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  1. Could be. Or maybe Rasmus won pretending to be Nicolai the week after Nicolai won pretending to be Rasmus. I love the name Rasmus. Sounds like someone who would always be up to mischief...
  2. Are they identical or fraternal twins? They look like identical twins to me in the pictures above, but I've seen fraternal twins that looked more alike than some identical twins. EDIT: Never mind, just saw on the European Tour page they are identical twins.
  3. I was about to post something snarky about your new avatar when I saw the Auburn helmet. Then I realized it was Bo Jackson. Even Georgia fans love Bo.
  4. I don't know if he made any swing changes due to his back injury, I haven't read or heard that he did. His swing doesn't look to me like it would be particularly stressful on his back. I think the injury was a stress fracture in a vertebrae. I do remember reading his preparation before playing changed significantly. Massage & stretching for 3-4 hours to be able to play without pain. At least that was what he had to do when he first came back to the tour, not sure if he still has to go through that much pre-round physical preparation now.
  5. So it's your experience that the people nobody likes are the ones who ask that the music be turned off rather than those who refuse to turn their music off? Interesting.
  6. Let's don't talk about low flow issues....
  7. I'm all for you being committed, FBD. Voluntary or involuntary. Seriously, I know what you mean. I rebuilt my swing back in 1991 with an instructor who focused on connection, maintaining spine angle, far less lateral motion than I grew up with. The swing I learned as a kid had a lot of arm lift ala Nicklaus, lots of lateral motion & leg drive. I was long but always a little wild. It took about a year to become comfortable with it but for the next 10 or so years I struck the ball better than I ever had. As I've gotten older, fatter & more out of shape, I've lost distance & I keep looking for things to help get some of it back. But a lot of the things I try seem to run contrary to the swing model I spent so much time learning in 1991-1992 & my misses become much more penal.. Eventually I go back to the notes, swing keys & drills from that time & get back to striking the ball better. But it's still shorter than I think it could be. Not sure how to reconcile this but staying optimistic that I will get it figured out. I'm 63 now so I'm hoping I'm just a late bloomer...
  8. "I'm your huckleberry."
  9. There's a story about Clifford Roberts & shorts at Augusta National. Charlie Yates, long time secretary of the club & a former British Amateur champion, showed up at the club many years ago (1950s, I think) wearing shorts. Roberts stared at him & asked, "Charlie, what have you got planned for today?" "Why, I'm going to play golf." "Where?" Charlie got the message, went into the locker room & changed into long pants... To illustrate the complete control Roberts had over the club, at one annual membership meeting Roberts asked Yates if he had the minutes. "Yes sir, I've got the minutes. Do you want last year's minutes, this year's minutes or next year's minutes?"
  10. First time "Feherty" and "restraint" have been used in the same sentence.
  11. Years ago when I still played competitive golf & thought I was better than I really was, I was pretty good at grinding out a round when I wasn't hitting the ball very well. Now that I don't play or practice nearly as much & don't play any competitive golf, I tend to lose interest when I'm not playing very well. I'll have a few beers & enjoy the company, enjoy being out on the course, enjoy the occasional good shot.
  12. Did he teach in the skeleton suit I've seen him wearing on some Youtube videos?
  13. Needs to do real jail time (assuming he's guilty, of course). U.S. Attorney charging him with conspiracy, wire fraud & mail fraud, isn't that when they start invoking RICO organized crime statutes? Not a good look for the USGA, that's for sure.
  14. What is another word for thesaurus?
  15. In 1987 we lived less than a mile from the Augusta National. I managed to get tickets that year for Sunday & was pumped. Didn't have to deal with parking, just walk to the tournament. I planned to follow Larry Mize since I knew him & had played junior golf with him. I programmed the VCR to tape the final round since we were following one group & wanted to be able to see the broadcast when we got home. Got there early, followed a group for the front 9, then went to the practice area & sat a little while until Mize's tee time. Saw ever shot he hit including the hole out on #11 to win. I got home & was all set to rewind the tape & see everything we missed. I had forgotten to turn off the VCR for the timer to turn it back on & record...
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