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  1. I honestly don't think I'd care to play with any of the 3. There are a number of WRXers I'd like to play with, though. The OP is at the top of the list...
  2. Were you able to do the entire routine when you started?
  3. I agree with you. And I know Obee's got the spirit, he's just being modest...
  4. When you say change up diet every now & then, do you mean change up what you are eating while continuing to intermittent fast or change to another plan altogether?
  5. I have a theory I call "aerobic eating"; if you eat hard enough to sweat profusely while you eat, you can actually burn more calories than you consume. Ipso facto, weight loss. It's a theory I've been testing for about 45 years now & I have to admit so far the test results don't support the theory. I just think it's important to get a large enough sample size before we discredit it...
  6. I had a piggy bank as a kid that was a moose. I don't know why it wasn't called a moosey bank. I named it Bruce the Moose...
  7. The hoodies didn't look very functional in the wind during the RC. Looked like they would be distracting.
  8. There's a really good AMG video on Youtube about shoulder movement that would be helpful
  9. If you live on an acre with horses, I hope they are really small horses...
  10. You are now my hero! Thanks for showing it can be done.
  11. Would have required less random capitalizations too...
  12. I believe Tiger was pretty dang great off the tee until he changed to graphite (2004 maybe?). I guess he felt he needed to go to graphite so others wouldn't close the distance gap on him, but at the cost of some accuracy.
  13. I admire your optimism referring to ages 66-67 as "middle age". Most of us don't make it to our 130s.
  14. Maybe Brooks will offer him a ride on his jet?
  15. I've been kind of ambivalent about Bryson but after watching him in the RC, all I can think of is God, what a blast it must be to play golf like that! Having said that, I put the over/under to when he does something weird, off-putting or irritating at 30 days. I just think it's in his DNA.
  16. You mean afternoon matches? Finau didn't play in the morning. But thanks for the picture!
  17. Could be. Or maybe Rasmus won pretending to be Nicolai the week after Nicolai won pretending to be Rasmus. I love the name Rasmus. Sounds like someone who would always be up to mischief...
  18. Are they identical or fraternal twins? They look like identical twins to me in the pictures above, but I've seen fraternal twins that looked more alike than some identical twins. EDIT: Never mind, just saw on the European Tour page they are identical twins.
  19. I was about to post something snarky about your new avatar when I saw the Auburn helmet. Then I realized it was Bo Jackson. Even Georgia fans love Bo.
  20. I don't know if he made any swing changes due to his back injury, I haven't read or heard that he did. His swing doesn't look to me like it would be particularly stressful on his back. I think the injury was a stress fracture in a vertebrae. I do remember reading his preparation before playing changed significantly. Massage & stretching for 3-4 hours to be able to play without pain. At least that was what he had to do when he first came back to the tour, not sure if he still has to go through that much pre-round physical preparation now.
  21. So it's your experience that the people nobody likes are the ones who ask that the music be turned off rather than those who refuse to turn their music off? Interesting.
  22. Let's don't talk about low flow issues....
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