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  1. I’m going tomorrow for anyone that’s been there yesterday/today: worth it to buy the radio thing or anyone have luck listening with earbuds on your phone? I have serius xm but have heard the reception or whatever is dicey any other advise that’s not been stated above? thanks!
  2. Lots of deadheads in the linksmaster thread (I gave this a “like” despite the Cubs in the Stealie )
  3. Agree that callaway preowned is legit & I haven’t had any complaints on condition the half dozen or so times I’ve purchased. (also REALLY liked the epic max LS. The one monitor session I had it was the only thing as good/slightly better than my original sim).
  4. No experience with emerald bay. Regatta bay was in good shape a few months ago & had a great time. Pretty sure there’s a Destin thread or two with more information.
  5. Came on this to recommend the single prong Mannkrafted with the clip. On really firm greens the pitchfix (version 2.5?) with the little nubs works well. Definitely use the Mannkrafted the most.
  6. I have Nike, foot joy, & some cheap Amazon sleeves & haven’t had any issues; if anything they feel tight.
  7. Not sure if they still make them but I have a few sunice ss rain pullovers & one zero restriction. Prefer the sunice. If I were getting another I’d probably get Galvin green or kjus but they’re definitely $$.
  8. I have one of the dry-fit/performance fabric ones. Nice quality like their other stuff but I’m not a huge fan of the cuff-type end of the sleeves. Really like the sweater but not sure how much I’ll golf in it. Thinking about the vest...
  9. Had Seamus add a bolt to my driver & a few fw covers. Delilah did the green & gold putter cover. My skeleton cover is a lot more beat up than the pic.
  10. CPG had it figured out a while back. Sorry if I screwed up the link.
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