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  1. I’ve got a Seamus single prong that’s great but my favorite/one I use the most is my Mannkrafted with a clip.
  2. My putting improved significantly after reading bob rotella (among others: putting out of your mind & golf is not a game of perfect) A great deal of putting well is confidence & what’s going on between your ears. One thing he talks about isn’t trying to avoid 3 putts but thinking about trying to make the putt. If you “know” you’re a good putter you’ll stroke the long putt well thinking about making it & not being tentative because if you miss you “know” you’ll probably make the next one.
  3. Really depends on what you’re looking for. Can’t say enough good things about Lamont & Lajosi.
  4. I own the osprey, Seahawk, & raptor. Definitely prefer the osprey for golf. Wear the Seahawk in the yard/mowing & osprey/raptor for everything else. Could probably get used to a wider brim if I lived in Florida or Arizona but currently prefer the osprey.
  5. Washington county over brown deer over the bog. Also consider Morningstar or nagawaukee.
  6. I think many of the places I’ve played at have a no cooler policy but I’ve only seen it enforced at one place. I brought my cooler into the shop before our 36 hole 50ish man Ryder cup. I asked if I could bring a bottle of Gatorade & a few bottles of frozen water & planned on buying my beers & more Gatorade throughout the day. I was told absolutely no coolers but I was welcome to bring my drinks & ice in a plastic grocery bag in my cart. I suppose it’s their right to have/enforce a stupid (imo) policy & it’s my right to not go back.
  7. Play the sandbox/par3 course. also consider maybe some gambling with a few drinks on the big putting green behind the bar. if you want another 18 at some point lake arrowhead is only a few minutes away.
  8. A lot of people here love the cash covers. (at my request) my wife got me a Seamus wallet 4-5 years ago. Money clip with leather wallet that easily holds ID & a few cards while still being pretty slim. Expensive but it’s held up great & should hopefully last many more years. Mines pretty close to the one in the pic.
  9. Ecco biom hybrid 3’s have the best spikeless traction I’ve found & very comfortable walking. Spiked eccos have been very good for walking too.
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