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  1. I used to have a SeeMore putter that I liked. Can you post a picture of the toe hang? Never mind, found my answer. Thanks!
  2. Where can you get an aftermarket weight like that? I play a short 44.5 shaft and would love to be able to add weight.
  3. Well, TM just launched their knock off of a knock off so maybe? Maxed out at 62* for TM now.
  4. Yeah, it's kind of funny I want to like how my driver looks on the bottom... it basically looks the same as my current driver at address. Same with irons - I want it to look cool in the cavity... but I never really even see that when I'm swinging the club. But that's how it is! Still, I think I'm going to try one of the Sim 1 with the sliding weight.
  5. I've been on the lookout for a set of the P7MC. They are quite expensive for a fairly simple head. For the price, I'm a bit disappointed they don't have the milled grind soles. How re you guys with them in you Signature liking them compared to whatever you had last?
  6. Yeah, after watching their video on that I guess I'd like to try a SIM. I'm finally over the looks and love the idea of the draw to fade weight track.
  7. Yeah, sorry guys. I shouldn't have even commented. The last GI irons I had were either i3 O-size or the Callaway X-14 steelheads. I'm still playing i3 blades (lower offset semi-GI), along with some other ironsets. I have a set of Eye2's that I played a bit last summer and enjoy the look of those even if it's a but funky with the hi-toe etc. I'm not gonna delete the comment or anything, but I guess the extremely high offset combined with what looks to be a somewhat closed face (some high offset irons do not have a closed face), plus the low face height and long blade just combin
  8. I bet they have something out around British Open time. Isn't that when they normally do it?
  9. Wow, those are incredibly ugly at address. To the guy asking about bounce and retro loft - Ping just bends them weak and after the i200's no longer will do the bounce grind to make them play as designed. It's sad but true.
  10. I've. been building my dream set on there every week for a month or two. Now it's gone and that always means they need to sell existing stock to make room for the replacement. Anyone have any idea what the new one will be?
  11. Sorry, but I think Ken Griffey Jr. was the most squeaky clean celebrity ever. He played AAA ball in my hometown and wow what a fantastic person. I believe to this day, he's still a great guy, even after a dream life. I really like Tiger - and perhaps I would have gone down that road as well...
  12. Any idea why they are taking so long and the other models aren't?
  13. I REALLY like it, especially compared to the current one. We all have our preferences I guess.
  14. Whhhaaaaa - I think he does. Now I have to go look. (looked, and you are correct!). But I'll play the Jack Nicklaus card here. "Trumps" Woods
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