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  1. I had a side burner on my prior grill(Weber spirit of some sort; probably got 8-10 years out of it) & don’t think I ever used it. Upgraded last year to a genesis without the side burner & don’t miss it. I do like the “sear station” on the new one.
  2. I haven’t seen or heard of a lefty option yet. As it’s 20 & snowing here I’ve got a little time & will probably mess around with a little lead tape. And try to hit the new ping & titleist drivers too
  3. I’m fairly new to the bourbon world too. currently in my cabinet: buffalo trace eagle rare bulleit & bulleit single barrel old tub michters angel’s envy also pikesville & russel’s rye Oops, how could I forget wild turkey rare breed?
  4. Anything new or has anyone compared these to some other new irons? Wondering how these will compare with the g425, apex dcb, hot metal/hm pro, etc.
  5. Bump I’m also interested in these; especially how they are on a push cart.
  6. Any recommendations besides the golf works for getting gripmaster grips in the US? Thinking of a set of kangaroo grips whenever I pull the trigger on a new set of irons & golf works’ shipping always seems excessive. thanks in advance
  7. Can anyone comment how any of these, especially the tour stand bag, work on a push cart? I’m currently using a hoofer 14 & don’t like the club tangle; like the look of these 6-way tops. I’m usually pushing or riding my rounds.
  8. That’s fantastic. When I see this I definitely think Tiger.
  9. I picked up a ping Norse vest last year that packs into its pocket that works well. I’d think any similar “puffer” type jacket or vest would work out.
  10. I think a few in the ping sigma 2 line have a plumbers neck.
  11. I’ve been happy with my GG pants, forget the name but I like the goretex paclite stretch better than the c-nit or whatever. Don’t have experience with kjus for comparison but heard plenty of good things. I’d consider those but I expect my galvin green to last at least a few more years.
  12. I prefer medium milling. Here’s my current favorite:(pic from LaMont)
  13. 1. Milwaukee Wi 2. 13ish 3. Taylormade SIM with Mitsubishi diamana 60s 4. Cat 3 60s 5. Have c-taper lite in my irons & would love to try kbs driver shaft. 6. You bet.
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