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  1. Looking for either set. 4-pw with xstiff shafts preferably. Thanks
  2. Honestly I have no access to split the shafts. So unfortunately won't be able too
  3. Selling these items because I really really want to try one length clubs. All clubs come with ultralite jumbomax small grips. Brand new just installed. I do an extra for the 3 iron if the buyer really wants it included. Thanks 1. Nike vr pro combo irons 3-pw. In fantastic shape. Standard lie and lofts on these. Custom Ferrells. DG pro s300 shafts with brand new ultralite jumbomax small grips. $SOLD shipped. 2. Callaway super hybrid 20 degrees . Just got in couple weeks ago. Tensei pro orange 80x . Brand new ultralite jumbomax small grip. $230 3. Taylormade
  4. Looking for a set of Edel SLS-01 irons . Preferably with xstiff shafts but let me know what you have. Thanks
  5. how would you compare the 0311st to the 0211 st irons? if they are comparable.
  6. Looking for a set of pxg 0211 st irons if anybody has a set that doesn't want them anymore. Thanks let me know.
  7. Selling a new driver and 5 wood tonight. Would love to ship together. Cobra Rad XB 12* driver with hzrdus RDX smoke 5.5 shaft. Brand new, standard length. Cobra Rad 5 wood fairway. Brand new with hzrdus RDX smoke 5.5 shaft. Standard length. Asking $600 for the pair thanks.
  8. How does exotics come out with such a great driver and Wilson can't release a good driver in ages worth buying .
  9. If anyone has hit the gen 3 vs gen 4 irons, is there any difference? I played a set of the 0311t gen, love the feel but I found the turf interaction to be terrible and heard that was a big problem for alot of folks. Wondering if the gen 3 or 4 is much improved? Thanks
  10. No trades please. Mint set of 7-pw Miura 101mb 3-6 TC 201 equipped with tour issue x100 shafts. Custom Miura ferrels, .25" over length and 1 degree flat. Golfpride MCC align standard grips. Beautiful set of irons here. $2000- $1800- $1500 shipped, signiture will be required. Now $1500 shipped.
  11. Selling an absolute beautiful set here in mint condition. No Trades please, golf season unfortunately just about wrapped up here. Fourteen TC 888 3-pw equipped with modus 125x system 3 shafts and new golfpride multicompound standard size grips. Standard lengths and lie angles . 3 iron does not have a grip. Fourteen type 7 20 degree driving iron. Equipped with a graphite design tour ad 95 stiff shaft. $850shipped for the whole package.
  12. Don't know if this belongs here but is anyone else who's posting in WTB getting messages from brand new users telling you to email someone or contact someone regarding what you want? Third time I've had that now
  13. Looking for a nice set of taylormade tour preferred mb irons 2014. Prefer with xstiff shafts. Thanks let me know.
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