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  1. Working on my short game today and I noticed a guy using a putter that was literally only 24" long. I thought to myself "that might give you more accuracy on the shorter putts being so close to the ground". But, after watching him putt he seemed to struggle with distance control. I guess my question is... Has anyone seen anything like that? Is there rulings against putters that short?
  2. I don't think you understand how climate effects course conditions as stated in your first complaint. Most courses are extremely saturated over the winter with snow/rainfall on top of the water not being able to penetrate through the soil due to the ground being still frozen. It sounds like you need to switch the course you play as you are so unhappy. It also helps the membership/clientele at your current club enjoy their experience without a cancer around.
  3. if you are playing at 9 am during the week anywhere in America. You will see mowers.
  4. Assistant superintendent and avid golf enthusiast.
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