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  1. Wilco: all the distance, none of the drama...
  2. jonsnow

    dopey hat

    Sometimes I get my tang tongueled around my eye teeth and I can't see what I'm saying. But dogs that live in glass houses shouldn't call kettles black.
  3. jonsnow

    dopey hat

    Oops! No more drunk posting for me.
  4. jonsnow

    dopey hat

    When you get tired of Tab you can always have a Fresca...
  5. jonsnow

    dopey hat

    When you get tired of Tab you can always have a Fresca...
  6. We should all hope to age physically as well as Bernhard has. Other than his hair now being more grey than blond, he looks basically the same as when he won his first Masters. I don't think that just happened by accident either.
  7. jonsnow

    "Mud Ball"

    Oh dear, you did not just call Dottie old! When someone who goes by Dottie gets old, they have to start going by Dorothy. That's when you will know she's old.
  8. Did anybody else have a hard time identifying the individual holes without spectators framing them? I'm so used to seeing the course that way I immediately know exactly what hole I'm looking at; I had to look a second time to figure it out this year. Everything was so open & relatively undefined.
  9. jonsnow

    "Mud Ball"

    I guess people will see the boogeyman where they choose to see him (or her, don't want to be accused of being exclusionary)...
  10. You would think that, but Jeff hasn't won the State Am. His son Lee won it in 2010 & 2012 after playing college golf at Alabama. Jeff won the State Mid Am back to back in 2008-2009. Lot of good ams in Georgia, wish I was one of them.
  11. The Paulina Shuffle
  12. Nearly 30 years ago I worked with a teacher who told me to feel like I was "looking over the ball" following impact & it was a light bulb moment for me that still is a helpful thought/feeling. It encouraged me to rotate my head to follow the ball while staying in my posture longer, which is a problem I have always fought. This was more a full swing thought than short game but I use it in the short game as well. I attended a Pelz short game school about 15 years ago & one of the drills we worked on was hitting 15-20 yard pitch shots with eyes closed. You hit a number of pitc
  13. That & also playing with Jason Day in the final group at the PGA in 2015, I think it was.
  14. If she thinks that is gross, you should have brought some of your squid.
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