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  1. I have Nike, foot joy, & some cheap Amazon sleeves & haven’t had any issues; if anything they feel tight.
  2. Not sure if they still make them but I have a few sunice ss rain pullovers & one zero restriction. Prefer the sunice. If I were getting another I’d probably get Galvin green or kjus but they’re definitely $$.
  3. I have one of the dry-fit/performance fabric ones. Nice quality like their other stuff but I’m not a huge fan of the cuff-type end of the sleeves. Really like the sweater but not sure how much I’ll golf in it. Thinking about the vest...
  4. Had Seamus add a bolt to my driver & a few fw covers. Delilah did the green & gold putter cover. My skeleton cover is a lot more beat up than the pic.
  5. CPG had it figured out a while back. Sorry if I screwed up the link.
  6. Played golf pride ndmc the last 6-7 years & will be switching to gripmaster ’roo. Expensive but they should last a while & hopefully no more gloves.
  7. I was fitted into them & playing them for 5-6 years. Will likely stick with them for my next set of irons unless I'm actually able to hit some similar weight graphite. Driver ss 100ish & playing c-taper lite stiff.
  8. I’ve had it at least 8 years & it’s still going pretty strong. One of my best golf investments.
  9. Is that the 2.0? I think I have the original & mine doesn’t have the mesh basket underneath. edit: someone can correct me if I’m wrong but that’s maybe the 2.5 & mine might be a 2.0.
  10. Ecco biom hybrid 3 have been very comfortable & I’ve been happy with the grip for a spikeless shoe.
  11. I’ll rock the CPG El Chapo a few times a year.
  12. My UE roll 2 is at least a few years old & going strong. Waterproof & sounds about as good as my Bose. I like the elastic strap. I think the other UE are pretty well liked as well.
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