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  1. That is what he was saying, he likes it out of the rough, sand and little pitch and chip shots, but full swings on the fairway is a struggle.
  2. That is kind of what I was thinking as well. Though is there a thought that you might get better performance out of the MG2 or 3, then the MG1? or is it basically like a Vokey where every next generation is just a slight improvement on the others. Just have not paid much attention to the TaylorMade wedges in comparison to other brands. And to Note.....not comparing Vokey to MG's, just saying not much changes from each generation
  3. He is wanting a 54* for full shots, he is struggling hitting full shots with the Hi-Toe, but needs something to be able to take full swing on under 100yards, and then just leave the Hi-Toe for shots around the green and in the bunker.
  4. Hey everyone, I don't know much about the TaylorMade wedges and looking for some feedback. I am looking to getting my son a 54degree wedge, and not sure about the MG1, 2 or 3 He is a hi-handicap player, currently plays P790's and 56degree Hi-Toe Raw wedge, his AW/GW is 50degree So wanting to stick with TaylorMade, is there much differences between MG1, 2 or 3? MG1 is currently selling at $110, where the MG2 $170 and MG3 $180, so $60-70 savings is always good. But not sure if there have been major improvements. Feedback is very much appreciated Thank you, Aaron
  5. Interested in this as well. I have struggled finding a grip that was comfortable and what I wanted. I grew up playing leather wrap grips on my dad’s Wilson irons. I have finally gone to the Winn OS wrap grips, feels similar to the grips I grew up playing, but giving a little more bulk to such skinny grips
  6. I experimented with JumboMax tours installing XS, SM, MD and LG on some demo 7-irons, ultimately settled on SM. And had them installed on all my clubs. With the driver it was really difficult to turn the ball over. But ultimately the extra weight in the butt of the club, counterbalanced the club too much that I had trouble with telling where the head was. Also struggled with chipping with a larger grip. It just felt weird to me and could never get comfortable. I then switched to the JM Xlite XS, they felt great and instantly could tell where the head of the club was during the swing. Driver was still a baby fade. But again chipping was a struggle for me as they still felt a little too big. I then switched to Winn Dri-Tac wrap in the OS. They feel great. Comfortable with chipping and the draw with the driver is back
  7. I used an air compressor to install a whole set of Winn Dri-Tac wrap grips. They went on great with no problems
  8. I blow on and off grips using the pure grip gun. But have also installed grips that don’t fit the pure grip gun, using similar attachments to what has been shown, but putting a hole in a bottle cap that was bigger then the pure grip, and using that against the butt to help with leverage.
  9. I just pulled the G25’s out of the bag, for some 919 HM. but if you like the non ferrule look, I can’t think of a better iron then the G25
  10. I believe Home Town Hero you can add people (haven't done it yet), however for the range it doesn't look like you can track separately.
  11. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Tigard, Oregon 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? No 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? My irons and driver, since I have never been fit I am probably leaving yards and consistency on the table
  12. Other then say Tiger, and people that don’t have full club deals, I can’t think of any (at least top players) that are not playing putters that isn’t from the brand of the rest of their clubs. Rors, DJ, Rahm, JT, Spieth. All play putters from the company their clubs are from. As does Phil, Bubba and Kiz. I understand what you are saying too slow, but got to be honest if you can adapt to it, great putters. I just put Evnroll back in the bag and loving it.
  13. Try it! Seriously, it is so easy and fast. Takes longer removing grips and tape then installing the new grips
  14. As people have alluded to it is all about the money. I believe Evnroll does not pay players to play their putters. Where other brands TM, Ping, Odyssey, Scotty will pay players to play their clubs. Along with Lexi, I believe Ian Poulter had an Evnroll in the bag for a period of time.
  15. I just moved from the G25’s to 919HM, and love the feeling. I think the G25’s are some of the best irons ever made, but wouldn’t be a wrx’r if I didn’t want something new. the 919’s have a more penetrating flight, that could also be due to the shaft. Also lofts are higher, so my 7i goes what my G25 6i did (probably won’t have that problem coming from g410). But what I also noticed was toe strikes still got similar distance as a flush shot. So that is a positive when i miss strike I don’t see huge distance losses
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