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  1. If you do pushups when you go to the gym, try doing them on your fingertips rather than palms. You can do them on your knees rather than toes if needed to work your fingers longer if regular pushups are as much of a strain for you as they are for me. I find doing them this way reduces the stress on my wrists. My form for pushups is not ideal, I tend to get my hands in front of my shoulders rather than below them. Makes my wrists very sore.
  2. I've been playing J40 DPCs for several years now but haven't been able to find a DPC 3-iron. The Bridgestone website indicates there was one available (I got mine lightly used from a friend after they had been replaced by Bridgestone) but I've never found one on ebay, 2nd Swing, etc. The pro at our course was a Bridgestone guy from his competitive days & recently gave me the 3 & 4-iron from his J40 CBs. I had never really looked at the CBs & was surprised how wide the sole is & head size is very similar to the DPCs; I haven't had the opportunity to hit them yet but should I expect them to be as forgiving as the DPCs? I had assumed they would be smaller & more "bladey" but I am hoping I can make an effective reverse combo set with them. Pretty sure I'm going to have to reshaft them to do so. They have Rifle Flighted 6.5s in them; I have Rifle Flighted 6.0 in the DPCs & have been considering going with something softer. At 63 my swingspeed is not what it used to be. I expect he 6.5s will feel like rebar to me when I get a chance to hit them. Hope everybody had a great Christmas!
  3. I honestly don't think I'd care to play with any of the 3. There are a number of WRXers I'd like to play with, though. The OP is at the top of the list...
  4. Were you able to do the entire routine when you started?
  5. I agree with you. And I know Obee's got the spirit, he's just being modest...
  6. When you say change up diet every now & then, do you mean change up what you are eating while continuing to intermittent fast or change to another plan altogether?
  7. I have a theory I call "aerobic eating"; if you eat hard enough to sweat profusely while you eat, you can actually burn more calories than you consume. Ipso facto, weight loss. It's a theory I've been testing for about 45 years now & I have to admit so far the test results don't support the theory. I just think it's important to get a large enough sample size before we discredit it...
  8. I had a piggy bank as a kid that was a moose. I don't know why it wasn't called a moosey bank. I named it Bruce the Moose...
  9. The hoodies didn't look very functional in the wind during the RC. Looked like they would be distracting.
  10. There's a really good AMG video on Youtube about shoulder movement that would be helpful
  11. If you live on an acre with horses, I hope they are really small horses...
  12. You are now my hero! Thanks for showing it can be done.
  13. Would have required less random capitalizations too...
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