?
  4. jonsnow

    Steve Jones

    I'm pretty sure he beat everybody that week...
  5. Is he in a slump? Did I miss the "What Up With Rickie?" thread?
  6. jonsnow

    Tony romo

    Charles certainly was in the Spectrum when he played for the 76ers.
  7. jonsnow

    Tony romo

    Should be "like a red-headed step child" to make sure we don't miss offending anybody. Or go with "beat him like a rented mule"; I don't think many mules frequent GolfWRX & if they do, they have a hard time typing with their hooves...
  8. That's a nice looking move, Redjeep. Question: do you think your head backs up slightly on the downswing? If so, what do you think causes it?
  9. Me too. I've been keeping notes & scorecards with basic stats (FWs, greens, up/down, # putts, putts inside 10') for over 40 years. I wish I kept them better organized & referred to them more often.
  10. Does anybody else think the "he's carrying the weight of Japan's expectations on his shoulders, imagine the pressure he is under" thing was overplayed? I thought if Hideki didn't win, he would be grabbed & thrown in a dungeon to be beaten with electric cables like Uday Hussein used to do with the Irag soccer team. Congratulations to Hideki, he earned his first Masters with a gritty performance. I wish that could be enough without the additional drama.
  11. Here is jonsnow's mother's recipe for pimento cheese: Coarsely grate 1 pound of sharp cheddar cheese in a medium size mixing bowl. Add 2 tablespoons diced pimentos. Put more black pepper than you think needed. 3-4 shakes Texas Pete hot sauce. Add about half a cup of mayo & start mixing by hand. You can always add more mayo if needed to get the consistency you like but you can't take it out. Once you've got the consistency you like, chill about an hour to let the flavors combine. There are far more complic
  12. Yes, but Flak Jackets are the tuxedo of sunglasses. Anybody looks better wearing them. Not everybody can pull off a good look when you start wandering away from the classics.
  13. Thanks for all the thoughtful replies! I'd really like to hear more about the device Lincoln_Arcadia mentioned in his post?
  14. I'm 62, soon to be 63, & I started noticing distance loss in my mid 50s. I used to carry driver 250 yards & standard 8-iron was 155. Today my best drives carry 210ish & at 150 yards I need a 6-iron. I'm overweight at 6'2" & 240 pounds but don't have any other physical limitations. I don't exercise with any regularity. I also don't play nearly as much as I used to, partly because the game is not as much fun as it was when I hit the ball further. I know there are players my age & older who haven't lost distance, at least not to the extent I have; I read their posts here &
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