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  1. Had my first ever dance with pxg today, since we rarely see the product up here in Canada I was fortunate enough that pxg came out to my local club for fittings today. I have to say. The irons specifically the Gen 4 st is unbelievable. Best feeling irons I think I've ever hit and yes being a club ho I go thru alot of clubs a year. The 0211st is also incredible. Honestly the whole lineup in the Gen 4 was fantastic and I love the new look of the driver/fairway. The main thing for me was turf interaction because I had issues with the gen2 irons and I have to say it was night and day difference. Well done pxg, I will definitely be ordering the full bag deal they have going on right now.
  2. Selling one nice set of irons tonight. No trades please. Taylormade tour preferred mc irons. 3-pw. Upgraded nippon pro 950gh xstiff shafts. Brand new jumbomax ultralite xsmall grips. 3 iron is stock and pretty new with stock grip and shaft. Irons are standard length and standard lie. In great shape for 2011 irons. $375 shipped
  3. Looking for a nice set of cobra king forged one iron set. Must be in nice shape. Let me know what you have thanks.
  4. selling couple items tonight. no trades please. had some border shipping issues but have got it all sorted out now and ready to ship again. will ship FEDEX from Kelowna bc Canada. looking to sell as a package deal but if I have a buyer for both im more than happy to ship separately. for the scotty plus the stability shaft ill do $550 1. Scotty Cameron special select Newport 2. used for 2 rounds. 34" and installed a flatso 1.0 superstroke grip. extra 10g weights and tool included. $300 shipped 2. *NEW* BGT stability tour 2 polar shaft with black tip .355. never has been installed or played. $275 shipped. 3. 10 brand new royal v sand .600 round grips. $ 50 shipped $550 for the Scotty Cameron plus the stability tour polar shaft.
  5. looks so uncomfortable, could imagine the arm and back being very sore after putting like that all day. I don't get some of these pros, you play golf for a living, how hard is it to just keep it simple. I agree, all these anchoring methods need to stop.
  6. I now know why pros don't use the p7mb's. Had them for about a week. They are beautiful to look at but man are they ever bad. Terrible turf interaction specially with the very abnormal low bounce. Don't know if I'm the only one to have this experience with them. But I mean I guess it shows on tour.
  7. Package deal setup up here. No trades please. Original Wilson box included. Would love to sell as a set. 1. Wilson staff model cb 4-pw w/dynamic gold s300 shafts. Standard length and lie. These irons are in new condition. Beautiful set. $sold 2. Wilson staff model forged wedges. New condition. 54/11 60/10 120 s300 shafts. $sold 3. Wilson staff model utility 21* w/kbs 80s hybrid shaft. Standard length and lie. $sold new condition. Package deal $sold shipped
  8. Selling couple items today. No trade please. 1. Mint/New odyssey white hot OG rossie s 34" with upgraded new flatso 2.0 grip. In new condition. Used once on putter green. $SOLD shipped 2. Taylormade Sim max 12* driver with Diamana whiteboard 73x. In fantastic shape. Headocover included. Low spin highlaunch monster. Played 45". Absolutely no dummy marks. $350
  9. Morning folks. Tomg1969 was the first to message me. Both fairways and putter have been sold. Let's get the irons sold to a good home
  10. Selling a few items tonight. No trades please. I'm open to bundling a package deal as well. Thanks 1. Taylormade p7mb 4-pw w/ stock kbs tour 120s shafts. Standard length and lie angles. They been hit twice at the range but never on course . Original box included. Could throw in the brand new p750 4 iron as well with the set if buyer wants it. $1000 shipped NOW $900 NOW $700 SOLD 2. Taylormade hydro blast del monte 1 putter. 33'5" with upgraded 1.0 flatso grip. New condition with headcover. $Sold shipped 3. Taylormade Sim max 15* fairway with prolaunch 65x blue high launching shaft. Standard length. No headcover. $Sold shipped 4. Taylormade Sim max 21* 7 wood fairway with prolaunch 65x blue high launching shaft. Standard length. No headcover. $Sold
  11. Selling one item today. No trades please. Taylormade p730 irons. 5-pw p730 and the 4 iron is a p790. Dynamic gold x100 shafts with brand new dri-tac 2.0 standard grips with 2 wraps. Irons play standard length and standard lie. They are in great shape. Zero browing on faces. Little Nick on the bottom of 6 iron that you cannot see at address and definitely does not effect play. $675 shipped FedEx
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